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Biological Forum-An International Journal (Print ISSN 0975-1130,Online ISSN NO.2249-3239)

Biological Forum - An International Journal Volume 1(I): 2009

Mycoflora and mycotoxins in some important stored crude and powdered herbal drugs
A.K. Gautam and R. Bhadauria


Effect of storage containers on seed germination and viability in Aconitum heterophyllum and Podophyllum hexandrum - endangered medicinal plants species of Himalayan region
Narender Kumar Verma1, Anil Kumar Verma2 and Dharminder Kumar3

Current status of herbal drugs and their future perspectives
S. Zeeshan Hasan, Vedant Misra, Swati Singh, Garvita Arora, Sunita Sharma and Sarika Sharma

Effect of epidemiological parameters on the development of red stele of strawberry

Meenu Gupta and L.N. Bhardwaj

Floral diversity, limnological parameters, Dholbaha dam, Punjab Shivalik, India
Gaurav Sharma1, P.C. Joshi2, Rajesh Kumar3 and Dheeraj Vasu4

In-vitro antioxidant activity of the ethyl acetate extract of gum guggul (Commiphora mukul)
Dharmendra Dubey, Prashant K. and S.K. Jain

Selection of stone fruit rootstock for drought tolerance and amenability to clonal multiplication
Nirmal Sharma, S. D. Sharma and Dharminder Kumar1

Studies on ovicidal effects of some plant extracts against the diamondback moth, Plutella xylostella (L.) infesting cauliflower crop
Rakesh Kumar, K.C. Sharma and Dharminder Kumar1

Standardization of technology for extraction of wild apricot kernel oil at semi-pilot scale
Anil Gupta and P.C. Sharma

Effect of plant root extracts to control root-knot nematode (Meloidogyne spp.) of soybean (Glycine max)
Ranjitsingh K. Nimbalkar and Sucheta K. Rajurkar1

On a collection of Orthoptera fauna from Veerangana Durgavati Wildlife Sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh, India
Kailash Chandra and Sunil Kumar Gupta

Standardization of pomegranate (Punica garanatum L.) propagation through cuttings
Nirmal Sharma, Roshan Anand and Dharminder Kumar1

Cephalic chaetotaxy of the last instar larva of a crambid: Antigastra catalaunalis (Duponchel) (Lepidoptera)
Deepinderpal Singh and H.S. Rose1

Collection and distribution frequency of plant parasitic nematodes associated with sugarcane in Uttar Pradesh - A field study
Rajesh Prakash, D.K. Singh and Manish Kumar1

Taxonomic studies on vegetable pests of Family Pieridae (Lepidoptera) form North India
Rajesh Kumar, Gaurav Sharma, Neeraj Kumar and V.V. Ramamurthy

Effect of radiomimetic agents on two varieties of Trigonella with emphasis on plant height and pod numbers
Dheeraj Vasu and Zia Ul Hasan

Biological Forum - An International Journal Volume 1(II): 2009

Comparative modeling and analysis of 3-D structure of Hsp 70, in Cancer irroratus
Barneet Singh, Ashish Gupta and Sharada M. Potukuchi


Effects of PSB (Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria) on morphological characters of Lens culinaris Medic.
Monika Kumari, Dheeraj Vasu, Anita Sharma, Zia Ul-Hasan and Umesh Kumar Dhurwe*

Gene action studies for yield and its contributing characters
Puja Rattan and Sanjay Chadha

Effect of Mesorhizobium and plant growth promoting rhizobacteria on nodulation and yields of chickpea
Jay Prakash Verma, Janardan Yadav* and Kavindra Nath Tiwari

Combining ability among bacterial wilt resistant genotypes for certain biochemical parameters affecting fruit quality in tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.)
Puja Rattan and Vidyasagar

In vitro propagation of Lilium
R.K. Pandey, A.K. Singh and Mamta Sharma

Effect of sugar industry effluents on soil and seed germination on RT-46 (Sesamum indicum L.)
Neelam, Dheeraj Vasu and Ila Prakash

Production of fungal single cell protein using Rhizopus oligosporus grown on fruit wastes
Mahnaaz Khan, Shaukat Saeed Khan, Zafar Ahmed and Arshiya Tanveer

Epidemiology and management of powdery mildew of apple in nurseries
Meenu Gupta and S.K. Sharma

Diversity of Butterflies (Lepidoptera: Insecta) from Dholbaha dam (Distt. Hoshiarpur) in Punjab Shivalik, India
Gaurav Sharma and P.C. Joshi

Bioefficacy of certain plant leaf powders against pulse beetle, Callosobruchus chinensis L. (Coleoptera: Bruchidae)
S.R. Yankanchi and G. S. Lendi

Distribution of orthopteran insects among different habitats in three districts of Madhya Pradesh, India
Kailash Chandra, S.K. Gupta and Rajesh Kumar

Incidence of dengue and shifting trend to rural in Kolhapur District, India
M.B. Jagtap, L.S. Sale, A.S. Bhosale, Asawari Sathe and T.V. Sathe

Further notes on the life history of Hellula undalis fabricius from Punjab, India
Deepinderpal Singh and H.S. Rose

Effect of parasitoid density on parasitism of Mythimna separata fab. by Dolichogenidea mythimna S. and B. (Braconidae : Hymenoptera)
T.V. Sathe and T.M. Chougale

Population dynamics of mango mealy bug, Drosicha mangiferae Green from Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh
Ashok Kumar, Sudhir Kumar Pandey and Rajesh Kumar

A primary report on Rhopalocera diversity (Lepidoptera) from district Una of Himachal Pradesh, India
P.C. Pathania and Anita Kumari

Diversity, utilization pattern and indigenous uses of plants in and around a cement factory in Bilaspur district of Himachal Pradesh, North-Western Himalaya
Pankaj Sharma and N.K. Mishra

Innovative approach for assessment of status of lessknown medicinal plants in Sehore and Bhopal districts, M.P.
Dolly Parmar

Multivariant analysis of drinking water quality parameters of lake Pichhola in Udaipur, India
Premlata Vikal

Extraction and evaluation of antimicrobial activity of Cissus quadrangularis Linneaus
Garima Mishra, Saurabh Srivastava and B.P. Nagori

Antioxidant activities of Zizyphus mauritiana Lam. (Rhamnaceae)
Ranjit Singh K. Nimbalkar and Sucheta K. Rajurkar

Fermentative potential of Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain for biosurfactant production
Reeba Panesar, P.S. Panesar, D. Hasija, M.B. Bera and Harish Kumar

Collection of damselflies and dragonflies (Odonata : Insecta) in National Pusa collection, division of entomology, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi, India
Gaurav Sharma, V.V. Ramamurthy and Rajesh Kumar


Biological Forum - An International Journal Volume 2(I): 2010

Status of genus Abisara Felder and Felder (Lepidoptera : Riodinidae)in the Indian Himalayas with taxonomic notes on the species A. fylla (Westwood)
Charn Kumar, H.S. Rose* and Avtar Kaur Sidhu**

Study on fungal associates of Aesculus indica
Anand Sagar and Rupinder Kaur

Growth response and feed conversion ratio of Ctenopharengedon Idella fed on Soyabean formulated feed
M.P. Bhilave, S.V. Bhosale and S.B. Nadaf

Hematological analysis of Molluscan species Bellamya bengalensis and Lamiellidens marginalis
N.A. Kambale and V.V. Potdar

Role of non-timber forest products in the livelihood of tribal community of Jhabua district (M.P.)
Vijay V. Wagh*, Ashok K. Jain* and Chitralekha Kadel**

Skilled human resource development for fisheries sector
Asfa M. Yasin

Water quality assessment of three tributaries of Beas drainage system in Himachal Pradesh in upper reaches of Himalayan region
Ashu Awasthi and Praveen Tamot

Ecology of Ichthyophis bombayensis (Gymnophiona : Amphibia) from Koyana region, Maharashtra, India
B.V. Jadhav

Studies on the reproductive behaviour of Ischnura aurora (Brauer) (Odonata: Insecta) around Dholbaha Dam (Punjab Shivalik), India
Gaurav Sharma

Effect of Aspergillus fumigatus infection on cellular and humoral immune responses in red cotton stainer, Dysdercus similis (Heteroptera: Pyrrhocoridae)
Karuna Singh and S.C. Pathak*

Environmental changes and emerging vector-borne diseases: A review
Javid Ahmad Dar* and Khursheed Ahmad Wani**

Effective organogenesis from different explants of Bacopa monniera L.(Wettst.)-An important medicinal plant
Kavindra Nath Tiwari and Jayanti Singh

A short-term surveillance of coleopteran fauna in an agro-ecosystem near Bikaner (Western Rajasthan), India
Asif Parvez and Meera Srivastava

Impact of drought on drinking water resources of Himachal Pradesh
Hari Pal Singh*, M.R. Sharma**, Quamural Hassan***, Naved Ahsan***

Checklist of insects associated with Jamun (Syzygium cuminii Skeels) from India
Rajesh Kumar*, V.V. Ramamurthy* and Gaurav Sharma**

Evaluation of emergence and vigour of Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera Dunal) seedlings under the influence of Sodium Hypochlorite (NaHClO3) and different micro-environmental conditions
Rajiv K. Vashistha*, Ashish K. Chaturvedi*, Jitendra S. Butola* and M.C. Nautiyal**

Status of mycorrhizal fungi in a saline-alkaline habitat
Richa Raghuwanshi* and R.S. Upadhyay**

Assessment of floristic diversity in Pooh valley of cold deserts of District Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh
R.K. Verma and K.S. Kapoor

Evaluation of fungicides against phyllosphere mycoflora of foliage plants
Shahnaz Jamil and Manish Kumar

Antifungal activity of plant products against Aspergillus niger: A potential application in the control of a spoilage fungus
Shubhi Avasthi, Ajay K. Gautam and Rekha Bhadauria

Biological Forum - An International Journal Volume 2(II): 2010

Physiological and biochemical studies on the effect of waste water on selected crop plants
B.R. Bamniya, Vidhya Kapasya and C.S. Kapoor

Biosorption of Chromium (VI) from an aqueous solution using Azadirachta indica. A. Juss. (Neem) and activated charcoal: A comparative study
S.P. Tawde and S.A. Bhalerao

Incidence of Pollen Grains at an Urban Site at Gwalior (M.P.)
Madhu Gupta and A.K. Jain

Effect of plant growth promoting Rhizobacteria on seed germination and plant growth Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) under in Vitro conditions
Janardan Yadav,* Jay Prakash Verma** and Kavindra Nath Tiwari**

Species of conservation significance within and vicinity of Narayan Sarovar Sanctuary: Biodiversity and distribution
Manoj Kumar Pardeshi, Nikunj Gajera, Rohit Patel, Darsh Worah and V. Vijay Kumar

Diversity and distribution of aromatic plants in forests of Gorakhpur division, U.P., India
Abhay K. Pandey and N.N. Tripathi

Taxonomic description of a new species of the genus Mestocharella (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) from the Kumaon hills of the Uttarakhand (India)
Sandeep Kumar, M.A. Khan* and Thangjam B.*

Recharge of saline water aquifers with rain water and its impact on water quality and crop production
Bhu Dayal and R.S Chauhan

Biodiversity of Mosquitovorus dragonflies (Order: Odonata) from Kolhapur district including Western Ghats
T.V. Sathe and A.R. Bhusnar

Physiological profile of foundry workers in response to work place environment
R.B. More and V.A. Sawant

Potential fishing zone (PFZ) advisories-Are they beneficial to the coastal fisherfolk? A case study along Kerala coast, South India
V.N. Pillai and Preetha G. Nair*

Study of sodium fluoride toxicity on hematological parameter of Rattus norvegicus
N.A. Kamble and V.V. Velhal

Germination, Survival and Growth rate (Shoot length, root length and dry weight) of Lens culinaris Medik. the masoor, induced by biofertilizers treatment
Monika Kumari, Dheeraj Vasu, Anita Sharma and Zia-Ul-Hasan

Some new records of moth from Andaman and Nicobar Islands
C. Sivaperuman*, Suresh Kumar Shah, C. Raghunathan and Ramakrishna*

Effects of springtails community on plant-growth
Deepmala Verma and A.K. Paliwal

Studies on the floral composition in the six selected provenances of Sandal (Santalum album Linnaeus) of South India
R. Sundararaj* and Gaurav Sharma**

Essential role of HSP26 in stress tolerance of yeast during ethanolic fermentation
Indrani Ghosh*, Bishwajit Kundu** and Ragini Gothalwal*

Production and partial purification of xylanase from a newthermophilic isolate
Dinesh Kumar, Rachna Verma*, Priyanka Sharma*, Ankush Rana*, Ruby Sharma* , Chandan Prakash* and Tek Chand Bhalla**

Antifertility effects of crude different of Adiantum lunulatum Burm. on Reproductive Organs of male albino rats.

D.K. Bhatia, A.K. Sharma*, P.C. Pathania** and Naveen Chandra Khanduri***

Lead acetate induced histochemical alterations in gonads of freshwater snail Bellamya bengalensis
N.A. Kamble and S.R Londhe

Shoot Proliferation of Aegle marmelos from nodal stem segment as explant
Neha Parihar, Anant Sharma* and Sanjay Kumar**

Mobility and transport of heavy metals in polluted soil environment
T. Sherene

Biological Forum - An International Journal Volume 3(I): 2011

Antimicrobial activity of tropical fruits
Anshika Malaviya, Neeraj Mishra

Seedling Growth of Maize (Zea mays L.) in Response to Seed Treatments
Motlalepula Pholo* and Christianah J. Seef Pretorius**

Isolation and Characterization of Bacteriocin Producing Lactic Acid Bacteria’s from Fermented Milk Products of Solan District of Himachal Pradesh
Amit Pratush* , Anupama Gupta* * , I sha Mahajan* , Mamta Sharma* * *, J.K. Rana* * * , Savita Kumari* , Richa Bhardwaj* , Rupali M assey* , Preet Lal* and T.C. Bhalla* * * *

Management of Intellectual Property Rights in India
Vedant Misra, Ajay Gaur, and Rajendra Songara

Pharmacognostical Studies of Vitex negundo Leaves
R.A. Ahirrao*, M.R. Patel** and D.M. Pokal**

Studies on Lepidopterous Insects Associated with Vegetables in Aravali Range, Rajasthan, India
Gaurav Sharma

A New Species of Neotrichoporoides (Hymenoptera: Eulophidae) from Uttarakhand (India)
Sandeep Kumar*, B. Thangjam** and M.A. Khan**

Uses of Wild Medicinal Herbs and Ecology of Gardens of District Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh (India)
Kshipra Nag* and Zia-Ul Hasan*

The Influence of Solar Terrestrial Effects on Light-Trap Catch of Night Flying Insects
László Nowinszky* and János Puskás*

Taxonomy, Biology and Damage Status of Coneboret of Pinus gerardiana
Pawan Kumar* and Vikrant Kumar*

Population Density and Natural Enemies of Papiliopolytes polytes L. (Lepidoptera: Papilionidae)
S.M. Gaikwad, Y.S. Muniv, J.A. Chavan and G.P. Bhawane

Fish Fauna of Sanjay Sagar Reseirvoir of District Guna (MP)
Pradeep Solanki*, Shiv Singh*, I.V. Sharma* and R. Mathur***

Life History and Diet Breadth of Apoderus tranquebaricus Fab. (Coleoptera: Attelabidae)
A.B. Mamlayya*, S.R. Aland*, S.M. Gaikwad* and G.P. Bhawane*

Allelic Frequency of Daibetes and Hypertension Among Tribal and Non-tribal Population of Himachal Pradesh
Indira Devi* and Savitri Verma*

Systematic Studies, Life History and Infestation by Helicoverpa armigera (Hubner) (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae) on Tomato in Semi Arid Region of Rajasthan
K.C. Sharma*, S.C. Bhardwaj* and Gaurav Sharma**

Health and Hygiene Status of the Fisherwomen in the State of Goa
Yasmin Modassir* and Azra Ansari*

Nodulation Study in Some Varieties of Frenchbean Crop (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
Padminee Das* and S.K. Bandyopadhyay*

Physico-chemical Investigation of Honey samples of Apis cerana incica F. (Traditional Beekeeping) and Apis mellifera (Morden Apiculture) from Chamba District, Himachal Pradesh
Pawan K. Attri

Frequency of Thyroid Dysfunction Among Diabetes in Punjabi Population
Gurjeet Singh*, Vikas Gupta**, Anu Kumar Sharma*** and Neeraj Gupta****

Microbial Decolourization of Crystal Violet by Bacillus subtilis
Mrs. Sapna Kochher* and Jitender Kumar**

Microbial Decolourization of Crystal Violet by Bacillus subtilis
Mrs. Sapna Kochher*, Dr. Sandeep Kumar* and Jitender Kumar**

Review and present observations on the Sighting of Black-Necked Crane, Grus nigricollis Przheylsky from Ladakh (Jammu and Kashmir, India)
Indu Sharma* and Avtar Kaur Sidhu*

Biological Forum - An International Journal Volume 3(II): 2011

Table of Contents

Insecticidal Activity of the Phyto-extracts Derived from Different parts of the trees of Fabaceae family against Hyblaea puera Cramer (Lepidoptera: Hyblaeidae)
B. Deepa and O.K. Remadevi

Studies on Feeding Characteristics of Oligonychus biharensis (Hirst) (Acari: Tetranychidae) infesting Cassava
Sangeetha G. Kaimal and N. Ramani

Standardization and Stability Study of Jawarish-e-Bisbasa, A Unani Formulation
Sonali Patil*, Sharique Zafar**, U.S. Bapat* and Manisha Bhoir*

Nematode Parasites of Karbhala Wetland in Silchar Assam
Khaidem Binky*, M. Shomorendra** and Devashish Kar*

Post Ovipositional Changes in the Egg Chorionic Ultrastructure of the Dragonfly Pantala flavescens (Fabricius) (Insecta: Odonata: Anisoptera)
R.J. Andrew*, Payal Verma** and M.K. Rathodi***

In-vitro Mutagenic Studies in Solanum viarum
D.R. Maruthi Kumar and D.H. Tejavathi

Plant Species Diversity in Ropa - Giavung Valley in Cold Deserts of District Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh
R.K. Verma and K.S. Kapoor

The Serological Variation Among Tribal and Non-Tribal Popullation of Himachal Pradesh
Indira Pathania

The Effects of Plants Toxin from Fruit Extract of Sapindus laurifolius on Mortality of Fresh Water Snail, Bellamya bengalensis (Lamark)
Jini Deshmane* and S.G. Nanaware**

Effect of Ambient Temperature on the Growth of Fat Cells in Ageing Dysdereus similis Freeman (Pyrrhocoridae Hetroptera)
Sadhna Tamot

Electrochemical Treatment of Bleach Effluent of Pulp and Paper Mill Waste
Ravinder Kumar* and Ravi Kant Pareek**

Association of Ants and Honeydew Producing Sucking Pests in Bangalore Provenance of Sandal (Santalum album Linn.)
Gaurav Sharma* and R. Sundararaj**

Biochemical Changes Induced by Dimethoate in the Liver of Fresh Water Fish Puntius Ticto (HAM)
R.M. Ganeshwade

New Records of Odonates from Andaman and Nicobar Islands
C. Sivaperuman*, Suresh Kumar Shah* and K. Venkataraman**

Special Issue Biological Forum-An International Journal Volume 4(I): 2012

Biological Forum - An International Journal, Special Issue

Anatomical Characterization of Barleria prionitis Linn. : A Well-known Medicinal herb
P.Y. Bhogaonkar* and S.K. Lande*

New Records of Scarabaeid Beetles (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) from Melghat Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra, India
Vaibhao G. Thakare*, Varsha S. Zade* and Kailash Chandra**

Method Validation and Quantitative Determination of Antiviral Drug Acyclovir in Human Plasma by a LCMS/MS
Ganesh Holkar*, Vinayak Daphal*, Ravi Yadav* and M. D. Rokade*

Behavioral Responses of Freshwater Snail, Viviparus bengalensis to Plant Toxin in Fruits of Acacia sinuate
Jini Deshmane

Nine New Records of Moth from Andaman and Nicobar Islands
C. Sivaperuman*, Suresh K. Shah*,C. Raghunathan*, Kailash Chandra** and K. Venkataraman*

Diversity of Macrofungi in Shivapuri National Park of Kathmandu Valley, Nepal
Sanjay Kumar Jha* and N.N. Tripathi*

Prevalence of Asymptomatic Plasmodium vivax and Plasmodium falciparum Infections in Tribal Population of a Village in Gadchiroli District of Maharashtra State, India
S.R. Karlekar, M.M. Deshpande and R.J. Andrew

Fixed Oil Composition, Polyphenols and Phospholipids of Finger Millet [Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn]
Kiran Poonia*, Sonal Chavan* and M. Daniel*

Studies on Scarabaeid Beetles (Coleoptera) of Govind Wildlife Sanctuary, Garhwal, Uttarakhand, India
Kailash Chandra*, Devanshu Gupta**, V.P. Uniyal***, Manish Bharadwaj***

Method Validation and Quantitative Determination of Anastrozole in Human Plasma by an CMS/MS
Vinayak Daphal*, Ganesh Holkar*, Ravi Yadav* and M.D. Rokade*

New Report of Pseudocercospora Speg on Some Medicinal Plants form Sonebhadra Forest U.P.
Archana Singh

Distribution and Diversity of Hemiptera Fauna of Veerangana Durgavati Wildlife Sanctuary, Damoh, Madhya Pradesh (India)
Kailash Chandra*, Sandeep Kushwaha**, S. Sambath** and B. Biswas*

Comparative Study on the Characteristics of Midgut Protease in Different Multivoltine Races of Silkworm, Bombyx mori L.
Y. S. Muniv* and G. P. Bhawane**

Protein Efficiency Ratio (PER) of Ctenopharengedon idella Fed on Soyabean Formualted Feed
M.P. Bhilave*, S.V. Bhosale* and S.B. Nadaf*

Comparision of Midgut Trehalase Characteristics in Bivoltine and Multivoltine Bombyx mori L.
N.T. Pawar, Y.S. Muniv, G.P. Bhawane and A.A. Kanase

Prevalence and Characterization of Water Contamination Indicator Bacteria with Special Reference to Coliforms from Drinking Water Supply in Solan City of Himachal Pradesh
Monika Thakur*, Sushila Negi** Amit Kumar**, Sandip Patil**, Ajay Kumar* and Neha Sharma*

Differences in Haematological Parameters in Normal, Infected and Immune-Primed Fingerlings of Red Tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus x Oreochromis niloticus)
Ali Muhammad Mastoi*, Mithun Sukumaran*, Anila Mastoi**, Anuar Hussan*, Faizah Shaharom* and Anil Chatterji*

Traditional Phytotherapy for Snake Bites by the Local Rural People of Hamirpur District in Himachal Pradesh (India))
Nitesh Kumar* and Rajaram Choyal*

Biological Forum - An International Journal Volume 4(II): 2012

Analysis of the Cryptophyta Chloroplast Genome Reveals Presence of Additional Genes and Absence of Introns in their Genome
B.C. Sharma and Dipen Ghimiray


New Record of Polistes (Polistella) strigosus Bequaert (Hymenoptera: Vespidae: Polistinae) from South India
Lambert Kishore, K.P. Mohammed Shareef and P. Girish Kumar*

Economic Valuation of Reservoirs in Terms of Agricultural Productivity and Fishery in Dry Region of Sangli District, Maharashtra
Alaka Patil

Determination of Potential Genotoxic Impurities in Imatinib Mesylate by RP-HPLC Method
R.R. Yadav, M.D. Rokade, S.A. Salunke, D.M. Gangrade, G.S. Holkar and V.N. Daphal

A Review: The Effect of Pesticides on Fish Fauna of Bhopal Upper Lake (MP)
Dr. Mukesh Kumar Napit

Protective Role of Caffeine (1, 3, 7-Trimethylexanthine on Lead Induced Alterations in Protein Content of Different Tissues of Fresh Water Bivalve, Lemellidens corrianus (Lea)
M.O. Mulajkar* and S.P. Zambare**

Sexual Selection
Dr. K.K. Verma

Protective Devices in Gazelle Fawn in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan (India)
Hemu Chaudhary*and G.R. Jakher**

Ichthyofaunal Diversity of Kulsi River: Prime habitat of Dolphin
Chandasudha Goswami* and Sayad Ali**

Biodiversity of Endophytic Mycorrhiza in Some Ornamental Flowering Plants of Solan, Himachal Pradesh
Aditya Kumar*, Sayeeda Kousar Bhatti* and Ashok Aggarwal**

Avian diversity of Singhori Wildlife Sanctuary, Raisen District, Madhya Pradesh
S.S. Talmale, M.E. Limje and S. Sambath

Phytochemical Studies on Myristica fragrance Essential Oil
Reena Saxena* and Pramod Patil**

Statistical Studies on Drinking Water Quality of Datia City, (M.P.)
Shiv Singh, Asha Mathur*, R. Mathur** and V.I. Sharma***

Studies on Intensity of Cestodes Parasite Infecting Monopterus cuchia in Cachar District, Assam
Biplab Kumar Das, Sulata Kar and Devashish Kar

Effect of Azotobacter chroococcum Inoculated Lantana camara Compost on Wheat Crop Yield
Shivani Chauhan* & Saneel K. Thakur

Biological Effect of Electromagnetic Field of VDU on Immune cells of Balb/C Mice
Harvinder Singh*, Charn Kumar** and Upma Bagai***

Biological Forum - An International Journal Volume 5(I): 2013

Tricho-taxonomic study of Dorsal Guard Hairs of Indian Species of Rodents Belonging to Subfamily- Sciurinae (Sciuridae: Rodentia: Mammalia)
Paramita Saha Sarkar* and Joy Krishna De**


Development and Validation of a Simultaneous Dissolution procedure for a dual active Terbutaline and Theophylline Tablet
Ravi J. Gowda, Padmakar A. Sathe and Sudesh Bhure

Incidence of Multidrug-Resistant (MDR) and Extensively drug Resistant (XDR) Tuberculosis among Different age Groups in Tertiary Care Hospitals of Chandigarh, India
Phageshwar*, Imtiyaz Wani** and Jagdish Chander*

Studies on Physico-Chemical Characteristics, Fish and Fishery Resource Potential and Diversity of Macrophytes of Moirang River, Manipur
S. Suma, R.K. Rajeshwari and M. Shanta Kumar

Simultaneous Quantitative Determination of Terbutaline and Theophylline from Drug Product by RP-HPLC Method
Ravi Gowda, Padmakar A. Sathe and Sudesh Bhure

Species and Speciation
Krishna Kumar Verma*, Dr. Pierre Jolivet** and Dr. Mrs. Rashmi Saxena***

Pollution Status of Freshwater Bodies From Gadhinglaj Tahsil, District Kolhapur
N.A. Kamble and S.S. Sakhare

Determination of MMS, EMS and IPMS content in Imatinib Mesylate by Gas Chromatography
Ravi R. Yadav and Manoj D. Rokade

Diversity of Hawk Moths (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae) in Veerangana Durgavati Wildlife Sanctuary, Damoh, Madhya Pradesh
Kailash Chandra*, Roshni Pandey**, Rita Bhandari ** and S. Sambath***

Determination of Assay Evaluation of Pramipexole in Parkinsone’s Disease by RP-HPLC Method
M.H. Patil* and M.D. Rokade*

Contribution of Aedes aegypti Breeding by Different Income group Communities of Dehradun city, Uttarakhand, India
Sundar Singh, Vandna and Abdul Rahman

Rhopalocera Diversity (Lepidoptera) of District Kupwara from Jammu and Kashmir State (India)
Aijaz Ahmad Qureshi*, R.C. Bhagat** and P.C. Pathania***

Macroptilium atropurpureum (Fabaceae), A New Record for Gujarat State
Minal Jani*, Sandip Kumar Patel ** and Arpit Deomurari*

Industrial Waste Threaten Environmental Quality of Jiong beel State
Dr. Dharma Ram Deka

Impact of Pollutants on Water Quality of River Sutlej in Nangal Area of Punjab, India State
Bhagat S. Chauhan*and S.K. Sagar*

Survey of Container Breeding Mosquito Larvae in Jalna City (M.S.) India
Kisan D. Thete* and Laxmikant V. Shinde*

Effect of Aqueous Extract of Moringa oleifera Seed on Sexual Activity of Male Albino Rats
Varsha S. Zade*, Dinesh K. Dabhadkar, Vaibhao G. Thakare and Shital R. Pare

Impact of Zinc Sulphate on Behavioural Responses in the Freshwater Fish Channa orientalis (Sch.)
A.P. Charjan and K.M. Kulkarni

Biological Forum - An International Journal Volume 5(II): 2013

Effect of Peri-Vitelline Fluid from Horseshoe Crab Embryo in Enhancing the Early Gonadal Development in Red Tilapia
T.C. Srijaya*, P.J. Pradeep**, A. Hassan***, A. Chatterji*** and F. Shaharom***


More on Speciation - A view
Krishna Kumar Verma*, Pierre Jolivet** and Rashmi Saxena***

Hair Cuticle Scale Patterns In Hanuman Langur (Semnopithecus entellus) And Grey Slender Loris (Loris lydekkerianus)
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Butterfly Fauna of Jhilmil Jheel Conservation Reserve, Haridwar, Uttarakhand, India
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Evaluation of Some Botanicals on Root – Knot Nematode (Meloidogyne javanica) in Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum, Mill) in Yola Adamawa State, Nigeria
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A Review on the Molecular Study of the Species of Family Sciuridae (Rodentia: Mammalia)
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Anatomical and Histological Structure of Digestive Tract of Adult Platynotus belli. F (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)
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Nectar resource use by Butterflies in Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, Sasan, Gujarat
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Species Diversity and Habitat Characteristics of Freshwater Fishes in the Similipal Biosphere Reserve, Odisha with Some New Records
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Taxonomic Update and Relative Abundance Studies on some Cutworms (Family: Noctuidae) in Conifer Forests of Himachal Pradesh with brief account of its Wing Venation and Genitalia
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A review on the Studies on Faunal diversity, status, Threats and Conservation of Thar Desert or Great Indian Desert Ecosystem
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Phytochemical Analysis of Methanolic Extracts of Leaves of Some Medicinal Plants
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The Genus Desmodium Desv. (Fabaceae) in Gujarat, India
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New record of Pseudozumia indica (de Saussure, 1855) (Hymenoptera:Vespidae: Eumeninae) from Peninsular India
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Plants, Animals and Humans with Iron Free Water
Dr. Bhartendu Ajay

Determination of DDQ using Ultra Performance liquid Chromatography
D.M. Gangrade*, Dr. R.K. Nema** and Prof. I.J. Singhvi**

Diversity and Chemical Composition of some Promising Chestnut Castanea sativa Accessions from Kashmir Valley
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Survey of Predatory Mites (Acari: Phytoseiidae) Associated With Economically Important Plants of North Kerala
Sajna Haneef and Mary Anithalatha Sadanandan

Biodiversity of Mycoflora in Rhizosphere and Rhizoplane of Some Indian Herbs
Vivek Srivastava* and Dr. Aditya Kumar**

Ambient Air Pollution Monitoring In Urban Area of Indore City with Special Reference to Total Suspended Particulate Matter
Atul Thakkar

Studies on Zinc sulphate induced alternation in Hepatosomatic index and Renalsomatic index in the freshwater fish Channa orientalis (Sch.)
A.P. Charjan and K.M. Kulkarni

Biological Forum - An International Journal Volume vi(1): 2014

Host infestation Potentiality of N. thymus to Control the Uzifly of muga silkworm, Antheraea assamensis (Helfer) – A Bio-control Toolfor Controlling Uzifly
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Status of Plant Diversity in Alpine Area of Rakchham- Chitkul Wild life Sanctuary of District Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh
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Fish Diversity and Physico-chemical Characteristics of Rivers of Ganjam district, Odisha
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Fish Marketing System in Bhopal (M.P.)
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Assess the Success of Afforestation of the North Forests Preservation Program (Case study: Siahkal County)
Farahmand Farzalizadeh*, Vahid Hemmati Khoshkdashty*and Seyed Armin Hashemi*

Anemia: A Common Health Problem, Consequence and Diet Management among Young Children and Pregnant Women
Dr. Rakesh Kumar

Examining the Effect of Phosphate Manure and Mycorrhizal and their Interaction with Vermicompost on Performance and Functional Components of Groundnut
Seyed Mostafa Sadeghi*, Hasan Guilanpour Rad* and Seyed Armin Hashemi**

The Influence of Heavy Metal Lead (Pb) on Seeds Generation,Seedling Growth of Cow-Pea (Vigna Sinensis)
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Techno Economic Feasibility of Ericulture in the plain of North East India
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Effect of Elevated Creatinine Level in Blood Serum of Chronic Renal Failure Patients
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Study of Airspora during Celebration of Rajyotsava, 2010
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Ecology and Conservation of Rare Hygroryza aristata (Retz.) Nees ex Wight & Arn.
Vijai Malik, Inam Mohammad and Pranita

Land Cover Management of Forest stands using the ETM+
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Effects of Land Use Change on Acidity soil and Phosphorus and Calcium of Soil
Vahid Hemmati*, Seyed Amaneh Saadat** and Seyed Armin Hashemi*

Studies on Pollen Rain vis-a-vis Vegetation Relationship and Thecamoebian Diversity in Bari Tal area, Lucknow District,Uttar Pradesh
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Land Cover MProtein Conversion Efficiency (PCE) in Muscle of Freshwater Fish Labeo rohita fed on Formulated Feed
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Floristic Diversity with Special Reference to Rare and Threatened Plants of Jawahar Sagar Sanctuary Area near Kota Rajasthan
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Evaluation of Some Qualitative Characteristics of Wild Plum Genotypes in Northern Iran
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Effect of Peripheral Administration of Ghrelin on Serum Insulin, T3, T4 and Some Biochemical Parameters in Geese
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Study of the Environmental Threats caused by Migration in Bandar Anzali city
Parisa Safardokht Bahar

The Evaluation of Different Statistical Distributions in Order to Fit Alnus subcordata C.A.M. Species Diameter in Mountainous Forests North of Iran
Mir Mozaffar Fallahchai* and Soheil Shokri**

Hibernation on the Nest of the Paper wasp, Polistes (Gyrostoma) olivaceus (De Geer) (Hymenoptera: Vespidae)
Phong Huy Pham

Hawk moths (Lepidoptera: Sphingidae) from North-West Himalaya along with collection housed in National PAU Insect museum, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana, India
P.C. Pathania, Sunita Sharma and Arshdeep K. Gill

Life History of the Type-Species Pontia daplidice (Linnaeus), the Bath white (Lepidoptera : Pieridae)
Avtar Kaur Sidhu* and Manbeer Kaur**

Six new Records of Birds from Andaman and Nicobar Islands
C. Sivaperuman*, G. Gokulakrishnan, J. Dinesh and K. Venkataraman**

Study of Butterfly (Lepidoptera) Diversity around a Protected Reservoir (Kerwa) at Bhopal, India
Archana Mishra*, Dr. Neerja Shrivastava** and Dr. Praveen Tamot**

Micropropagation of Karanj (Pongamia pinnata pierre) through Shoot Apex Segments-A Medicinal and Bio-Fuel Plant
Dheeraj Vasu, Anita Sharma, Surendra Pal and Zia ul Hasan

Influence of Different Factors on Graft Acceptance in Apis mellifera Linnaeus colonies during Autumn in Punjab
Pardeep Kumar Chhuneja and Arshdeep K. Gill

Morphometric and Meristic Variations in Fins of Channa orientalis (Sch.) from Fresh Water Habitats in Akola District (M.S.) India.
A.P. Charjan and K.M. Kulkarni

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Sixteen New Records of Soil Oribatid Mites (Acari: Oribatida) from Maharashtra, India
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Butterfly Fauna (Order: Lepidoptera) in Five Major Tea Gardens of Sivasagar District, Assam, India
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The first report of Enochrus nigropiceus Gunderson (Family: Hydrophilidae) from Loktak lake of Manipur
M. Bhubaneshwari Devi, O. Sandhyarani Devi and S. Dineshwar Singh

Forest Lands Cover Monitoring using the Data Satellite
Seyed Armin Hashemi

Assessing indices of growth of Oscar fry (Astronotus ocellatus) fed up with Nauplius of Artemia enriched with MOS extracted from yeast cell wall (Saccharomyces cervisiae)
Faezeh Samie Amlashi*, Abbas ali Zamini** and Saeid Zarrabi***

Investigation of Qualitative and Quantitative Regeneration based on the Gap Regeneration size in Different Beech Types of Hyrcanian Forest
F. Jafari *, A. Eslami **, M. Hasani*** and S.A. Hashemi****

Study the Effect of Foliar Application of Nano Chelate Molybdenum Fertilizer on the Yield and Yield Components of Peanut
Mehrangiz Jabbari Manjili*, Sirous Bidarigh** and Ebrahim Amiri***

Isolation of Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris from Commercial Spoiled apple Juice and Study on some Influence Parameters on its Growth in Apple Juice
Mandana Tayefe*, Azin Nasrollah Zade*, Mazyar Safaeii Asl** and Seyed Armin Hashemi**

The Polymorphism of GDF-9 Gene in Hisari Sheep
Yadollah Bahrami, Sajad Bahrami*, Hamid Reza Mohammadi**, Vaheid Chekani-Azar*** and Seyed Azim Mousavizadeh****

An Investigation on Dietary Supplementation of Coriander (Coriandrum sativum) Seeds on the Food Intake and Microbial Populations of the ceca of Japanese quail (Coturnix japonica)
Orang Esteghamat

Sport and Medications; Effects or Side-Effects of Generic Therapeutic Drugs
Alireza Lotfi

Diversity, Abundance and Variation of Water Birds at Kolleru Wetland in Andhra Pradesh
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Oribatid mite (Acari: Oribatida) fauna of Konkan, Maharashtra, India with New distributional records
Shelley Acharya and Paramita Basu

The Application of Statistical Distributions to Fit the Diameter and Height of a Species of Broad Leaf in Hirkanian Forests
Mir Mozaffar Fallahchai and Soheil Shokri

Life Cycle and Morphometric Measurement of Callosobruchus analis on Gram
M. Bhubaneshwari Devi and N. Victoria Devi

Biology of Hypsopygia postflava (Lepidoptera: Pyralidae), a Snout Moth Parasitic on the Nest of the Paper wasp Polistes olivaceus (Vespidae: Polistes)
Phong Huy Pham

Effect of Tea Bushes on Soil Physics in the Forest areas Turned in low land Siahkal Forests
Jamshid Najafi and Vahid Hemmati

Bioclimatic Niche Model to predict Afghan Pika (Ochotona rufescens) distribution range in Iran
S. Khaki Sahneha, Z. Nourib, A. Alizadeh Shabanic , M. Ahmadid andM. Dehdar Dargahie

Effect of Red Beet Juice (Beta vlgaris) on Pigmentation of Fillet and Growth Performance of Rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Hamid Allaf Neverian*, Ehsan Asadi sharif* and Abolfazl Bayrami

Floristic Diversity along an Altitudinal Gradients in Hango Valley of Cold Desert in District Kinnaur, Himachal Pradesh
R.K. Verma

Effects of Organic Acids Supplement on Performance and Gut Parameters in Male Japanese quail (Coturnix Coturnix)
Fouladi Peyman, Ebrahimnezhad Yahya, Aghdam Shahryar Habib, Maheri Sis Naser, Ahmadzadeh Alireza

Effects of Canola Oil Peroxide at Different Replicate of Heating on Blood Parameters in Japanese Quail
Ali Hajizadeh and Habib Aghdam Shahryar

The effect of mechanization level on canola production in south of Iran
S. Bidarigh*

Studies on Induced Mutations in Onion: Frequency and Spectrum of Chlorophyll mutations
Sushama A. Kirtane

First report of Alternaria alternata on Chenopodium album L. from India
Dr. Ramanuj Patel*, Deepika Patel** and A.K. Pandey***

Project Management Templates, an Appropriate Solution for today’s Complex Project Management and World Life
Amir Sadeghi* and Mohammad Sharafi**

Estimating the Second virial Coefficients of some Real Gases NH3: NH3, CH3NH2: CH3NH2, (CH3)2 NH : (CH3)2 NH, (CH3)3 N : (CH3)3 N, CH3NH2: (CH3)2 NH, CH3NH2:, (CH3)N and (CH3)2 NH : (CH3)3N pairs and related Thermodynamic aspects
M. Baghernejad *, M. Aghaie**, K. Zare *** and H. Aghaie***

The Comparison of Coping Styles with Anxiety in Men and Women Elite Karate
Behnam Maleki*, Soleiman Bagheri**, Javad Aghazadeh*, Shahriar Parikhani*, Akbar Aran Ardabili* and Sohrab Isazadeh*

Occupational Characteristics of Physical Education Teachers and its Relationship to Empowerment
Hamid Amini*, Mohsen Rahmanian*, Marziye Moradi**, Mahdi Sedaghat*, Nader Afravi* and Moslem Bay*

Algal Flora of Some Selected Water Bodies of Delhi
Kritika Gupta and Pamposh

The Relationship between In-Service Training of Physical Education Teachers and Job Empowerment
Yaser Samkhaniani*, Javad Aghazadeh*, Shahriar Parikhani*, Akbar Aran Ardabili*, Saeed Zareh* and Sohrab Isazadeh*

Evaluation of Antibacterial activity of Hibiscus rosa-sinensis flower extract against E. coli and B. subtillis
Dr. Shashi Agarwal and Dr. Rachna Prakash

New Records of Collembola (Hexapoda) from Hazaribagh National Park, Jharkhand, India
G.P. Mandal

Physico-chemical Properties in Honey from Different Zonal of East Azerbaijan
Abolfazl Asadi-Dizaji*, Fatemeh Moeni-Alishah**, Yadollah Yamini***, Yahya Ebrahimnezhad*, Ali Asghar Yari* and Shahnaz Rouhnavaz*

The Role of Tacit Knowledge Transfer in Empowering the Employees of Physical Education Departments
Hamid Amini*, Reza Imanzadeh**, Mohsen Rahmanian*, Nader Afravi*, Moslem Bay* and Mahdi Sedaghat*

Studies on Diversity of Soil Micro- Arthropods Fauna in Sajnekhali Wild Life Sanctuary, Sundarbans, West Bengal
G.P. Mandal

The Relationship between Empowerment and Organizational Learning of Physical Education Teachers
Hamid Amini*, Mohsen Rahmanian*, Khadije Sadeghifar**, Moslem Bay*, Nader Afravi* and Mahdi Sedaghat *

The Comparison of Simple and Choice Reaction time in the Elite Karateka of Controlling, Semi-controlled and Free Styles
Behnam Maleki*, Seyyed Ahmad Mousavi**, Javad Aghazadeh*, Shahriar Parikhani*, Akbar Aran Ardabili* and Sohrab Isazadeh*

Effects of Treated Municipal Wastewater on Growth and Yield of Maize (Zea mays)
Sayed Roholla Mousavi* and Mahmood Shahsavari**

First record of the ant genus EmeryoponeForel, 1912 (Hymenoptera: Formicidae: Ponerinae) from Vietnam
Dai Dac Nguyen*, Ngoc Thanh Phan*, Minh Phuong Nguyen**and Lien Thi Phuong Nguyen*

Humour Plants Mentioned in Holy Quran and Iranian Traditional Medicine
Ebrahim Azarpour*, Maral Moraditochaee** and Hamid Reza Bozorgi*

Nutritional and Biochemical Compounds of Quranic Plants
Ebrahim Azarpour*, Maral Moraditochaee** and Hamid Reza Bozorgi*

Taxonomical Study on Scorpions from Markazai Province, Iran
S. Aslan Faal* and A. Bayrami**

Effects of Ascorbic Acid Foliar Spraying and Nitrogen Fertilizer Management in Spring Cultivation of Quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa) in North of Iran
Ebrahim Azarpour*, Hamid Reza Bozorgi* and Maral Moraditochaee**

New Records of Darkling Beetles (Tenebrionidae: Coleoptera)from India
V.D. Hegde and B. Lal

Short Term Aerobic Training Improves Fasting Glucose and Beta Cell Function in Obese/Overweight Women
Farbod Maryam, Robat Sarpooshi Azam and Silakhory Fouzyeh

Effect of Three Months Aerobic Training on Glucose Concentration and Insulin Action in Obese Females
Kiani Fatemeh, Samarikhalaj Hamidreza and Eizadi Mojtaba

Status and Conservation of Mammalian Diversity in Indian Himalaya
Gaurav Sharma*, Kamalakannan M.*, Debashree Dam*and Akhlaq Husain**

Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Relation to Fasting Glucose and Insulin Action in Obese Females
Kalhor Hossein, Moghaddam Vahid and Biniaz Seyed Abbas

Lower Total Antioxidant Capacity in Smokers Compare to Non-smokers
Eizadi Mojtaba, Khorshidi Davood and Dooaly Hussein

Plasma Levels of Total Antioxidant Capacity in Relation to Cardiovascular Risk Factor in Cigarette Smokers
Shahram Khanzadeh Holaso*, Moghadasi Ahmad** and Assadi Kayvan**

The Effect of Long-term Aerobic Training on Beta Cell Function in Asthma Patients
Torabi Mohsen*, Aran Ardabili Akbar* and Gholamreza Najafi**

Assessment of Credit Risk Management and Managerial Efficiency of Banks Using Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA) Network
Mohammad Ali Keramati* and Mahsa Shaeri**

Effects of Different Doses of Cerastes cerastes Crude Venom on Biochemical Parameters in Serum of Guinea pigs at different times
Muhammad M.A. Salman

Host Plants Relationship in terms of Cocoon Colour and Compactness of Eri Silkworm (Samia ricini)
Preetirekha Chutia*, Rajesh Kumar* and D.P. Khanikar**

Animal Rights in some Contemporary Scholars’ Viewpoints
Sahar Rastgar*, Kamran Pashayi Fakhri* and Parvaneh Adelzadeh*

Evaluation of Nano biofertilizer efficiency on Agronomic traits of Spring Wheat at Different Sowing Date
Mahmoud Mardalipour*, Hossein Zahedi* and Younes Sharghi*

Effect of Planting Date and Vermicompost on Seed and Essence Production of Dill (Anethum graveolens L.
Hossein Zahedi* and Siavash Jahanshahi**

Acute Response of Serum Interleukin-6 to cycling test in adult men with type II Diabetes
Miri Hadi*, Shojaedin Seyed Sadrodin**, Majedi Nima*** and Maryam Taghvaei***

Association of Tumor Necrosis factor-alpha with Anthropometrical indexes in obese individuals
Zahedmanesh Forouzan, Golshin Elham and Ansari Ashraf

Acute Response of C - reactive protein to Single both Running test in Asthma patients
Miri Hadi*, Shojaedin Seyed Sadrodin**, Naderi Nasab Mahdi*** and Mostafa Soltani***

Serum Interleukin 6 before and Immediately after a Moderate Exercise in Asthma Patients
Asieh Abbassi Daloii*, Ahmad Abdi* and Hajar Abbaszadeh Sorati**

Antioxidative and Allergic Profile in Adult Men with Cigarette Smoking
Mozhgan Ahmadi*, Saeedeh Shadmehri* and Mahdi Naji**

Comparing the Incidence of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury in Collegiate male Soccer, Taekwondo and Basketball Players
Mehdi Kasbparast Jr, Alireza Rahimi, Fariba Aghaei, Alireza Shokrgozar and Maryam Hamidzad Sangachin

Coherent States in SU(4) of Spin Systems and Calculate the Berry Phase for Qudit with Spin 3/2 particle in SU(4) in Quantum Mechanics
Yadollah Farahmand*, Zabialah Heidarnezhad**, Fatemeh Heidarnezhad*** Fatemeh Heydari*** and Kh. Kh Muminov*

Limbic System and Second Language Acquisition: Reconsidering the Role of Emotion
Parviz Maftoon*, Nima Shakouri** and Ogholgol Nazari***

Coherent States in SU(2), SU(3), SU(4), SU(5) of Spin Systems and Calculate the Berry phase for Qubit, Qutrit, Qudit with spin – 1/2,1,3/2,2 particle in SU(2) in Quantum Mechanics
Yadollah Farahmand*, Zabialah Heidarnezhad**, Fatemeh Heidarnezhad*** Fatemeh Heydari*** and Kh. Kh Muminov*

The effect of Aloe vera on growth and sex hormone of the fish Aequidens rivulatu
Milad Norouzi* and Masoud Farrokhrouz**

Evaluation diameter at breast height (D.B.H.) and height growth of Populus deltoides in alluvial and forest brown soils in Guilan province
Narjes Keiaee*, Vahid Hemmati** and Gholamreza Vaghar***

Investigation of the statue of visitor's willing to pay Shiraz Eram Botanical Gardens and its influencing factors
Seyednematollah Mousavi

Review of Efficacy of Stabilization Ponds and Feasibility of Using Effluents of Wastewater Treatment of Ahvaz's Slaughterhouse for Irrigation and Disposal in Surface Waters in the Region
Sadegh Ghasemi*, Roya Mafi Gholami** and Mohsen Yazdanian***

Spatial, Local Analysis and Evaluation and Possibility of Predicting Crimes and Presenting Strategies by Using the ARCGIS software
Mohammad Hassan Rahmani

The effect of soil type on basal area and volume growth of Populus deltoides in east of Guilan province
Keyoma Shaffiei* and Vahid Hemmati**

Maximal oxygen consumption in asthma patients before and after aerobic training program
Islamdost Mohammad, Shahedi Valiolah and Imanipour Vahid

Relationship of Cardiorespiratory Fitnes with Spirometrical markers in Asthma patients
Rasoul Mohammadi, Nasibeh Rezaei Afrapoli and Shahram Khanzadeh Holaso

Pro-inflammatory Cytokine does not afect indicator markers of type I Diabetes directly
Seyed Rafi Shafabakhsh Kolor, Mona Hafezi and Mehdi Ebrahim Baysalami

The efect of aerobic training program on some indicator markers of diabetes in smokers
Mirakhori Zahra, Mirakhori Fatemeh and Zand Alireza

Regular aerobic training in absence diet can not afect cardiovascular risk factors
Shahgholiabasi Rose, Imanipour Vahid and Seyed Hoseini Mohammad Ali

Lipid profile and chronic exercise training in Cigarete smoke
Mirakhori Fatemeh, Mirakhori Zahra and Zand Alireza

Moderate exercise test is not asociated with acute or recovery response of serum leptin in obese individuals
Mohammadi Rasoul, Sokhanguei Yahya and Edrisi Masomeh

Moderate exercise can be improve inflammatory profile with emphasis on interleukin 1 beta
Imanzadeh Reza* , Eizadi Mojtaba* and Doaly Husein*

Total antioxidant capacity among diabetic patients: relationship to cardiorespiratory fitnes
Ghobadi Abdolnaser, Shabanpour Mahmoud and Torabi Mohsen

Serum TNF-α in sedentary obese and normal weight individuals
Morovatnya Korosh, Najafpour Mohamadnaser and Atefeh Keshavarz

Serum Imonoglobin E and aerobic training in cigarete smoke
Sokhanguei Yahya, Masomeh Edrisi and Mohammadi Rasoul

Aerobic capacity and Antioxidant profile in asthma patients
Alireza Rahimi, Mehdi Kasbparast Jr and Alireza Shokrgozar

Lipid profile Markers in Obese and Normal Weigh Individuals and their Relation with Obesity Determinants
Assadi Fatemeh and Nooraei Farahnaz

Aerobic Capacity and High Sensitivity C - reactive protein in Obese Men
Reza Behdari, Husseini Masoomeh and Shahin Riyahi Malayeri

Serum IgE Level among Healthy Obese Subjects Acute Response to one Bout Exercise Test
Sokhanguei Yahya, Shahsavari Shahbaz and Ahmadi Mohsen

Effect of a Chronic Aerobic Training on Adipocytokine Resistin in Smokers
Hajirasouli Masoud, Hajirasouli Maral and Afsharmand Zohreh

Adipokine Resistin does not affect by Short Term Moderate Intensity Program in Obese Women
Husseini Masoomeh, Reza Behdari and Shahin Riyahi Malayeri

Aerobic Training Program does not affect the Relationship between % VO2max and % HRR in Obese Individuals
Samarikhalaj Hamidreza, Khorshidi Davood and Eizadi Mojtaba

Ethnomedicinal Documentation of Some Antidiabetic Plants used by Tribal’s of Amravati District, Maharashtra
A.P. Charjan and D.K. Dabhadkar

Biological Forum-An International Journal (Print ISSN 0975-1130,Online ISSN NO.2249-3239) VOL 7(1) 2015

Indigenous Technical Knowledge Associated in Muga culture
D. Mech*, M. Ahmed** and Rajesh Kumar*

Therapeutic properties of in vitro plant aqueous extract of Boerhaavia diffusa L. against carbon tetrachloride induced hepatotoxicity in male and female swiss albino mice
Tejovathi Gudipati *, Pratima Srivastava**, Rekha Bhadouria** Harisharan Goswami*** and GBKS Prasad****

Biology of Rust-Red Flour Beetle, Tribolium castaneum (Herbst) (Coleoptera: Tenebrionidae)
M. Bhubaneshwari Devi and N. Victoria Devi

Reviewing the Comparative Advantages of Producing Tomato and Cucumber in Khorasan Razavi
Zahra Noori Tupkanloo

Genetic Diversity of Gastrointestinal tract Fungi in Buffalo by Molecular methods on the basis of Polymerase Chain Reaction
Abbas Mo'azami Goudarzi*, Mohammad Chamani**, Naser Maheri-Sis*, Mehdi Amin Afshar** and Ramin Salamatdoost-Nobar*

Holy plants and flowers in people beliefs
Parvaneh Adelazadeh and Kamran Pashaei Fakhri

Deficit irrigation and sowing date as strategies to maximize water use efficiency and crop water productivity in semi-arid region
Amir Tabarzad* and Ali A. Ghaemi**

Correlation between morphological and physiological traits and path analysis of grain yield in rice genotypes under Khuzestan conditions
Marzieh Moosavi*, Gholamali Ranjbar*, Hamid Najafi Zarrini* and Abdolali Gilani**

American species of Lindernia dubia (L.) Pennell – occurrence in India
Jothimani Krishnasamy and Rajendran Arumugam

An analytical method to survey the energy input-output and emissions of greenhouse gases from Wheat and Tomato farms in Iran
Asadullah Mirasi, Mousarreza Samadi and Amir Hossein Rabiee

Factor Analysis of Entrepreneurship Development among Rural Women
Mohammad Javad Fazeli, Ahmad Reza Ommani and Tahmasb Maghsoudi

The effect of application of different kinds of covers on the sunburn and internal qualities of pomegranate in Iran
Mehdi Ghorbani*, Gholam Reza Dabbagh**, Samira Yousefi*, Shiva Khademi*, Morteza Taki*

Factor Analysis of Marketing Management among Summer Crop Farmers
Reza Makvandi, Ahmad Reza Ommani and Mohammad Aghapour

Effects of Diets Formulation Based on Different Methods of Metabolisable Energy (AMEn & TMEn) and Amino Acids (TAA & DAA) Expression on Performance, Energy and Protein Efficiency Ratio and Productive Efficiency Factor of Broiler Chicks
Pouya Yari*, Akbar Yaghobfar**, Habib Aghdam Shahryar*, Yahya Ebrahimnezhad *

Salicylic Acid and Plant Immunity
Baratali Fakheri * and Farshad Fattahi**

The Hydraulic Design of the Grit Chamber of the Urmia Wastewater Treatment Plant with Hydraulic Approach
Edris Merufinia* and Hadi Naveh**

Condition Monitoring of Energy usage and CO2 emission for Greenhouse Cucumber in Iran
Ahmad Reza Alizadeh*, Mehdi Ghorbani** and Mohammad Ghareghani***

Study of the Chromosome of Aphids of Family Rosaceae
Ritu Sharma* and Nitesh Kumar*

Survey on Fecal Gastrointestinal Parasitic Helminthes in Horses of Jokey clubs in Ardabil city, Iran
Selebafmayani Ali* and Garedaghi Yagoob**

Environmental Problems in Iran's Law
Abbas Taghvaee*, Seyedeh Masoumeh Khodashanas** and Hamid Gholamalizadeh***

Optimization of Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Barley Production in Guilan Province (Iran)
Maral Moraditochaee

Study Quranic plants in Hadiths
Ebrahim Azarpour*, Maral Moraditochaee** and Hamid Reza Bozorgi**

Determination of Ecological Diversity Indices to Assess the Interrelationship between Earthworm Diversity and Different Habitats of Indian Botanic Garden, Howrah, India
Rinku Goswami

Mineral Dietary Supplement effects on Weight Performance and Physical Characteristics of the Components of Grazing Sheep Carcasses
Fazlallah Azarfard* and Shahab Mirinejad*

Effects of Growth Regulators on In vitro Callogenesis of Taxus baccata L.
Nafiseh Mahdinejad*, Barat Ali Fakheri** and Sina Ghanbari***

Impact of Integrated Chawki Rearing Technology on Cocoon Production of Muga Silkworm, Antheraea assamensis Helfer
D. Goswami, N.I. Singh, Mustaq Ahmed, Rajesh Kumar, D. Mech and K. Giridhar

Reaction 2-Benzyl 5-Oxo 5-H 6-Ethyl carboxylate 7-phenyl -1,3,4- thiadiazolo- [3,2-a]- pyrimidine with Amin erivatives and study of Biological properties
Reza Moradivalikboni*, Sedigheh Tahereh Asadzadeh**, Mehdi Baghernejad***, Zabialah Heidarnezhad**** and Heshmatollah Alinezhad*

Perceived usefulness and Perceived Ease of Use for Adoption Technology LCC Card: Case Study Paddy Farmers Northern Iran
Dariush Ashoori*, Seyyed Ali Noorhosseini* and Reza Alishiri**

Screening of Drought Tolerant genotypes in Bread Wheat (Triticum aestivum) using Morpho-physiological Traits and Integrated Selection Index
Zahra Moradi*, Ezatollah Farshadfar** and Hooman Shirvani*

Dual Using Irrigation Water in Rice Fields for Fish Farming
Seyyed Ali Noorhosseini, Dariush Ashoori and Vahid Farzamfar

Comparative Studies on some Morphometric and Meristic Characteristics of the Scales in four Mugilid species of the family Mugilidae for identifying their Significance in Taxonomy
Zubia Masood, RehanaYasmeen, Faiz-Ur-Rehaman*, MuhammadSamee Haider**,Lakht-e-Zehra**, Md. Yeamin Hossain***, Hameed-Ur-Rehman****, Asim-Ullah*, Waqas Ahmed**** and Qadeer-Ullah-Shah****

Influence of Zinc and Seed Inoculation with Rhizobium Bacteria on Yield and Yield Components of Triticum aestivum (Case study: Nurabad, Iran)
Azam Moradi*, Khodabakhsh Panahi Kordlaghari* and Kavoos Keshavarz**

Effect of Priming of (KNO3, ZnSo4, Distilled water) on rate Germination and Seedling Establishment on Cannabis seed (Cannabis sativa L.)
Shirin Karbalaye Golizadeh*, Tooraj Mir Mahmoodi** and Nabi Khaliliaqdam***

Prevalence of Cattle and Buffalo Lung-worm Infestation in Tabriz city, Iran
Alipourazar Mohammad*, Garedaghi Yagoob** and Hashemzadefarhang Hossein***

Effectiveness of Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria inoculation for Improving Phosphorus Absorption and Root Growth Indices
Farshid Hassani*, Ahmad Asgharzade**, Mohammadreza Ardakani*, Aidin Hamidi*** and Farzad Paknejad*

Study of Dual-purpose Herbicides Efficacy on Weed control in Turfgrass of Landscape
Elahe Hoseini-shoar* and Mohammad Armin**

Evaluation of Molecular Diversity of durum wheat genotypes using ISSR markers
Zahra Zamanianfard*, Alireza Etminan*, Reza Mohammadi** and Lia Shooshtari*

The effects of Solo-potash Foliar application times and Irrigation interval on Quantitative and Qualitative yield of Sorghum
Keyvan Koushki*, Mohammad Armin** and Esmail Filekesh***

Evaluation of Genetic Diversity in Durum Wheat Advanced Lines
Soheila Mehdiabadi*, Reza Mohammadi**, Ali Reza Etminan* and Lia Shooshtari*

Antifungal Activity of Plant Extracts of Alstonia scholaris, Argemone maxicana and Datura alba to Control Candida albicans
Vijai Malik

Studying and Assessment of Vulnerability and local changes of Quality of Karaj plain Aquifer with DRASTIC Method
Hadi Azizian* and Edris Merufinia*

The Analysis of the Imports and the Exports of Food Products based on the Virtual Water Trade to Manage Iran’s Water Resources
Edris Merufinia* and Hadi Azizian*

Identification of Volatile Components and Biological Properties of the extracts of aerial parts of Pterocarya fraxinifolia L.
Zahra Aghajani*, Ali-Asghar Engashte-Vahed* and Maryam Akhbari**

The Relationship between Organizational Structure and Organizational health (Case study of Bureau of Security and Training Affairs of Prisons in West Azerbaijan)
Yousef Karbalie* and Yousef Mahmoudifar**

Check the Status of Telemedicine in Iran
Shahnaz Ismail Zadeh*and Kamran Zargah**

Estimating Flood Hydrograph with Different Return Periods (Case Study: Urmia Shahar Chay Basin)
Saeed Judi Sani* and Edris Merufinia**

Yield and Morphological Traits of Safflower as affected by Weeds Interference and Variety
Reza Mohmadali-Nejad* and Seyyed Gholamreza Moosavi*

Influence of Salicylic and Jasmonic acid on Chlorophylls, Carotenes and Xanthophylls contents of Lemon balm (Melissa officinalis L.) under Salt stress conditions
Alireza Pazoki

Response Morphological Traits and yield of Ajowan (Carum copticum) to Water deficit stress and Nitrogen Fertilizer
Seyyed Gholamreza Moosavi*, Mohamad Javad Seghatoleslami*, Zeinolabedin Jouyban**, Elham Ansarinia* and Seyyed Ahmad Moosavi*

Autecology of Endemic Plant “Prangos haussknechtii Boiss” in Kohgilouyeh-va-Boyerahmad Province, Iran
Shahab Mirinejad

Comparison between Acrylic Acid and Methacrylamide on Release and Swelling Properties for Hydrogels based on PVP
Mokhtar Heidari Naghdeali and Maryam Adimi

Evaluation of Flavonoids and Phenols content of Wheat under different Lead, PGPR and Mycorrhiza levels
Alireza Pazoki

Yield, Morphological traits and Nitrogen use Efficiency of Eruca sativa as affected by Irrigation, Plant density and Nitrogen Fertilization
Meysam Ghavampoor*, Seyyed Gholamreza Moosavi* and Mohamad Javad Seghatoleslami*

Comparison of the Activity of some Soil Enzyme in soil mass of areas covered with spruce and areas with mixed alder-spruce coverage of Orchards of Siyahkal Township
Farhad Akesteh* and Seyed Uosef Torbian*

Evaluation and Selection of Optimal Pipes for Urban Drinking Water Distribution Networks Using Hierarchical AHP (Case Study: Water Distribution Network in the City of Mahabad)
Mahmoud Sobhani* and Solayman Iranzade*

Autecology of Endemic plant Eremostachys adenantha Juab. & Spach in South-west of Zagros Mountains, Iran
Shahab Mirinejad* and Mehrdokht Najafpour Navaei**

Soil type of Oriental Beech Stands in Elevation Levels of Hyrcanian Forests
Khalil Mohammadi*, Vahid Hemmati** and Alireza Eslami***

Effects of Application Method and Level of Salicylic acid on some Morphological Characteristics of Ocimum basilicum L. Leaves under Sodium Chloride Salinity Stress
Farinaz Angooti* and Hassan Nourafcan*

Detection Salmonella spp. Carriers in Camel using Polymerase Chain Reaction and Cultural methods
Mohammad Zavarshani*, Maryam Kownani**, Ehsan Estabraghi*** and Erfan Yarahmadi****

Effect of low irrigation and Zn and SiO2 Nano-fertilizers and Conventional Fertilizers on Morphophysiological traits and seed yield of Sunflower
Narges Asadzade,Seyyed Gholamreza Moosavi* and Mohamad Javad Seghatoleslami*

Adipose Secreted Resistin In Response to Submaximal Exercise in Respiratory Patients
Jenabi Ahmad, Dastigerdi Mehdi and Abbasi Mohammadsaleh

Ethical Issues in Genetic Engineering
Mohammad Javad Rashidabadi*, Baratali Fakheri** and Mehrdad Asadian*

Modeling and Sensitivity Analysis of Environmental Impacts for Eggplant Production using Artificial Neural Networks
Ahmad Sadeghzadeh*, Majid Yousefinejad-Ostadkelayeh** and Ashkan Nabavi-Pelesaraei***

Numerical Simulation of the Flow Pattern in the Aeration Tank of Sewage Treatment System by the Activated Sludge Process Using Fluent Program
Hazhar Hadad* and Jamil Ghaderi**

Stability Analysis of Maize Yield by using Unvariate Statistical Method
Mahsa Shahryarinasab* and Rajab Chogan**

Misopates orontium (L.) Raf. (Plantaginaceae): A new record to the Flora of Gujarat State, India
S.K. Patel*,B.L. Punjani**, P.R. Desai** and V.B. Pandey**

Identification and Genetic diversity of Anaerobic Gut Fungi in Buffalo using Molecular Methodologies based on Ribosomal ITS1 rRNA
Abbas Mo'azami Goudarzi*, Mohammad Chamani**, Naser Maheri-Sis*, Mehdi Amin Afshar** and Ramin Salamatdoost-Nobar

Comparative Studies of the Scale Characters in four Mugilid Species (Family Mugilidae; Order Mugiliformes) from Karachi Coast, Pakistan
Zubia Masooda, Rehana Yasmeenb, Muhammad Samee Haiderc,Lakht-e-Zehrac, Omer Mukhtar Tararc, Mussarat-Ul-Ainb, Hameed-Ur-Rehamand, Asim Ullahe, Ihsan-Ul-Haqe, Muhammad Bilale

Distribution of Pteropods (Thecosomata and Gymnosomata) from the coastal waters of Orissa and Andhra Pradesh
Anindita Basu*, Jasmine Purushothaman* and Jayeeta Dey*

Studying the Level of Liver Enzymes and Lipid Profile in Long-ear Hedgehog (Hemiechinus auritus)
Mehdi Jahantigh

Investigating the Effects of Drought Stress of End of Season on Performance of Storage, of Photosynthesis and Genotypes of Durum Wheat in Ahwaz
Saeideh Kheirandish*, Nazanin Khademifar*, Mosa Khatamipour** and Bahram Andarzian***

Analysis of Effect of Organic Fertilizer on Yield and Active Substance of Psyllium Herbal Plant (Plantago ovata L.)
Somayyeh Mirshekari and Mohammad Forouzandeh

Influence of Salt Stress and Variety on some Characteristics of Corn
Mohammad Mahdi Akbari, Hamid Reza Mobasser and Hamid Reza Ganjali

Investigation on Habitat demands of Malus orientalis Ugl. in Zagros forests (case study: Divandareh, Kurdestan)
Omid Shamohamadi*, Younes Asri*, Gholamreza Bakhshi Khaniki* and Mina Rabie*

Effects of Humic Acid and Folic Acid on Sunflower under Drought Stress
Zohreh Poudineh*, Zahra Ghaffari Moghadam** and Somayyeh Mirshekari**

Responses of Various Corn Cultivars under Supplementary Irrigation Management
Marjan Zohrabi*, Ebrahim Amiri* and Parisa Shahinrokhsar**

Size Frequency Distribution Patterns of the four Mugilid Species of the Family Mugilidae (Order Mugiliformes) Collected from the Karachi Fish Harbour, Pakistan
Zubia Masood*, Rehana Yasmeen*, Mussaratul-Ain*, Hameed-Ur-Rehman**, Asim Ullah***, Naveed-Ullah***, Sundus Navid***, Shama Zaman***, Sidra-Tul-Muntaha*** and Laila Manzoor***

Effect of Irrigation and Nitrogen levels on Yield and some traits of Barley
Mohammad Reza Kouzegaran*, Seyyed Gholamreza Moosavi* and Mohammad Javad Seghatoleslami*

PRs proteins and their Mechanism in Plants
Farshid Golshani*, Barat Ali Fakheri*, Elham Behshad** and Roghayeh Mohammadpour Vashvaei***

Influence of Intercropping Corn and Aloe vera on some characteristics of Aloe vera
Rahele Noushavani*, Hamid Reza Ganjali* and Mehdi Dahmardeh**

Effects of Climate Change on Autumnal Oilseed Cultivation in South Khorasan Province using the Model LARS-WG
Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Torabi* and Amir Hossein Halabian**

Study on Inhibitory Effects of Ailanthus altissima on the Growth of Weeds and Agricultural Plants
Fatemeh Bagheri* and S-Zahra-Hosseini Cici**

Effects of Changes in Temperature and Rainfall on Potato Cultivation in South Khorasan Province using the Model LARS
Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Torabi* and Amir Hossein Halabian**

Effects of Salinity and Drought on Morphological and Chemical traits of Aloe vera plant
Jahangir Shams*, Hassanali Naghdi Badi**, Hossein Zeynali***, Farahnaz Khalighi-Sigaroodii**** and Payam Najafi*****

Climate Adaptation needs to Select Suitable Crops using Papadakis
Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Torabi* and Amir Hossein Halabian**

Investigating the Effect of Azotobacter and Bio-phosphate fertilizers on Yield and Yield Components of Phaseolous Vulgaris
Zaman Abdollahi Sahlabadi*, Mohammad Mehdi Rahimi*, Kavoos Keshavarzi**

Prevalence, Macroscopic and Microscopic Lesions of Bovine Fasciolosis at Ahvaz Abattoir, Khozestan Province, Iran
Jafar Arjmand*, Nasser Hajipour*, Seyed Mahdi Banan Khojasteh**, Aabbas Imani Baran***, Fereshte Mirshekar*, Omid Ghashghaei****, Khezr Samiei*and Amir Faramarzpour*

The Response of Three Sorghum Cultivars to Different Nutritional Treatments as a New Application for Sustainable Agriculture (NASA)
Mahboubeh Sharifi*, Behzad Sani* and Hamid Madani*

Effect Inoculation of Soybean Cultivars with bacteria Rhizobium japonicum in Sistan
GhasemSancholi*, Hamid Reza Mobasser* and Hamid Reza Fanaei**

Electromagnetic Fields and its effect on Chicken Embryo
Pouya Faeghi*, Mohammad Narimani-Rad** and Elshan Besharat Pour***

The effects of Hull less Barley with and without enzyme on Performance and Blood Parameters of Arian Broilers
Abbas Rostami*, Akbar Yaghobfar**, Yahya Ebrahimnezhad*,Habib Aghdam Shahryar* and Hamidreza Seyedabadi*

Effect of intercropping Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor L) and Persian clover on some characteristics of Sorghum
Seyed Majid Hashemi*, Hamid Reza Mobasser* and Hamid Reza Ganjali*

Prevalence of flea infestation in stray cats in North West of Iran, Iran
Nasser Hajipour*, Mojtaba Keighobadi**, Aram Minas Reyhan Abad***,Mostafa Golabi* and Armen Badali*

On the Effect of Biofertilizers on the Yield and Yield Components of Wheat (Triticum aestivum) under Eyvan Climate Condition
Javad Heidaryan* and Alireza Feilinezhad**

Effects of the Biofertilizers Vermicompost and Azotobacter on Qualitative and Quantitative Characteristics of Petunia hybrida
M. Zeighami*, A. Asgharzadeh* and A. Dadar*

Effect of Organic Substrate and Phosphorus Fertilization on Seed, Oil Yields and Composition of Medicinal Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo var. styriaca)
R. Pajooheshgar*, M. Azizi**, H. Nemati*** and R. Khorasani****

Correlation Coefficient between Agronomic Traits in Soybean under different levels of Nitrogen Fertilizer and Irrigation (Cucurbita pepo var. styriaca)
Ebrahim Amiri* , Ali Arezoomand Chafi**, Ali Abdzad Gohari*** and Raheleh Jenabi Haghparast****

Irrigation Management and Fertilizer of Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L)with a Drip Irrigation System: Yield, HI and Water Use Efficiency
Arash Khonok*, Ebrahim Amiri** and Hossein Babazadeh*

Evaluate the Yield of Peanuts under Irrigation and Sulfur Fertilizer
Haleh Shafiee Sabet* and Ebrahim Amiri*

The Effect of Eight Weeks of Aerobic Exercises on Aggression in Addicted Women under Methadone Treatment in Kermanshah
Simin Olfatimanesh*, Masoud Hajirasouli* and Abdolali Banaeifar**

The Effect of Intermittent Training on C-reactive Protein in Young Women
Imanzadeh Reza, Soori Rahman and Faraji Gholamreza

The Effect of Aerobic Training with difference Periods on Lipid Profile in Obese Women
Zahra Sadat Mossavi*, Behbudi Laleh* and Ahmadi Mozhgan**

Student's Physical Activity and Its Relation with Change of Some Physiological Indices
Kasbparast Jui Ray Mehdi, Alireza Rahimi, Fariba Aghaei and Alireza Shokrgozar

The Relationship between Learning Organization and Quality of Work Life among Physical Education Teachers in Delfan, IRAN
Somayeh Darvishi* and Mehdi Kohandel**

Effects of a Health Training Course on Premenstrual Syndrome Symptoms
Mozhgan Ilka*, Abdolali Banaeifar** and Kazemzade Yaser*

Effect of Endurance Exercise Training on Blood Pressure in Elderly Patients with Hypertension
Kasbparast Jr. Mehdi, Mehdi Kohandel, Fariba Aghaei, Mina Rostami

The relationship between self-efficacy and stress-coping strategies among volleyball players
Azam Kazemi* and Mehdi Kohandel**

Influence of variety on biological yield, harvest index, Percent of protein in Zea mays
Maryam Barahuyi Nikju, Hamid Reza Mobasser and Hamid Reza Ganjali

The Effect of Acetylsalicylic acid and Calcium chloride on the Vase Life of cut Flower Rose Samurai
Saleh Azhir*, Hossein Heidari Sharif Abad** and Hamid Reza Mobasser*

Influence of Water Stress and Plant Density on some Characteristics in corn
Aliakbar Bahadori, Hamid Reza Mobasser and Hamid Reza Ganjali

The Effect of Iron Nanoparticles Spraying Time and Concentration on Wheat
Mitra Bakhtiari*, Payam Moaveni* and Behzad Sani*

Stability of Bread Wheat Recombinant Inbreed Lines Derived from across Zagros and Norstar
Mozhgan Shirinpour*, Saeid Aharizad**, Mohammad Moghaddam Vahed*** and Seyed Abolghasem Mohammadi***

Modeling of Vargar Dam Reservoir Operation by Using System Dynamic
Ata Najafi Jilani*, Mahmud Zakeri Nayeri** and Arash Dalir***

New Records of Darkling Beetles (Tenebrionidae: Coleoptera) from Chhattisgarh, India
V.D. Hegde, B. Lal and K. Chandra

The Effects of Foliar Application of Urea, Calcium Nitrate and Boric Acid on Growth and Yield of Greenhouse Cucumber (cv. Khassib)
N. Nasrollahzadeh-asl*, M. Delshad** and A.K. Kashi***

Monitoring of Cereal rusts in Georgia in 2009-2013
Z. Sikharulidze, K. Natsarishvili, R. Dumbadze, L. Mgeladze and T. Tsetskhladze

Evaluating Economical - Social effects of National-Regional Drainage Project of Sistan Plain
Mortaza Tavakoli* and Rahele Podineh Pir**

Investigation of the Effects of Growth Regulators on Callus Induction in Taxus baccata L.
Barat Ali Fakheri*, Nafiseh Mahdinejad** and Sina Ghanbari***

The Effect of Different Salinities on Density of Spirulina plaetensis under Laboratory Conditions
Esmaeil Kouhgardi*, Elham Moazami*, Reza Ghorbani-Vaghei** and Tirdad Maghsoudloo*

Synthesis of 2-R 5-oxo5-H6- N-ethylcarboxamide7-phenyl- [1,3,4]thiadiazolo-[3,2-a]pyrimidine and 2-R 5-oxo5-H6- Nmethylcarboxamide 7-phenyl-[1,3,4]thiadiazolo-[3,2-a]pyrimidine and Biological properties
Reza Moradivalikboni*, Zabialah Heidarnezhad**, Heshmatollah Alinezhad*, Sahar Mohseni

A Review of Medicinal plants of Kohgiluyeh-va-Boyerahmad province from Iran due to employment creation and permanent development
Abdolmohammad Mohammadi

Behavioral Assessment of Karaj Dam Using Instrumentation Data
Edris Merufinia*, Mohammad H. Aminfar**, Gholam Moradi*** and Aref Azizian****

Size Frequency Distribution Pattern of a Mugilid species, Mugil incilis of the family Mugilidae Collected from the Indus river of District Sukkur, Pakistan
Qudsia Jahangir*, Aqalmina Achakzai* and Zubia Masood*

Study of some Morphometric and Meristic Characters of a Parassi mullet, Mugil incilis (Mugilidae: Mugiliformes) from the Indus River at Sukkur District of province Sindh, Pakistan
Wajeeha Razzaq*, Farhat Iqbal*, Zubia Masood* and Masooma Khawar*

Effect of Organic and Chemical Fertilizers on Dry Yield, Essential Oil and Compounds on Rosemary (Rosemarinus officinalis L.)
Seyede Roghaye Hosseini Valiki*, Sobhanall Ghanbari**, Mohammad Akbarzadeh***, Majid Ghasempor Alamdari** and Sajedeh Golmohammadzadeh****

Application of Comparative Remote Sensing Techniques for Monitoring Mangroves in Indus Delta, Sindh, Pakistan
Hina Masood*, Sheeba Afsar* and Umair Bin Zamir*

Length-Weight Relationship, Condition and Relative Condition parameters of Mugilincilus (Mugilidae: Mugiliformes) collected from the River Indus of district Sukkur, Pakistan
Masooma Khawar*, Rizwana Kalsoom*, Zubia Masood*, Zaigham Hasan**, Farhat Iqbal*, Wajeeha Razzaq* and Hameed-Ur-Rehman***

Effect of Millet and Peanut Intercropping on Efficiency of Use the Environmental Resource and Soil Fertility
Khamar Zahra*, Dahmardeh Mehdi* and Khammari Issa*

Investigation of Life Cycle Assessment of Hazelnut Production in Guilan Province of I.R. Iran Based on Orchards size Levels
Alireza Sabzevari*, Hamed Kouchaki-Penchah** and Ashkan Nabavi-Pelesaraei***

Reuse of Treated Wastewater for Agricultural Irrigation with Its Quality Approach
Sayed Roholla Mousavi*,Mohammad Taghi Tavakoli**, Mohammad Dadgar***, Abbas Isvand Chenari****, Ali Moridiyan***** and Mahmoud Shahsavari ******

Effects of Humic and Folic acid on Quantity and Quality Related Traits of Button Mushroom (Agaricus bisporus)
Mehdi Dahmardeh*, Zohreh Poodineh* and Barat Ali Fakheri**

Determination of Energy Indices for Banana Production and Presenting a Solution for Agriculture Development using AHP
Sherwin Amini* and Hadi Ravandeh***

Analyzing Kriging and CoKriging Methods by using ArcGIS Software in Preparing SP map of Farahan Plain Soil
Kazem Mobarak Abadi*, Reza Jafarinia** and Javad Varvani***

Examining Phytoremediation Capability of some of Cultivars and Pasture Species surrounding Shahrekord Industrial Zone in Absorbing Lead and Cadmium
Moslem Farrokhi Berjuei*, Mehran Hodaji** and Ramin Iranipour***

Effect of Different Levels of Vermicompost on Yield and Quality of Maize Varieties
Mohadeseh Veisi Nasab, Hamid Reza Mobasser and Hamid Reza Ganjali

Quantitative Effects Influencing Factors in the Urmia Lake Water Level Changes Using a System Dynamics Model
Saeid Khoshtinat*, Mohammad Taghi Alami** and Babak Amin Nezhad***

Assessment Quantitative and Qualitative factors of Peanut (Arachis hypogaea L.) under Drought Stress and Salicylic Acid treatments
Mohammad Ali Karimian*, Mehdi Dahmardeh**, Fatemeh Bidarnamani* and Mohammad Forouzandeh*

Investigating the Effect of Hypoxia and Interception of Olfactory Nerve Receptor on Glucose, PT, T and TT of Non-Pregnant Rabbits Blood Plasma
Bahram Abdi**, Ali Aliyev* and Afig Qaziyev*

Study of the Effects of Land Use Change on Organic Soil Characteristics Case Study: Shenroud of Siahkal, Guilan Province
Seyyed Amaneh Saadat*, Vahid Hemmati** , Jalal Mahmoudi *** and Seyed Khadije Mahdavi****

Biological Control of Fusarium wilt of Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) by Trichoderma spp. as Antagonist Fungi
Mohammad Akrami* and Zohreh Yousefi**

Qualitative Assessment of Burger fish of (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) by using extract and Powder of Dill Plant during Preservation in Fridge
Somayeh Hassanpour*, Abasali Zamini** and Ali Asghar Khanipour***

The Effect of Diet type (Mash, Pellets, Extruded and Crumble) on some Immune Responses Broiler Chicken
Shahin Reshadi-Nejad, Seyed Ali Tabeidian and Majid Toghyani

Evaluation of Energy Consumption and Economic Analysis for Traditional and Modern farms of Broiler Production
Sherwin Amini, Navab Kazemi and Afshin Marzban

Genetic Analysis of Physiological Criteria of Drought Tolerance in Bread Wheat under Rainfed Conditions
Ezatollah Farshadfar*,***, Amin Ahamadi Rad** and Saba Kianifar***

Study of Drought Stress Patterns in Khorasan Province using Climatic-Agricultural Indices
Omid Armandpisheh*, Mohammad Bannayan Aval*, Hamidreza Khazaei*, Mostafa Aghaei** and Mohammad Kafi*

Private and Social Cost-Benefit Analysis of Biodiesel Produced from Salvia leriifolia
Shima Javaheri*, Hossein Sadeghi**, Barat Ghobadian***, Mohammadhadi Hajian****

Effects of Diet Supplementation with Zinc Enriched Yeast on Blood Indices and some Biochemical Parameters in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)
Ahmad Gharekhani*, Ghobad Azari Takami*, Amir Tukmechi**, Mohammad Afshar Nasab***

Evaluation of Genotype × Environment Interaction in Landraces of Common Wheat using Non-parameric Stability Indicators
Milad Zarei Soltankohi* and Ezatollah Farshadfar*,**

The Effect of Pseudomonas Bacteria on Maize Growth and Atrazine Biodegradation in Soil
Shahram Chegini*, Behzad Sani* and Hossein Hassanpour Darvishi*

Effect of Different Concentrations and Time of Nano TiO2 Spraying on Quantitative and Qualitative yield of Soybean (Glycine max L.) at Shahr-e-Qods, Iran
Farnaz Rezaei*, Payam Moaveni* and Hamid Mozafari*

Effectiveness of Anger Management Training on the Quality of Marital Satisfaction of Female Elementary School Students’ Mothers in Rasht
Zeynab Avar*, Seyedeh Masoumeh Fathi-Moghaddam**, Somayeh Padasht*, Lida Fallah-Zabihi** and Sanaz Yahyazadeh*

Comparative Study on the Effect of Elevation Variation in North of Iran on Hypericum perforatum Essence
Mohadese Asghari*, Hormoz Fallah Amoli* and Yusef Niknezhad*

Effects of Thymoquinone on Performance and Carcass Characteristics of Broiler Chickens under Oxidative Stress
Abdolhadi Rastad*, Ali Asghar Sadeghi**, Mohammad Chamani** and Parvin Shawrang***

Effects of Azospirillum Bacteria and Gibberellin Hormone on Morpho-physiological properties, Yield and Yield Components of Corn (Zea mays L.)
Behzad Lakzadeh*, Tooraj Mir-Mahmoodi* and Nader Jalilnezhad*

Relationships between Traits of Wheat Using Multivariate Analysis
Seyed Ali Moetamadipoor*, Mohtasham Mohammadi**, Gholam Reza Bakhshi Khaniki* and Rahmat Allah Karimizadeh**

The Effect of Earthworm (Eisenia fetida) and Vermihumus Meal in Diet on Broilers Chicken Efficiency and Carcass Components
Zivar Bahadori*, Ladan Esmaylzadeh* and Mohammad Amir Karimi Torshizi**

Effect of Malva sylvestris on Performance, Growth and Morphology of Small Intestine in Broiler Chickens
Behnam Kiani*, Ardeshir Hafcy Kordestany* and Hossein Ansari**

The effect of different Concentrations of Growth Regulators on Explants of Vegetative parts of Charmomile (Matricaria chamomilla L.)
Ehsaneh Khodadadi*, Baratali Fakheri**, Abbasali Emamjomeh** Leila Fahmideh** and Ehsan Khodadadi***

Influence of Super Absorbent, Drought Stress and Nitrogen Fertilizer on some Characteristic of Trachyspermum ammi
Ebrahim Sabbagh*, Jahanfar Daneshian**, Saeed Sayf Zadeh***,Seyed Kazem Sabbagh Sharaf Abadi**** and Hamid Reza Fanaei*****

Evaluation of Eight models in Predicting Software Weka Potential Evapotranspiration month for the next month in the Synoptic Weather station Babolsar
Seyyed Hassan Mirhashemi* and Mehdi Panahi**

Global Crisis of Weed Resistance to Herbicides
Shahabaldin Mirinejad* and Mehdi Dastyaran*

Evaluation and Chemical Comparison of Triple-Zero Canola Cultivars with Emphasis on the Extracted Oil
Sahar Abrehdari*, Mehrdad Ghavami**, Maryam Gharachorloo** and Babak Delkhosh**

Impact of Withering time duration on some Biochemical Properties and Sensory Quality Attributes of Black Tea
Farshad Soheili-Fard*, Hamid Reza Ghassemzadeh* and Seyed Babak Salvatian**

The Vibration Effect of Shaker System (Vortex) and Medicinal plants on Escherichia coli and Klebsiella pneumoniae Gram-negative Bacteria
Yaghoub Barfar* and Seyed Sajjad Khoramrooz**

Relationship between Bean Crop Productivity and Weed Appearance
Bahram Mirshekari* and Reza Siyami**

The Vibration effect of Shaker System (Vortex) and Medicinal plants on Staphylococcus aureus gram-positive Bacteria
Yaghoub Barfar* and Seyed Sajjad Khoramrooz**

Ameliorating Effect of Ginger on Plasma Gonadotropin Hormones and Testosterone Hormones of Male Rats Exposed to Cadmium Toxicity
Asal Younessi and Ali Asghar Sadeghi

Magnetic field Induction Stimulates Marigold Growth Characteristics Responsible for its Productivity under Greenhouse induction
Bahram Mirshekari*, Mohammad Reza Ghorbanian Tabrizi** and Sahar Baser Kouchebagh***

Resistance Level of Introduced Germplasm of Wheat to Stem Rust in Georgia
Z.V. Sikharulidze*, R.Z. Dumbadze* and K.D. Sikharulidze*

Effect of Sodium Silicate on the Yield and Yield Components of Pea under Salinity Stress
Hamid Khoshkhabar*, Mohammad Jafari**, Alireza Feilinezhad*** and Sadegh Bahamin****

Survey of effects of PGPR and salinity on the characteristics of Nigella leaves
Arash Rezaei*, Babak Lotfi**, Mohammad Jafari*** and Sadegh Bahamin****

Evaluation of Peroxidase and Catalase Correlations with Physiological Traits in Water deficit Irrigated common Beans
Parvaneh Eslami*, Mostafa Valizadeh*, Ebrahim Dorani* and Mozhgan Shakouri*

Determination of Chemical Composition and Physical Feed Quality with Different Processing Parameters in Broiler Feed Mill Factories
Reza Vakili*, Mahdi Elahi Torshizi**, Mohammad Mahdi Yaghobzadeh*** and Hamidreza Khadivi****

Correlations of Superoxide Dismutase and Catalase activities with Quantitative Traits in common Bean under Water Deficit Stress
Mozhgan Shakouri*, Mostafa Valizadeh*, Majid Noroozi* and Parvaneh Eslami*

New Detecting of Effect of Magnetic field on Germination, Shoot Growth and Activity of Peroxidase Enzymes Alder in Alder Tree
Hamed Nahvi and Seyed Uosef Torabian

Effect of Mycorrhiza and Phosphorus Fertilizer on some Characteristics of Black Cumin
Bahare Hedayati Mahdi Abadi*, Hamid Reza Ganjali* and Hamid Reza Mobasser*

The most Appropriate Winter Cultivation in Mazandaran Province of Iran using Analytical Hierarchy Process (AHP)
Mohammad Koohestani*, Yousef Niknejad** and Hormoz Fallah Amoli*

Determining Quality of Bread Wheat Cultivars Using Protein Electrophoresis and STS Markers Associated with High Molecular Weight Glutenin Subunits
Mahdiyeh Poudine*, Mohammadhadi Pahlevani*, Khalil Zeinalinejad*and Habib Ullah Soghi**

Assess the Energy Efficiency of Rapeseed (Brassica napus L.) Production in the Mazandaran province: A case study of Amol city
Reza Jafari*, Yousef Niknejad* and Hormoz Fallah*

Effect of Sewage Irrigation on Yield and Active Ingredients of the Herbal Plant, Psyllium (Plantago ovata L.)
Somayyeh Mirshekari*, Seyed Abolfazle Hashemi** and Zahra Ghaffari Moghadam*

Study of Desertification Status using IMDPA Model with Emphasis on Water, Soil and Vegetation criteria (Case Study: Faryab-Kerman Province)
Ehsan Kamali Maskooni*, Mohammad Amin Kamali**, Iraj Amiri***, Mohammad Zare*** and Khosrow Saidi Goraghani****

Fundamental Research in Relation to Minimizing Adverse Effects on Metabolic Disorders
Amir Hossein Asgari Safdar

Genetic Analysis of Grain Yield and Plant Height in full diallel Crosses of Bread Wheat
Behnam Naserian Khiabani*, Saeid Aharizad** and Seyed Abolghasem Mohammadi**

Effects of Specific Essential Oil Compounds on Feed Intake, BloodMetabolites and Body Condition Score in Early Lactating Dairy Cows
Farzad Hashemzadeh-Cigari*, Saeed Rasoulinezhad**, Farshad Kateb*** and Morteza Hosseini-Ghaffari****

Determination of Energy Balance for Sugar Beet Production
Mohammad Ali Salehi*, Morteza Almassi*, Ali Mohammad Borghai* and Babak Beheshti*

Histological Study of the African Ostrich liver and Anatomical Comparison of it with Poultry Liver
Dahmardeh Moslem

Selection for Drought Tolerance in Sugar Beet Genotypes (Beta vulgaris L.)
Pezhman Hesadi*, Daryoush Fathollah Taleghani**, Amirhossien Shiranirad***, Jahanfar Daneshian*** and Ali Jaliliyan****

Forecasting Monthly and Annual Flow Rate of Jarrahi River using Stochastic Model
Ebrahim Nohani

The Correlation Study of important Barley agronomic traits and grain yield by Path Analysis
Raham Mohtashami

Study of Molecular Heterogeneity of Carnation mottle virus in Iran
A. Barzegar

Investigation of the effects of Pre-Treatment of Seed with Ascorbic Acid on the Activities of Antioxidant Enzymes and Destructive Biomarkers on Wheat Seedlings under Salinity Stress Conditions
Zana Amini Nezho, Soran Sharafi and Saman Yazdanseta

Plasma Collagen XVIII in Response to Intensive Aerobic Running and Aqueous Extraction of black Crataegus elbursensis in Male Rats
Ahmad Abdi and Asieh Abbassi Daloii

Investigation of the Synergetic Antimicrobial Activity of PLGAMethicillin on Methicillin Resistance Staphylococcus aurous
Nasibeh Rezaii*, Anoosh Eghdami** and Mohammad Majid Mojtahedi***

Investigation of Physicochemical Properties of Isoniazid and its Target Protein -Ligand Docking
Anoosh Eghdami*, Nasrin Pakdaman**, Fariba Araghi** and Arezou Araghi**

The Effect of 8 Weeks of Tai Chi Exercises on Girls' Static and Dynamic Balance with Intellectual Disability
Madandar Azadeh*, Sokhanguei Yahya** and Saboonchi Reza*

Applying Artificial Neural Networks for Modeling of Environmental Impacts of Tobacco Production
Majid Yousefinejad-Ostadkelayeh, Ali Rajabipour and Majid Khanali

The Impact of 8-week Selected Pilates Exercises on Lordosis Correction and BMI in Female Teens Aged 15-18
Majidi Siahtan Samira*, Behbudi Laleh*

The Effect of Pilates Exercises on Body Posture and Some Fitness Factors in Educable Mentally Retarded Subjects
Maryam Ostadhassan Baghal*, Sokhanguei Yahya** and Saboonchi Reza*

Mapping Genomic Regions Controlling Heavy Metals in Barley under Nickel Stress
Farshid Golshani* and Barat Ali Fakheri*

The effect of 8 Weeks of Chosen Aerobic Exercise on upper Extremity Lymphedema after Mastectomy in Women with Breast Cancer
Sanaz Shiravi, Saleheh Noor Nematollahi, Seyyed Mahmoud Hejazi and Mojgan Nadrzadh

The Effect of Eight-week Yoga Exercise on Balance and Gait in Girls with Intellectual Disability
Siahyan Parisa*, Sokhanguei Yahya** and Saboonchi Reza*

A Comparative Study on the Quality of Life among Veteran Students in Physical Education and Other Fields of Study
Behrooz Asgarinezhad*, Saeid Sedaghati* and Mehdi Kohandel**

The effect of Resistance Training on level of Ghrelin Hormone in Overweight Females
Kamyabnia Masoomeh*, Soheily Shahram*, Shakeri Nader** and Davoodzadeh Sakineh***

Molecular Analysis of Khalkhali Goat Population based on cytB region of Mitochondrial DNA
Behzad Sepehri and Hamid Reza Seyedabadi

The Effect of Ascorbic Acid and Glycerol on Quality of Frozen Barbari Bread
Zahra Sheikholeslami*, Mahdi Karimi* and Toktam Hejrani**

Effect of Betaine Hydrochloride in Diet on De novo Lipogenesis in Liver of Broiler
Nima Mosavat*, Mohammad Chamani**, Farhad Foroudi*** and Ali Asghar Sadeghi****

Effect of Zinc Nano-chelate Foliar and Soil Application and Different Growth stages on Physiological Performance of Maize (Zea mays L.)
Reza Mosanna and Ebrahim Khalilvand Behrozyar

Incidence of Histopathological and Molecular Identification of Some Causative Agent of Streptococcosis Isolated from Farmed Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in Mazandaran Province, Iran
A. Haghighi Khiabanian Asl1, F. Yadollahi2, B. Kazemi3,4, M. Afsharnasab5, V. Razavilar6, M. Bandehpour7, M. Karimi8 and SH. Gheflat9

The Response of Drought Stressed Lemon Balm (Melissa officinalis L.) to Vermicompost and PGPR
Abolfazl Kazemi Nasab*, Mehrdad Yarnia*, Mohammad Hossein Lebaschy**, Bahram Mirshekari* and Farhad Rejali***

Economic Assessment of Environmental Damages Caused by Drying up of Hamoon Wetland in Sistan Zone
Javad Shahraki* and Majid Dahmardeh**

Favorable Characteristics of Professionals in Development of Sustainable Water Resources Management for Date Palm Growers in Khuzestan Province
Liza Nabhani*, Ahmad Reza Ommani** and Azadeh N. Noorivandi***

Growth Habit and Vernalization Requirement in some of Iranian Bread Wheat Cultivars
Seyyed Hamid Reza Ramazani1, Mohsen Ebrahimi2, Habib Allah Ghazvini3, Mohhamad Reza Jalal Kamali4 and Ali Izadi-Darbandi5

Using SCAR Molecular Marker to Detect Resistance Genes to Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. Ciceris in Chickpea Cultivars and Lines
Somayeh Farahani*, Bahar Morid**, Mojdeh Maleki* and Siamak Saberi***

Development and Feeding Capacity of Scaeva albomaculata (Macqaurt) (Diptera: Syrphidae) fed with rose aphid, Macrosiphum rosae (Homoptera: Aphididae)
Farzad Jalilian

Response of Soil Chemical Attributes Under Cattle and Goats Mixed-Species Grazing System in Semi-Arid Botswana
K. Mogotsi*, N.F. Monametsi** and O.E. Kgosikoma**

Investigation of the Effects of the Pre-Treatment of Seed with Ascorbic Acid on Some Physiological and Biochemical characteristics of Wheat Seedlings under Salinity Stress Conditions
Zana Amini Nezho, Soran Sharafi and Saman Yazdanseta

Biology and Larval Feeding rate of Episyrphus balteatus (Dip.: Syrphidae) on Aphis pomi (Hom.:Aphididae) at Laboratory Conditions
Farzad Jalilian

Influence of ACPA in the Dorsal Hippocampus on Muscimol state - dependent, learning in the inhibitory Avoidance Task
Bahareh Pakpour*, Kobra Jafari** and Majid Navaian***

Impact of Salinity Stress on Seed Germination Characteristics of Two Medicinal Species Salvia verticillata and S. limbata
Melika Hashemi*and Mojtaba Akhavan Armaki**

Evaluation of Some Habitat Characteristics of Rosa iberica (Case study: Nourdasht watershed in Esfahan, Iran)
Mojtaba Akhavan Armaki

Assessment of Seed Bed Preparation Methods on Seedling Emergence Rate in Range Species (Case study: Kashan Rangelands of Iran)
Sajad Hosseinzadeh Monfared

Effects of Late-Season Drought Stress on some Physiological Traits, Yield and Yield Components of Wheat Genotypes
Masoud Aghanejad*, Siroos Mahfoozi** and Younes Sharghi*

Forecasting of Tea Yield Based on Energy Inputs using Artificial Neural Networks (A case study: Guilan province of Iran)
Farshad Soheili-Fard* and Seyed Babak Salvatian**

GT biplot Analysis of Genetic Diversity in Bread Wheat Using In Vitro Indicators of Drought Tolerance
Ezatollah Farshadfar*,**, Saba Kianifar** and Roghaye Chaghakabodi*

Correlation of Quantitative Traits with some Physiological traits in Common Bean under Water Deficit Stress
Mozhgan Shakouri*, Mostafa Valizadeh*, Majid Noroozi* and Parvaneh Eslami*

Energy Efficiency and Economic Analysis of Winter Caltivation (Lettuce, Bersim Clover, Broad bean) in Mazandaran Province of Iran
Bahram Razavinia, Hormoz Fallah and Yousef Niknejad

The effect of Hydroalcoholic Extract of Cinnamon on Mice Testis Tissue
Mohammad Niaz Mahmoudi*, Sajjad Hejazi** and Fatemeh Afshari***

Evaluation of a Data Mining model in Predicting of “Average Temperature” and Potential Evapotranspiration Month for the next Month in the Synoptic Weather Station Yazd
Seyyed Hassan Mirhashemi* and Mehdi Panahi**

Some Antioxidant enzymes banding patterns and their correlation in common bean genotypes under water deficit stress
Parvaneh Eslami*, Mostafa Valizadeh *, Majid norouzi* and Mozhgan Shakouri*

Estimation of Water Requirement of Olive Orchards with Satellite Images (Case Study: Tarom)
Mehdi Panahi and Mohammadreza Mokhtari

Evaluation of Weeds Interference Period on Yield and some Traits of new Varieties of Safflower in Birjand
Reza Mohmadali-Nejad and Seyyed Gholamreza Moosavi

Dye Removing from Industrial Wastewater by Advanced Oxidation Process
M. Deilami* and N. Fallah**

Diversity of Dragonflies (Insecta: Odonata) in some Parts of Murtijapur Taluka of Akola District, Maharashtra
A.P. Charjan*, R.S. Virani** and V.G. Thakare***

The Effect of Methanol Foliar Application on the Tolerance of Sugar Beet Cultivars to Drought Stress
Soltanmorad Khazaei*, Dariush Fathollah Taleghani** and Hossein Hassanpour Darvishi*

Effect of Bio-fertilizers and Manure Fertilizer on Properties Agronomy of Lemon Balm (Mellisa officinalis)
Reza Tahmasebi Omran, Hormoz Fallah Amoli and Yousef Niknejad

Relationships of Morphological Characters and Yield Components in Corn Hybrids under Water Deficit Stress
Jamileh Seyedzavar*, Majid Norouzi** and Saeid Aharizad***

Effects of Allelopathic three Medicinal Plants on Germination and Seeding Growth of Portulaca oleracea
Maryam Rahimi*, Fatemeh Bidarnamani** and Mehdi Shabanipoor

Effect of Different Plant Density on Growth and Yield of Three Cultivars of Sesame (Sesamum indicum L.)
Seyede Roghaye Hosseini Valiki*, Sobhanallah Ghanbari**, Sajedeh Golmohammadzadeh*** and Karim Riahi Kiasari*

Response of some Maize Hybrids to Water Stress at Pollination Phase
Jamileh Seyedzavar and Amir Fayaz Moghadam

Effects of Allelopathic three Medicinal Plants on Germination and Seeding Growth of Cynodon dactylon (L.)Pers.
Fatemeh Bidarnamani*, Maryam Rahimi** and Mehdi Shabanipoor*

Bioinformatics Analysis of DGAT1 Gene in Domestic Ruminnants
Sirous Eydivandi

Study of Environmental Education on Environmental Knowledge of preschool age Children in Rasht City, Iran
Hasan Karimzadegan

The study of antibiotic resistance in Escherichia coli infections with an emphasis on the strains of ESBL
Behzad Bijani*, Somayeh Rahimzadeh**, Mina Asefzadeh* and Hassan Jahani Hashemi***

Optimum Water Allocation between Irrigated and Rainfed Lands in different Climatic Conditions
Hadi Ramezani Etedali*, Khaled Ahmadaali**, Abdolmajid Liaghat**, Masoud Parsinejad**, Ali Reaz Tavakkoli*** and Behnam Ababaei****

Broad Variation in Herbage Yield and Essential Oil Content Among Iranian Landraces of Dracocephalum moldavica
Seyedeh Fatemeh Borghei*, Ali Azizi**, Javad Hadian*** and Vahid Abdosi*

Effect of Bio-fertilizer on the Agronomic Characteristics of Livestock and Medicinal Herb (Echinacea purpurea)
Amir Mahmoud Jokar, Hormoz Fallah Amoli and Yousef Niknejad

Effects of Level and Type of Energy on the Plasma Lipid Components in Broiler Chickens
Amirhossein Aminafshar*, Parvin Shawrang** and Abolfazl Zarei*

Comparison of the impact of bio-fertilizers on agronomic characteristics, livestock and medicinal Salvia officinalis
Seyed Javad Marashi, Yousef Niknejad and Hormoz Fallah Amoli

Evaluation of Genetic Diversity in Bread Wheat using Genotype by Trait Biplot under Different Environmental Conditions
Ezatollah Farshadfar*, **, Laila Akbari* and Mehrnoosh Naseri**

Cloning of rbcL region from Cicer arietinum L. for species specific plastidial vector
Somayeh Kalili Kolikand* and Bahram Baghban Kohnehrouz*

The Role of Essences on Post-Harvest Life of Garden Products
Mehdi Dastyaran*, Shahab Mirinejad* and Mehdi Hosseini Farahi*

A study on the effect of weeds interference periods and plant density of on some traits of sesame (Sesamum indicum) and weeds in Birjand, Iran
Mahsa Bahador* and Seyyed Gholamreza Moosavi*

The effect of Gamma ray on baking properties of the bread wheat Roshan
Mohammad Reza Rahemi*, Ahad Yamchi**, Saeid Navabpour*** and Hasan Soltanloo****

Leakage at implant-abutment and subsequent implant mucositis: Literature review
Azra Mohiti* and Foad Akhoondinasab**

Effect of seed priming on germination and seedling traits of Marigold (Calendula officinalis) at saline condition
Azam Mirlotfi*, Saeed Bakhtiari** and Amir Behzad Bazrgar***

Effect of Priming in of Water Stress various Conditions in some Vegetative traits Medicinal Plant (fennel Foeniculum vulgare. L)
HosseinVaziri Istadegi*, Davood Javan Azad Del** and Seyed Mohammad Mehedi Torabi***

The First Report of Micronephthys Sphaerocirrata: Nephtyidae in Sub-Tidal Areas of Chabahar Bay
Arash Shakouri* and Esmaeil Dehani**

Evaluating the Effect of Irrigation Interval on the yield and Yield components of mungbean (Vigna radiate L)
Ali Samghani*, Saeed Bakhtiyari** and Amir Behzadbazrgar**

Studying the Effect of Hydro- and Halo-Priming on Germination Traits and Growth of Two Genotypes of Atriplex (Canensens-Lentiformis) in Saline Conditions
Mahdi Ghabdian*, Saeed Bakhtiyari** and Amir Behzad Barzegar**

Cloning of chloroplastic rbcL gene region for plastidial vector in Medicago sativa L.
Somayeh Khalili Kolikand*, Bahram Baghban Kohnehrouz* and Ashraf Gholizadeh **

Effect of Butea monosperma on Reproductive Organs, Sperm Count and Testosterone of Male Albino Rat, Rattus Rattus (Wistar)
C.K. Deshmukh* and S.K. Bhagat*

The Effect of Various Levels of Salinity and Superabsorbent on Agronomic Characteristics of Basil in Greenhouse Condition
Ehsan Darehshouri* and Mohammad Mehdi Rahimi*

Study Synthesis of Vanadium Oxide Nanotubes with two template hexadecylamin and hexylamine
Ehsan Kianfar*, Mehdi Baghernejad* and Yasaman Rahimdashti*

Pulsed Corona Discharge, a New and Effective Technique for Water and Air Treatment
Mohammad Kebriaei*, Abbas Ketabi* and Abolfazl Halvaei Niasar*

Effect of Hydro-priming and Hormonal Priming on Germination Traits of Chickpea Cultivars
Naghmeh Laal, Toraj Mir-Mahmoodi and Nabi Khaliliaqdam

Effect of Biological and Chemical Nitrogen Fertilizers on Yield, Yield Components and essential oil content of German Chamomile(Matricaria chamomilla L.) in Shahr-e-Ray Region
Mohammad Kariminejad* and Alireza Pazoki**

Humic acid as an Ecological Pathway to Protect Corn Plants against Oxidative Stress
Hamid Reza Tohidi Moghadam*

Effect of Deficit Irrigation and Nano Fertilizers on Yield and some Morphological Traits of Cotton
Amir Siskani*, Mohammadjavad Seghatoleslami** and Gholamreza Moosavi**

The Diameter and Height of Pine Trees Tehran in relation to changes in Environmental factors
Abdolhossein Nahvi*, Behrouz Kord** and Sara Pourabbasi**

Evaluation of Sugarcane (Saccharum officinarum L.) different Genotypes to the Uptake and Transport of Ionic in Salt Stress Conditions
Faraj Musavi*, Shahram Lak**, Alireza Shokuhfar** and Adel Modhaj***

Effects of TiO2 (nano and bulk) foliar application on physiological traits and grain yield of Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.)
Elham Morteza*, Payam Moaveni**, Tayebeh Morteza***, Hadi Saemi***** and Ali Joorabloo*****

Influence of drought stress on some characteristics of plants
Hamid Reza Fanaei*, Habib Noori Sadegh**, Tayebeh Yousefi** and Mojdeh Farmanbar***

Vegetative Growth and Ions Accumulation of Olive (Olea europaea Cv. Dezfol) Under Salinity Stress
Shima Alaei*, Yasaman Darabi* and Erfan Razmjoo*

Seroprevalence of HIV among Hospital Based Patients around Indore with Research Recommendations
Jaipal Singh Vishwakarma*, Shubham Bhawsar* and Kripal Singh Vishwakarma**

In vitro Micropropagation of Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni
Nasrin Namdari*, Lia Shooshtari* and Ardshir Qaderi**

Effect of Different Concentration of Salt and PEG Solution on Dracocephalum moldavica Seed Germination and Seedling Early Growth
Shima Alaei*, Zahra Moradi Khibary* and Amin Ahmadi Rad*

Assessment of the tissue-culture induced variation in durum wheat (Triticum turgidum) under normal and osmotic stress conditions
Samaneh Shafiei, Lia Shooshtari and Alireza Etminan

Flood Zoning Simulation in Steady flow With Model of onedimensional HEC-RAS and two-dimensional CCHE-2D (Case Study: Range River Shahar Chay)
Saeed Judisani*, Edries Merufinia** and Behzad Zehforosh***

Effectiveness of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (Distress Tolerance Skills, the Mindfulness and Regulation of Emotions) on the Selfesteem of high School Students
H. Nasizadeh, J. Babapour K. and N. Moheb***

Chemical Control of volunteer Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.) in rainfed wheat in Iran
Mozhgan Veisi

Effectiveness of Dialectical Behavior Therapy (Distress Tolerance Skills, Mindfulness, and Regulation of Emotion) on Achievement Anxiety among High School Students
H. Nasizadeh, J. Babapour K. and N. Moheb***

Four Ecotypes of Mentha pipertia in Iran; Phytochemical study
Amin Hadipanah*, Aysan Ghahremani**, Kazem Aghaee*, Mahmoudreza Zolfaghar*** and Hamidreza Ardalani*

Diversity in Chemical Composition and Yield of Essential oil from Three Ecotypes of Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) in Iran
Amin Hadipanah*, Aysan Ghahremani**, Mojtaba Khorrami* and Hamidreza Ardalani*

The Effects of Meta B Sodium Sulfite Sheets on the System of Decay Control of Sahebi and La'al dried raisins in Cold Store
H. Farrokhy, A. Dadar and A. Asgharzadeh

Nutritional and Biochemical Response of Water-stressed Valerian Plants to Foliar Application of Spermidine
Seyed Hamid Mustafavi, Fariborz Shekari, Yousef Nasiri and Hamid Hatami-Maleki

The investigation of the effect of planting date on agronomic characteristics Cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.) ecotypes in sistan conditions
Habib Noori Sadegh*, Reza Baradaran** and Hamid Reza Fanaei***

Determination of Imatinib and its Genotoxic Impurities in Tablets
Fatma Ghrib*,**, Aymen Chtioui*, Taieb Saied** and Nizar Bellakhal**

Influence of planting date on Phenological Characteristics of Cumin (Cuminum cyminum L.) Ecotypes in Sistan conditions
Habib Noori Sadegh*, Reza Baradaran**and TayebehYousefi*

On the Larval Food of Saproxylic Beetle Glycyphana horsfieldi Hope (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae: Cetoniinae)
G.P. Bhawane*, Y.B. Gaikwad * and A.B. Mamlayya**

Examining the Effectiveness of the best Herbicide on weed Management of Lepyrodiclis (Lepyrodiclis holosteoides L.)
Babak Maghsoudi Damavandi*, Sara Shirzad* and Seyed Mehdi Mirtaheri**

Investigation Effect of Flooding and Burial Depth on Germination and Percentage of Lepyrodiclis holosteoides Fenzl
Seyed Mehdi Mirtaheri*, Saeed Vazan*, Mohammad Ali Baghestani**, Farzad Paknejad*** and Ghasem Tohidloo***

Scale surface structure of Mugil cephalus (Teleostei; Mugilidae) using Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)
Humera Zahid*, Nagina Bano*, Zubia Masood*, Musarrat Ul-Ain**, Rehana Yasmeen Farooq** and Wajeeha Razaq*

Evaluation of drought Tolerance in Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) Inbred Lines and Synthetic Varieties under Non Stress and Drought Stress Conditions
Seyed Mehdi Safavi*, Azam Sadat Safavi* and Seyed Afshin Safavi*

Evaluation the effect of micronutrients on herbicide mixture 2, 4-D + MCPA, Bromoxynil + MCPA and Tribenoron-methyl efficacy in wheat (Triticum aestivum)
Peyman Sabeti

Spatial Variability of Soil Microbial Respiration in Eastern Hyranian Forests
Hashem Habashi

Determining of Growth and Yield Performance in some Olive Cultivars in Warm Conditions
Isa Arji

The Sterile Insect Technique and Inherited Sterility in Lepidoptera
Kabir Eyidozehi*, Mohammad Akram Hoodiani Fanooj** and Azizollah Mokhtari ***

Host Plant Resistance (HPR) to Insect Pests
Kabir Eyidozehi*, Mohammad Akram Hoodiani Fanooj** and Azizollah Mokhtari ***

The Relation between PersonalityCharacteristics and Emotional Intelligence of Elite Female Swimmers Participating in Iran championships
Mozhgan Comaji*, Mehdi Kohandel** and Kambiz Kamkari*

The Effect of Schroth Training Course on Certain Postural and Biomechanical Parameters of the Spine among Students with Idiopathic Scoliosis
Gholami Farzaneh*, Sokhanguei Yahya** and Saboonchi Reza*

The Effect of Twelve Sessions of Swimming Program on the Selfconcept of Male Addicts under Treatment
Mehraban Mohammad*, Hajirasouli Masoud* and Khodayari Abbas**

The Efficacy of Massage therapy and corrective exercises on indicators of postural scoliosis of girls 8-14 years
Hadis Soltani Nejad*, Yahya Sokhanguei** and Alireza Rahimi*

Incidence of Anterior Cruciate Ligament Injury in Collegiate male Soccer and volleyball player
Kasbparast Jr. Mehdi, Alireza Rahimi, Fariba Aghaei and Alireza Shokrgozar

Effect of One-period of SEAS exercises on Some Spinal Biomechanical and Postural Parameters in the Students with Idiopathic Scoliosis
Zandi Ahmad*, Sokhangouei Yahya** and Saboonchi Reza*

The effect of 8-Week Aerobic Exercise upon Self-concept on 16 -17 years old Nonathletic Students
Ismael Rozbahani*, Mehdi Kohandel* and Abdolali Banaifar**

Is Physical Activity and Sport play an important role in leisure time among Disabled University Students Male?
Kasbparast Jr. Mehdi, Mahvash Noorbakhsh, Abbas Khodayari and Ali Zareie

The Effect of Yoga practice on Muscle Fitness and BodyComposition in Middle age Women with Overweight
Helena Khosravi, Yaser Kazemzadeh and Saeid Sedaghati

Serum Testosterone/cortisol ratio in response to an Eccentric resistance exercise in non-trained boystudents
Kamari Farideh*, Eizadi Mojtaba** and Behbudi Laleh*

A Review on Treatment Technologies for Heavy Metal Removal from Waste Water
Pratima Kapur

Biological Forum-An International Journal (Print ISSN 0975-1130,Online ISSN NO.2249-3239) VOL 7(2) 2015

Glutamine Supplementation is not Associated with Anabolic Property after Resistance Exercise in Non-trained Individuals
Eizadi Mojtaba, Khorshidi Davood and Rezaei Mona*

Relationship between Psychological skills and Competitive Anxiety in Successful and Unsuccessful teams of Iranian Men's Basketball League
Baba Jani Hussein, Hajirasouli Masoud and Afsharmand Zohreh*

Studying of Winning or Losing on the Quality of Mood and Salivary Cortisol Concentrations in Female Futsalists
Esmat Ahmadi*, Abdolali Banaei Far** and Yaser Kazemzadeh*

Survey of Leisure Time among Disabled University Students Malwith Emphasize on Physical Activity and Sport
Mehdi Kasbparast Jr, Mehdi Kohandel, Mahvash Noorbakhsh and Abbas Khodayari*

Effect of Eight-week Exercise in Water on Static and Dynamic Balance, Gait Parameters and Lower Extremity Strength among Elderly Women between 60 and 72 years old
Mirzaeian Elham, Kazemzadeh Yaser and Sokhanguei Yahya*

Studying the Effects of Climate Change of Precipitation and Temperature on Yield of Iran's Irrigated Wheat using Dynamic the Panel Method
Maryam Asadpour Kordi*, Hamid Amirnejad** and Seyyed Mojtaba Mojaverian**

Risk of Groundwater Contamination by Commonly used
Ejikeme Ugwoha*, John N. Ugbebor* and Amarachi Nwosu *

The Response of Dragon head (Dracocephalum moldavica L.) plant to Sowing Date and Planting Density
Vahid Abdossi, Hossein Mohammadi, Seyyed Hossein Hashemian Ahmadi* and Amin Hadipanah

Genotypic Variation and Heritability of Antioxidant related Traits in Wheat Landraces of Iran
Ali Vosough*, Roza Ghouchani** and Armin Saed-Moucheshi***

The Investigation and Analysis of the Required Management Skills in Using Pesticides in Farms (A Case Study in West Azerbaijan Province)
Maryam Sadeghi*, Soleiman Rasouliazar* and Nouraldin Shayesteh**

Effect of Spermidin and Cytokinin on in vitro Induction Flowering & Micropropagation of Rosa sp. ( 'Dolsevita') 2014-2015
Azin Haratian* and Forogh Mortazaeinezhad**

Monitoring and Forecasting the land use Change using HEC-HMS model and Remote Sensing Techniques GIS (Case Study: Ardabil 1984-2024)
Amin Ahmadzadeh*, Baharak Motamedvaziri** and Abolfazl Moeini***

Antimicrobial Effect of Spearmint and Dill oils on Yeast Kluyveromyces marxianus (K. marxianus) in Iranian Doogh
Maryam Najafian*, Hiva Karimi ** and Nazanin Zand***

Nitrate Removal of the Agricultural Lands Drainage Water by Columns of the Organic and Inorganic Materials
Hadi Radnezhad, Maryam Foroughi Abari and Masoumeh Sadeghi

Evaluation of Secondary Metabolites Contents in different explants of Galbanum Medicinal plant in vitro culture
Omid Nematolahi*, Forough Mortazaeinezhad** and Hadi Radnezhad***

Evaluation of Moisture Absorption and Permeability to water vapor Cellulose Nanocomposites and its effect on Moisture, Mold and Yeast Packed with Walnuts
Najmeh Ramedani* and Zahra Farokhi**

Zoning the Quality Assessment of Marvdasht-Kherameh plain's ground water as Agricultural Water usage by Geographical Information System (GIS)
Amir Abdollahi* and Fardin Boustani**

Assessing the Environmental risk in using Wastewater of municipal sewage treatment plant in agricultural irrigation
Parisa Jabraeel Nejad and Ebrahim Fataei

Assessment of Waste Management in Health Centers in the city of Ardabil
Shayan Khalili Arjaqy and Ebrahim Fataei

Assessing the impact of climate on the type of product selected using Papadakis
Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Torabi* and Zahra Arabi**

The Role of Ghrelin in Blood Pressure Reduction Induced by Exercise in Patients with CABG
Salehe Nornematolahi*, Amir Rashidlamir**, Mahmood Soltani*, Arash Asadatniya* and Leili Zeiaadini***

The Clinical Success of Self-tapping and Self-drilling Orthodontic Miniscrews
Abbas Salehi Vaziri*, Hamed Naseri **, Mohsen Nourisari*,Hasanali Qaffari*, Mehdi Kashaniaraqbidi* and Reza Eslamiamirabadi*

Effects of an Herbal Medicine on Relieving Disability and Pain due to Chronic Low Back Pain (LBP)
Nafiseh Hoseini Yekta*, Younes Roohany**, Fatemeh Emadi***, Soghrat Faghihzadeh****, Mohsen Naseri, Ghazaleh Heydarirad*****, Mahmoud Babaeian*** and Mohammad Reza Vaez Mahdavi*

he Analysis of Relation between Physical Activity Level with Paratormone and Calcitonin in Middle aged Women's
Mahmoud Soltani*, Safdar Soltani*, Ladan Hosseini Abrishami**, Leili Zeiaadini*** and Marzieh Ashkanifar****

Primary Antioxidant Enzymes and Their Important Role in Oxidative Stress in Plants and Mammalian
Mohammad Behrouzi Varjovi*, Mostafa Valizadeh** and Ali Bandehagh**

Studies on Fish Affected with Epizootic Ulceric Syndrome with Special Emphasis on Parasitic Infestation-A Project Report
Ningthoukhongjam Umi Devi*, Ngasepam Romen Singh** and Devashish Kar***

Changes of Fatty Acid profile during Gamma Irradiation on of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)Fillet
Saeid Javan and Abbas Ali Motallebi

Check List of Fish Species of Loktak Lake Bishnupur District
Shomorendra Maibam , Romen Singh Ngasepam**, Indira Devi Ningthoukhongjam , Bijayalakshmi Devi Chabungbam * , Thoudam Ranibala *and Devashish Kar **

Effect of Different levels of NaCl Salinity on Antioxidant Enzyme's Activity in Seedling of Different Wheat Cultivars
Haleh Nabizadeh*, Mostafa Valizadeh**, Majid Norouzi**, Mahmoud Toorchi** and Mohammad Behrouzi Vajovi ***

Effect of Nano-selenium on Plasma Antioxidant status and Reproductive system function of Female Rats exposed to Oxidative Stress Induced by Doxorubicin
Sara Rastgoo and Ali Asghar Sadeghi

Effects of Super Absorbent Polymer on the Quantity, Quality, Physiological and Biochemical Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) in soils infected with Lead
Nahid Tahmasebi*, Hamid Reza Tohidi Moghadam* and Arash Borzou*

Effect of Two Types of Feedback and Error Estimation on Error Detection Capability in Continuous Tracking task
Hassan Khodadost*, Ehsan Zareian**, Hossein Khaleghi Arani***, Reihaneh Najarian Nosh-abadi**** and Rahmat Allah Mashreghi*****

Analysis of the Consequences of Reducing Water level in Lake Urmia on the situation of Agricultural Sector in West Azarbaijan province, Iran
Hossein Mazour, Soleiman Rasouliazar and Loghman Rashidpour

A Predictive Model for Breeding of Pistachio Yield Stability under Water Stress Condition
Hojjat Hasheminasab* and Mohammad Taghi Assad**

Heritability, Genetic Variability and Relationship among Morphological and Chemical Parameters of Strawberry Cultivars
Rosa Ghoochani*, Ali Vosough** and Farhad Karami***

Quantifying the Grapes losses and waste in various stages of supply chain
Somayeh Rajabi*, Farhad Lashgarara*, Maryam Omidi* and Seyed Jamal Farajallah Hosseini*

Drought Tolerance of Advanced Bread Wheat Genotypes Based on Different Drought Tolerance Criteria
Shokouh Dabiry*, Mohammad Ali Esmaeili*, Reza Haghparast** and Mahdi Ghajarsepanlo*

Effects of foliar spraying acetyl-coA on chemical compositions of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis L.)
Vahid Abdossi, Mahshad Hosseini and Mojtaba Khorrami*

The Survey on the Effective Dimensions of Chaos Theory on Agricultural Extension Sector Using Structural Equation Modeling
Marziyeh Bordbar*, Iraj Malekmohammadi**, Seyed Mahmood Hosseini*** and Mohammad Chizari****

Genetic Variation of Advanced Bread Wheat Genotypes for Remobilization related Traits under irrigated and Rainfed conditions using GGE Biplot Method
Shokouh Dabiry*, Mohammad Ali Esmaeili*, Reza Haghparast** and Mahdi Ghajarsepanlo*

Sicyos angulatus L. new Alien Species in Souhtern Colkheti Flora (Adjara, Georgia)
Irakli Mikeladze*, Gia Bolkvadze*, Mariam Metreveli*, Ramaz Chagalidze*, and Murman Davitadze**

Response of some morphophysiological traits of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) cultivars to water deficit
A. Rashidpour*, A. Dabbagh Mohammadi-Nasab**, M.R. Shakiba** and R. Amini***

Polymorphism of the Southern Green Stink Bug Nezara viridula Linnaeus, 1758 (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae) In Vietnam
Thai Thi Ngoc Lam*, Truong Xuan Lam** and Tran Ngoc Lan***

Effects of Resistant Exercise on Artery Diameter in the Elderly Men
Hasan Sanian*, Mahtab Moazami**, Amenehbarjasteh Yazdi***, Zahra Ramezani**** and Mahmoud Soltani*

Genetic Diversity Assessment of some Salvia sp. Ecotypes Based on ISSR Markers
Masoumeh Yousefiazarkhanian*, Ali Asghari**, Jafar Ahmadi***, Behvar Asghari**** and Ali Ashraf Jafari*****

The Effects of Reproductive Health Education on Girls' Premarital and Post-Marital Needs
Bahareh Kamranpour

Relationship between of Energy Consumption and Egg Production in Poultry in Iran
Rasoul Loghmanpour Zarini*, Mohammad Hadi Loghmanpour*, Mohammad Ali Ramezani*, Hassan Nabipour Afrouzi* and Reza Tabatabaekoloor**

Genetic Differentiation of two Dracocephalum (Lamiaceae) species and populations in Iran by Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis
Mahdiyeh Salehi*, Seyed Mohsen Hesamzadeh Hejazi** and Reza Tabaei**

The effect of repeated firing of Zirconia based porcelain on the color coordinates in vita system
Mohamad Hasan Salary*, Mehran Nourbakhsh*, Saeed Alizadeh**, Hadi Kaseb Ghane**, Mansur Babaei** and Farzaneh Faraji Daneshgar***

Cropping Architect and Planting date on Forage Quantity and Quality of Ksc704 corn hybrid west of Iran
Donya Behrozi*, Mohammadjavad Mirhadi** and Ali Shirkhani***

The role of pesticides in Parkinson disease and Integrated Pest Management
Ramin Akbari*, Sara Nosrati**, Maral Salek Maghsoodi**, Siamak Alizadeh*** and Seyed Mahdi Hosseiniyan Khatibi*

Chemical Composition of Eucalyptus globulus grown in Iran
Vahid Abdossi, Elaheh Yaghooti Moghaddam* and Amin Hadipanah

The effects of Wheat with and without enzyme on apparent ileal digestibility coefficient of Ca, P, Cu, Mn, Fe, and Zn in Broilers
Ali Ghodrat*, Akbar Yaghobfar**, Yahya Ebrahimnezhad*, Habib Aghdam Shahryar*,and Abolfazl Ghorbani*

Identification of Pythium species and their pathogenicity on cool season turfgrass in Tehran province
Maryam Khodashenas Rudsari*, Seyed Mahmoud Okhovat*, Mansoure Mirabolfathi**, Eirian Jones*** and Mohsen Kafi****

Introduction of Attractive Organisms as Robust Photo-Bioreactors for Support of Life in Space
Siamak Alizadeh*, Sara Nosrati**, Maral Salek Maghsoodi** and Seyed Mahdi Hosseiniyan Khatibi***

Effect of Geographical Cultivating Directions and Density of Bulbs on Yield and Yield Components of Saffron (Crocus sativus L.) in Dry Land Farming condition in Damavand
Keyvan Kianimanesh*, Seyedreza Tabaei Aghdaei** and Mohammad Hosein Lebaschi**

Effect of application of sewage sludge and two synthetic humic acids on selected chemical properties of three soils
A. Jafarzadeh Ghahdarijani*, M. Kalbasi** and A. Mohammadi Ghehsareh***

Comparative Study of air particulate matter concentrations in different traffic stressed sites of Quetta City, with special reference to their harmful impact on human health
Tahira Ishtiaq*, Nelofer Jamil*, Zubia Masood**, Ayesha Mushtaq* and Zahoor Ahmed Bazai***

Effect of Clinoptilolite and Heavy Metal Application on Some Physiological Characteristics of Annual Alfalfa in Contaminated Soil
Tahereh Hasanabadi*, Shahram Lack*, Mohammad Reza Ardakani**, Hosein Ghafurian*** and Adel Modhej****

Determination of Vitamin C content in Citrus Fruitsand in Non-Citrus Fruits by Titrimetric method,with special reference to their nutritional importance in Human diet
Huma Tareen*, Fariha Mengal**, Zubia Masood**, Rabia Mengal*, Sana Ahmed*, Sherino Bibi*, Sara Shoaib*, Uzma Sami*, Fazila Mandokhail*, Musarat Riaz*, Nida Farman* and Zainab Nawaz***

Biochemical and Physiological Characteristics Changes of Wheat Cultivars under Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Symbiosis and Salinity Stress
Rosa Ghoochani*, Mehrnaz Riasat**, Sima Rahimi*** and Amir Rahmani****

Designing Theoretical Model of Strategic Management of Agricultural Knowledge and Information Extension for Empowering Farmers in Iran (A Case Study; Agriculture Jihad Specialists of Alborz and Tehran Province)
Hosna Miladi*, Iraj Malekmohammadi**, Mohammad Chizari*** and Seyed Mahmood Hosseini****

Green tea consumption improves the therapeutic efficacy of deferoxamine on iron overload in patients with β-thalassemia major: a randomized clinical study
Mahdieh Sadat Badiee*, Hossein Nili-Ahmadabadi**, Hamed Zeinvand-Lorestani***

The Effect of Priming, Growth Regulators and Calcium on Yield and Some Physiological Traits of Maize under Drought Stress
Javad Nejat*, Ahmad Naderi**, Yahya Emam***, Adel Modhej* and Alireza Bagheri****

Variation in the first intron of VRN-1 gene in winter and spring Iranian wheat landraces
Elham Zarei Abbasabad*, Seyed Abolghasem Mohammadi*,**, Mohammad Vahed Moghaddam*,** and Mohammad Reza Jalal Kamali***

The role of Holocnemum strobilaceum phenology on grazing management and sustainable utilization of rangeland forage
Ali Ehsani* and Ehsan Zandi Esfahan*

Survey of some underutilized edible plants in outskirts areas of Chandigarh
Anu Sharma*, Daizy R. Batish*, Anita Sharma* and Harminder Pal Singh**

The effect of N fertilizer and methanol spray on function and growth procedure of aerial organs of Beta vulgaris var. in Karaj and Moghan areas
Tohid Nooralvandi*, Davood Habibi*, Dariush Fatholah Taleghani**, Ali Kashani* and Farzad Paknejad*

Response of morphological traits of lentil (Lens culinaris Medik.) to water deficit and cultivar
Y. Raei*, S. Nasrollahzadeh*, M. Asgharnia* and Morteza Alami-Milani**

The Role of Organic Farming in Improving Food Security in Fars Province
Laleh Morshedi, Farhad Lashgarara, Seyed Jamal F Hosseini and Maryam Omidi Najafabadi

Interrelationships between agronomic traits with seed yield in safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.) under different irrigation regimes
Tina Homayoun Nezhad and Reza Talebi

Adventitious Shoot and Root Regeneration of Wild Strawberry (F. viridis Duch.) by Means of Tissue Culture Medium Optimization
Yousef Ghasemi*, Sadegh Beaicknejad*, Firouzeh Sohrevardi*, Mehdi Sharifani**, Elham Amiri*** and Ghorban Ali Nematzadeh*

Energy Requirements and Economic Analysis for Wheat Production in Iran
Asadullah Mirasi*, Amir Hossein Rabiee** and Mohammad Bagher Taghipour***

Investigation the effects of nano TiO2 and TiO2 spraying on the oil yield of Safflower (Carthamus tinctorius L.)
Elham Morteza* and Ali Joorabloo**

Alfalfa Response to Phosphorus Solubilizing Bacteria and Soil/Foliar Applied Boron and Manganese
Maryam Kheirkhah*, Hamid Madani**, Shahram Lack*, Ghorban Nourmohammadi*** and Mani Mojaddam*

Survey and characterization of fluoride in drinking waters in Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh
Geeta Ateria*, Dr. V.K. Khadder** and Dr. Suneeta Phadnis***

The effect of different Values of Nitrogen, Potassium and Zinc Fertilizers on Physiological characteristics of Green Bean (Phaseolous vulgaris gen. Sunray) in Iran
Mohammad Nasri* and Mansoureh Khalatbari**

Reliable Detection of the Fungal Pathogen, Molecular Detection and Identification Fusarium oxysporum
Khodabakhsh Naroei*and Mohammad Salari**

Effect of Soils Hydraulic Conductivity on Colloidal Nano-Silica Permeation
Gholam Moradi* and Shiva Seyedi**

Influence of 3,4-Dimethylpyrazole Phosphate as a Nitrification Inhibitor on Nitrogen Dynamics in Different Wheat Varieties by the Isotopes
Mir Ahmad Mousavi Shalmani*, Amir Lakziyan**, Reza Khorasani*** and Kazem Khavazi****

Identify the Promoter Factors of Agricultural Researches in Universities: Opinions of Experts
Mohsen Alini

Trade ofminor forest products in the rural markets of central India
Manish Mishra* and Mukta Shrivastava*

Morphophysiological Responses of Watercress (Nasturtium officinale) Super food to Organic Media
Rasoul Namavari*, Mohammad Reza Ardakani* and Sepideh Torabi**

Estimation of qualitative parameters in Coronilla variaand Medicago sativa using chemical methods and Near-infrared reflectance (NIR)
Mohammad Javad Mahdavi, Maryam Aghaye Rashti*, Ehsan Zandi Esfahan**, Ali Ashraf Jafari***, Rahele Seifi****, Mahdi Zarei***** and Abbas Khaksefidi******

Effects of additive intercropping on field performance of potato and green bean at different densities
Yaghoub Raei*, Weria Weisany**, Kazem Ghassemi-Golezani* and Shahram Torabian*

Identification of Antigens of CattleFilarial Parasite Setaria digitata Cross Reacting with Wuchereria bancrofti forMonitoring the Exposure to Filarial Infection
Kulandai Samy Athisaya Mary, G. Sathya Seelan and Sugeerappa Laxmanappa Hoti

Influence of Water Stress and Phosphate Fertile 2 on some characteristics of Mung bean
Zohre Kiani Raof*, Ahmad Mehraban* and Hossein Akbari Moghaddam**

Comparison study on effect of different methods on DNA extraction of Methanobrevibacter smithii
Shaghayegh Baradaran Ghavami*, Abbas Akhavan Sephay**, Hamid Asadzadeh Aghdaei***,Taher Nejad Sattari**** and Mohammad Reza Zali*****

Effect of humic acid and salinity stress on germination characteristic of savory (Satureja hortensis L.) and dragonhead (Dracocephalum moldavica L.)
S. Khalesro*, M. Salehi** and B. Mahdavi***

The effect of altitude from the sea level on regeneration and change in forest's type of Zagros forests
Delfan Saeedeh*, Nazari Naser* and Eradatmand Asli Davood*

In vitro production of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) cv. 'Barhee'plantlets through direct organogenesis
Esmaeil Jazinizadeh*, Reza Zarghami**, Ahmad Majd*, Alireza Iranbakhsh***and Golnaz Tajaddod*

Effects of paraquat on testicular histomorphometry of male rats
Nasibeh Fathi*, Mohammad Hossinipanah**, Morteza Hajihossini***and Akram Ranjbar****

Assessment of corn grain yield and yield components in double cropping with winter crops affected by vermicompost application
Ramin Khoda Moradi*, Davod Sheykhlar* and Fateme Ahmadi*

Effects of Cutting height on the harvest times and forage yield of new sorghum cultivars in sistan region
Habib Ali Ahmad*, Ahmad Mehraban* and Hamid Reza Fanaei**

The study on the effect of extract of Cirtus aurantium L. on anxiety of male laboratory mice and its interference with alfa2 adrenergic path
Gita Pournik*, Shahrzad Khakpour** and Mohammad Reza Bigdeli***

Studies on Taxonomy, Distribution, Ecology and Behaviour of Grasshoppers (Insecta: Orthoptera) in Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve, Western Himalayas, India
Manoj Kumar Arya*, Prakash Chandra Joshi** and Vinod Prasad Badoni**

Effect of priming and foliar application of nanoparticles on agronomic traits of chickpea
Mahnaz Valadkhan*, Khosro Mohammadi* and Mohammad Tahsin Karimi Nezhad*

The study of planting date and seedling density on ear yield and forage of sweet corn as a second crop
Bita Zaji*, Ali Shirkhani** and Afshin Charabeh***

Factor Affecting on Mechanized Cultivation Technologies Acceptance to Reduce Rice Crop Losses
Fatemeh Kazemi*, Maryam Omidi*, Seyed Jamal Farajollah Hosseini* and Farhad Lashgarara*

Influence of water stress and potassium fertilizer on some characteristics of satureja hortens
Akram Pourjavadian, Ahmad Mehraban and Hamid Reza Ganjali

Influence of intercropping corn and cow pea on some characteristic of corn
Mohsen Abbasi, Ahmad Mehraban and Hamid Reza Ganjali

Genetic Variation in Iranian Germplasm of rapeseed (Brasica napus L.)
Sobhan Ataei*, Valiollah Mohammadi**, Farzad Javidfar*** and Abbas Ali Zali****

Comparison of Three Methods of Exercise on Insulin Sensitivity Index of Middle-Aged Men
Seyed Mahmoud Hejazi*, Amin Zahedi Anaraki** and Vahdat Boghrabadi***

The comparison of various concentrations of 2,4-D and IBA hormons on Rooting of Cutting Roses
Yusef Barahyi*, Hamid Reza Mobasser* and Yahya Dehghani Shuraki**

Variation Assessment of Olive Cultivars in a Germplasm Established in the North of Iran Using ISSR Markers
Ali Bahmani*, Asad Asadi-Abkenar**, Mohammad-Reza Dadpour*** and Fariborz Zare-Nahandi***

Influence of variety, Azotobacter and Azospirillum on some characteristic of corn
Salman Ghodusi*, Hamid Reza Mobasser* and Hamid Reza Ganjali*

Anti-Respiratory Syncytial Viral (RSV) Activity in the Extract of Green Mussel, Perna viridis (L)
Siddhartha Pati*, Chinnari Sumedha** Anil Chatterji** and Bisnu P. Dash*

Influence of Foliar Application of Micronutrients and Vermicompost on some characteristics of crop plants
Habib Noori Sadegh*, Hamid Reza Zakerin**, Tayebeh Yousefi***, Seyed Majid Hashemi*****and Mojdeh Farmanbar****

Study of Effects Difference Levelsof Crude Protein and Amino Acid of Diet on Intestinal Morphological and Blood Biological Parameters of Poultry
Mostafa Ahmadi*, Akbar Yaghobfar* and Seyed Hossein Tabatabaei*

Reducing effects of the combination of Methimazole and Propylene glycol Propolis extract on the Bleomycin-induced pulmonary fibrosis
Fatemeh Afzalnia* and Iraj Javadi**

A New Record on Inducement of Differentiation of Dendritic Cells by the Peri-vitelline Fluid of the Fertilized Eggs of Indian Horseshoe Crab (Tachypleus gigas, Müller)
Chinnari Sumedha, Siddhartha Pati, B. P. Dash* and Anil Chatterji

Estimation of Vitamin C Content in Artificially Packed Juices of Two Commercially Attracted Companies in Relation to Their Significance for Human Health
Huma Tareen*, Sana Ahmed*, Fariha Mengal**, Zubia Masood***, Sherino Bibi*, Rabia Mengal*, Sara Shoaib*, Uzma Irum*, Sadia Akbar*, Fazila Mandokhail* and Rukshana Taj*

The Effects of Quince Seed Mucilage and Carboxymethyl Cellulose Coating on the Chemical Properties of French Fries
Nasim Allahyari*, Parviz Bashiri** and Asad Rokhzadi***

Isolation of Flavobacterium branchiophilum from Rainbow Trout (Oncorhyncus mykiss) with Bacterial Gill Disease in Tabriz, Iran
Mostafa Golabi*, Seyyed Javid Mortazavi Tabrizi** and Haedeh Mobaiyen***

Molecular detection of Cryptosporidium parvum in different water sources of Tehsil Takhte Nasrati, District Karak
Ihsan Ullah*, Munawar Saleem Ahmad*,**, Sultan Ayaz***,****, Noor ul Akbar***, Muhammad Naeem*,bdussalam*****, Muhammad Ismail***, Asmat Ullah***

Quality Assessment of Drinking Water from the Different Colonies of Quetta City, Pakistan according to WHO Standards
Sara Shoaib Khan*, Huma Tareen*, Uzma Jabeen*, Fariha Sana Ahmed*, Sherino Bibi*, Musarat Riaz*, Sabeena Rizwan*, Fazila Mandokhail*, Uzma Irum*and Rabia Mengal*

Appraising of drought tolerance relying on stability analysis indices in canola genotypes simultaneously, using selection index of ideal genotype (SIIG) technique: Introduction of new method Hassan Zali*, Omid Sofalian*, Tahereh Hasanloo**, Ali Asgharii* and Seyed Mohammad Hoseini***

Some physical, mechanical and chemical properties of tomato fruit related to mechanical damage and bruising models
Hossein Ghaffari*, Hamid RezaGhassemzadeh*, Morteza Sadeghi** and Sadegh Alijani***

Effect of row distance and variety on number of branch per plant,Plant height, Harvest Index and Seed yield in mungbean
Mehdi Zirak*, Hamid Reza Ganjali* and Ahmad Mehraban*

Genetic analysis of some physiological traits in wheat by generations ean analysis under normal and water deficit conditions Ali Akbar Asadi*, Mostafa Valizadeh**, Seyed Abolghasem Mohammadi** and Manochehr Khodarahmi***

Evaluation Heavy Duty Tractor Performance Using CAN/Bus Technology
J. Tarighi*, H. Ghasemzade**, M. Bahrami***, Sh.Abdollahpour****, A. Mahmoudi****,A. Cultrera***** and E.Cavallo*****

Histoanatomical Study of Tongue in Maku strain mature goat
Ramin Jahangirfard*, Gholamreza Najafi**, Seyed Rashid Touni***, Mohammad Divan****and Sepideh Tavallae****

Modeling Output Energy and Green House Gas Emissions of Dairy Farms using Neural Networks
Homa Hosseinzadeh-Bandbafha, Dariush Safarzadeh and Ebrahim Ahmadi

Influence of nitrogen fertilizer, drought stress and super absorbent on chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b and Carotenoid of Trachyspermum ammi
Ebrahim Sabbagh*, Jahanfar Daneshian**, Saeed Sayf Zadeh***,Seyed Kazem Sabbagh Sharaf Abadi**** and Hamid Reza Fanaei*****

The study of Lico contamination by Haemoproteus spp in Sistan region
Seyed Hadi Hashemi*, Dariush Sargazi* and Davod Anvari**

Soil and Topographic Attributes Affecting Rainfed Wheat Yield in a Semi-arid region of Iran
Asma Shabani* and Alireza Karimi**

An Investigation on some New Records of Rotifer species occurs in Manchar Lake of Province Sindh, Pakistan
Shagufta Saddozai*, Wali Muhammad Achakzai**, Zubia Masood***,Asmatullah Kakar**,Anila Naz Somroo**** and Wazir Ali Baloch****

The effect of yield and yield components of durum wheat varieties and lines in the Kabootarabad area
Meysam Farzi*, Seyyed Mohammad Javad Mirhadi* and Akbar Ghandi**

Discussing the effects of the date cluster necrosis on economic and social conditions of farmers
Ladan Shafi'i

Ferric Nano particles as a material for biological applications; structural properties and biocompatibility
Arezoo Neshat* and Haleh Kangarlou*

Pervasiveness of tick borne disease, Babesiosis in Quetta City of Province Balochistan, Pakistan
Nosheen Rafique*, Asmatullah Kakar**, Asim Iqbal**, Kashif Kamran**, Wajeeha Razzaq*and Zubia Masood***

The Effect of Plant Density on Yield and Yield Components on the Soybean Late Maturing Genotypes in the North of Khozestan
Farah Poor Keyvan*, Mahmoud Touhidie** and Gholam Reza Ghodratie***

Indium Oxide as a material for biological applications; structural properties and biocompatibility
Kiarash Pooryusef* and Haleh Kangarlou*

A New Method for Study of Shoot Apices using Epi-illumination Light Microscopy
Javid Emaratpardaz

Mediating Effects of Self-Efficacy in the Transtheoretical Model among Hospital Male staff of Ardebil University of Medical Sciences in 2014
Narimani Sajjad*, Farmanbar Rabiollah**, Kazemnejad Ehsan*** and Hooshmandi Asgar****

The interaction effect of nitrogen and vermicompost on chickpea yield and yield components in Hamedan region
Ali Mohammadi Amin* and Mohammad Sharif Moghadasi

Priority Setting of affecting Factors on Application of Strategic Management in Agricultural Knowledge and Information System in Iran
Hosna Miladi*, Iraj Malekmohammadi**, Mohammad Chizari*** and Seyed Mahmood Hosseini****

The Relationship between Sea Surface Temperature and Chlorophyll-a Concentration in Arabian Sea
Umair Bin Zamir*, Hina Masood*, Nelofer Jamil**, Anila Bahadur***, Muniza Munir***,Palwasha Tareen***, Nafisa Kakar*** and Humaira Ashraf****

Effects of Sowing Date on Yield and Yield Components in Sweet Maize (Zea mays L.) Hybrids
Hamzeh Ali Kharazmshahi*, Hossein Zahedi* and Akbar Alipour*

Lappet Moths (Lepidoptera : Lasiocampidae) of north-west India- brief notes on some frequently occurring species Rachita Sood*, P.C.
Pathania** and H.S. Rose***

Study of the Combined Impact of Diclofenac and Lemon Balm Extracts on the Reduction of Pulmonary Fibrosis Caused by Bleomycin
Negar Hosseini Beheshti* and Iraj Javadi**

Effect of different intercropping patterns on yield and yield components of maize (Zea mays L.) and faba bean (Vicia faba L.)
Farzaneh Jenani Oskoii*, Safar Nasrollahzadeh**, Mohammad Reza Shakiba** and Adel Dabbagh Mohammadi Nasab**

Influence of water stress and cultivar on some characteristic of soy bean
Fateme Mortazavi*, Ahmad Mehraban*, Hamid Reza Fanaei**

A GIS-based statistical model for landslide susceptibility mapping: A case study in the Taleghan watershed, Iran Amir Eshaghi*, Hasan Ahmadi*, Baharak Motamedvaziri* and Aliakbar Nazari Samani**

Improvement of Soil Physicochemical Characteristics Using Legume Crops
Abdollah Javanmard

Chemical control of wild darnnel (Lolium perenne L.) in the field of wheat (Triticum sativum)
Rahimi Hashem* and Najafi Hossein**

The Study of Nano-silica effects on qualitative and quantitative performance of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)
Shiva Talebi*, Ahmad Majd*, Masoumeh Mirzai*, SayehJafari* and Masoumeh Abedini**

Effect of Phenolic Compounds as Antioxidant on Cell Oxidation: A Review
Hooshyar Ghafory*, Vahid Yousefinejad**, Kourosh Mohammadi*** and Muhammad Piri****

Assessment Cropping System on Monitoring Cadmium Concentration in Topsoil and Seed Wheat
Khoshnaz Payandeh*, Alireza Jafarnejadi**, Ali Gholami**, Alireza Shokohfar***and Ebrahim Panahpor**

Effect of Mycorrhiza and Azotobacter on Concentration of Macroelements and Root Colonization Percentage in Different Cultivars of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.).
Behrooz Amraei*, Mohammad Reza Ardakani*, Masoud Rafiei**, Farzad Paknejad*and Farhad Rejali***

Evaluation of Selection Intensity of Acetolactate Synthase-Inhibitor Herbicide Resistance Endowing Asp-376-Glu Mutation in Sinapis arvensis Biotype
Ashkan Bahmani*, Ahmad Naderi**, Eskandar Zand***, Mahmoud Masumi****and Shahram Lack*

Successful Technologies and Manage Resistance against Crop Diseases
Abdolbaset Azin* and Mohammad Salari**

Growth and Photosynthesis Responses of Safflower Cultivars to Water Stress at two Developmental Stages
Seyed Abdolreza Kazemeini*, Samaneh Mohamadi* and Hadi Pirasteh-Anosheh**

Determining the Interrelationship between Macaque Population and Land Cover/ Use Type in Delhi, Using Line Transect Method
Pritha Acharya*, Ambrina Sardar** and Santanu Ray***

Variability and Association Grain Weight with Grain size (and shape) and grain quality, and stepwise Regression analysis on thousand grain weight in Iranian Durum Wheat Landraces
Moslem Abdipour*, Mohsen Ebrahimi*, Ali Izadi-Darbandi*, Anna Maria Mastrangelo**,Goodarz Najafian*** and Yousef Arshad***

Effect of Pre-harvest Foliar Application of Benzyl adenine and Salicylic acid on Carnation cv. Spray and Standard
Anita Ramtin*, Sepideh Kalatejari*, Roohangiz Naderi** and Mohammad Matinizadeh***

Effects of Management of Agronomical Factors on Sugar Beet Steckling Production and growth index
Hosein Nikpanah*, Saeed Seifzadeh*, Saeed Sadeghzadeh Hemayati **,Amirhosein Shiranirad***and Dariush Fathollah Taleghani****

Life history of Eurema laeta (Boisduval, 1836) (Lepidoptera: Pieridae) from Solan, Himachal Pradesh, India
Saveena Bogtapa*, Avtar Kaur Sidhu* and Jagbir Singh Kirti**

Evaluation of chickpea genotypes for callus induction using mature embryo culture
Azar Garosi*, Ezatollah Farshadfar*,** and Mohammad Mahdi Jowkar*

Effect of Pesticides used in Tomato Fields of Iran on the Egg Parasitoid Trichogramma brassicae (Hymenoptera:Trichogrammatidae) under Laboratory Conditions
Fariba Sohrabi* and Effat Amini**

Biological adsorption of chromium from aqueous solutions using crude meal canola for repeated use as irrigation water for agricultural land
Roya Moradi* and Pegah Dadras Mostafa Khezri

Cholesterol Removal Effect and Bile Salt Hydrolase by Probiotic Lactic Acid Bacteria
Mahdieh Iranmanesh*, Hamid Ezzatpanah**, Atefeh Zamani*and Haleh Hadaegh*

Seed treatment of Coriandrum sativum L. with salicylic acid under salinity
Mahtab Salehi*, Zahra Ali Arabiyan** and Masume Molavi**

Study on Species Distribution of Pierid and Lycaenid Butterflies from Three Different Elevational Gradients of Kumaun Region of Uattarakhand, India
G. Kumar, I. S. Mehra, P. Tripathi and S. Kumar

Effect of salycilic acid and sodium nitro proside on the pomegranate aril browning disorder
Mehdi Khodaei*, Fariborz Zare Nahandi**, Alireza Motallebi-Azar* and Mohammadreza Dadpour*

The Study of Potassium Silicate effects on Qualitative and Quantitative Performance of Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.)
Shiva Talebi*, Ahmad Majd*, Masoumeh Mirzai*, Sayeh Jafari* and Masoumeh Abedini**

Studying the Competitiveness and Supporting Potential of Oil Seeds Production in Golestan Province (Case study: Soybean and Sunflower)
Elnaz Tizchang*, Mohsen Shokatfadaei**, Gholamreza Yavari*** and Samaneh Abedi****

The Effect of Putrescine on Date Bunch Fading Disorder
Bahman Panahi and Bahareh Damankeshan

The comparison effects of different levels of extract of Medicinal plants Melissa officinalis on efficiency, and safety carcass specification in broiler chickens
Hossein Reza Shahbazi* and Mohammad Heidari**

Effect of different concentrations of kinetin and 2,4,D on callus induction of citrus rootstock (Citrus sp.)
Seyedeh Zahra Hosseini*, Nadali Babaeian Jelodar**, Heshmatallah Rahimian** and Gholamali Ranjbar**

Diversity of Invasive alien plant species in district Yamuna Nagar of Haryana, India
Amarjit Singh* and Inam Mohammed**

Study of chemical composition in wild edible mushroom Pleurotus cornucopiae (Paulet) from Himachal Pradesh, India by using Fourier transforms infrared spectrometry (FTIR), Gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCMS) and X-ray fluorescence (XRF)
Renu Parmar and Dinesh Kumar

Sildenafil, a Selective Inhibitor of type 5 phosphodiesterase, attenuates Bleomycin-induced Lung Fibrosis in Rat
Somayeh Shabib*, Amir Nili-Ahmadabadi** and Amir Larki**Ali-Asghar Hemmati*, Mohsen Kazemi*, Marziyeh Pashmforoosh*, Hossein Rajabi-Vardanjani*,

Antioxidant and antibacterial studies on different extracts of Ornithogalum cuspidatum Bertol from Iran
Dara Dastan* and Atousa Aliahmadi**

Antibacterial Activity of Gundelia tournefortii Compounds against Salmonella choleraesuis
Boshra Ayoubi and Parisa Baradari

Evaluation the accuracy and repeatability of radiological diagnosis of well-defined unilocular radiolucent lesions by oral and maxillofacial radiologists
H. Bashizadeh Mokhtar*, M. Sahebjamee** and P. Bolandian***

Biological Forum – An International Journal 7(2) : (Special Issue-I) (2015)

Predicting academic achievement based on dimensions of time perspective among university students
Mahdieh Shafiee Tabar and Azra Zebardast**

Teaching philosophy to children, an effective step in excellence of today's education and training
Masoomhe Azarshab* and Isa Mir Moradi**

Reviewing curriculum planning in junior high school and high school and the role of teachers in the process
Mohammad Beyrami* and Jamal Moradpoor**

The Philosophy of Hijab and Efaf and their Internalization Methods in Society
Isa Mir Moradi* and MasoomheAzarshab**

Effectiveness of Music Therapy (Active and Passive) on Quality of Life and Loneliness in Old Men
Mohsen Nadimi

Relationship between Methods of Parenting Education and Academic Self-regulation in High School Students
Abdul Salam Nusrat Nahooki*, Ayob Dehvari**, Mohamad Sadegh Mohamadi***Soraya Sepahian****

Relationship between Communication Skills and Deterministic Thinking with Marital Satisfaction
Mohsen Nadimi

The Role of Motivational Predictors in Academic Achievement of High School Students in Salmas in 2013-2014
Rasool Jannesar Kohne Shahri*, Ali Isa Zadeghan**, Farzane Mikaaili Monii***and Zahra Asghari Kalshani****

Processes of change in psychological flexibility in an interdisciplinary group-based treatment for depression based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
Arezou Gholami

The Role of Cognitive predictors in academic achievement of high school students in Salmas
Rasool Jannesar Kohne Shahri*, Ali Isa Zadeghan**, Farzane Mikaaili Monii*** and Zahra Asghari Kalshani****

The Study of the Effectiveness of Brain-Based Learning on Self- Regulated Learning among Girl Students of First Grade in High School of Yazd
Afsar Khalili Sadrabad*, Soghra Ebrahimi Ghavam** and Hamideh Radmanesh***

The use of language learning in and learning cultivation of creativity in children
Masoomhe Azarshab* and Isa Mir Moradi**

The role of pre-school education on social adaptability
Hamid Ahmadi Daghdari* and Soheila Yusefi Lotfali**

Comparing Different Marital Satisfaction and job Burnout among Engineers of Urban and Non-Urban Areas in Sari - Iran
Fahimeh Akbari* and Vahdat Yazdanpanah Asrami**

The Role of Cognitive and Motivational Predictors in Academic Achievement of High School Students in Salmas in 2013-2014
Rasool Jannesar Kohne Shahri*, Ali Isa Zadeghan**, Farzane Mikaaili Monii*** and Zahra Asghari Kalshani****

The place of Reason in Islamic Education
Hamid Ahmadi Daghdari

The relationship between student's impulsiveness and timidity with their educational achievement
Karim Babaeian* and Fereshteh Jamshidzadeh**

The correlation between identity styles with loneliness feeling and social anxiety
Khodamorad Momeni*, Fereshteh Mohammadi**, Afsaneh Shahbazirad*** and Mohammad Reza Abbasi****

The relationship between computer game types and sleep rhythm, and creativity
Zahra Taghizadeh*and Mahnaz Esteki**

A comparative analysis of personality dimensions and perceived social support for women victims of domestic violence and normal women
Hassan Ja'farzadeh Dashbolaq*, Mohammad Bidari Koije**, Solmaz Fardyadras***, Ramin Ghasemzadeh**** and Hamideh Valizadeh*****

The Study on the Courses of First Aid Principles from the perspective of the Learners in Red Crescent Society of Marand City in 2014
Habib Zolfaghari* and Mehrdad Moharramzadeh**

Comparison of family content in families with Intellectual disability students and normal students
Majid Omidikhankahdani

Educational planning
Arjasb Ghasemi

Investigation the change process of teaching methods in last 50 years for education sciences courses: Representing an optimized sample
Nasrin Ozayi*, Somayeh Jahandideh**, Sara Shiri*** and Morteza Moradi Doliskani****

The Relationship between Personality Dimensions (Introversion, Extroversion) and Self- Assertiveness with Social Anxiety among University Students
Soghra Ostovar*, Parvaneh Taheri Khorasani** and Neda Rezaei***

Prediction of mental health and life expectancy based on religious beliefs of mothers with children who suffer from mental disorders
Farzane Ghanbari*and Maryam Shahbazi**

A study of the relationship between psychological needs satisfaction and mental health among the students of Vali-e-Asr University of Rafsanjan
Parvaneh Taheri Khorasani*, Soheila Faghfori** and Soghra Ostovar***

The analysis of Relationship between Transformational leadership of Principals with Organizational Citizenship Behavior of Teachers in Baharestan City
Mostafa Bagherian Far*, Jamshid Nabavi Neia**, Behnam Behzadeian Nezad*** and Aman-Allah Daneshpaye****

A study about place of happiness in Islam
Mohammad Reza Saadati*, Sadegh Farahmand Amin**, Donya Salimi***, Farhang Saadati**** and Vahed Salimi*****

The Relationship between Management Styles and Job Satisfaction of the Elementary Schools' Teachers in Khash City
Mahin Ghorbani Irandegan*, Yahya Irandegani** and Marjan Ghorbani Irandegan***

Biological Forum – An International Journal 7(2): (Special Issue-II) (2015)

Post HarvestQuality of Apple "Red Starking" was affected by 1-MCP Application
Mousa Arshad* and Afshar Amini**

Analysis of the Requirements of Sustainable Agriculture Development from Perspective of Professionals of Agricultural Jihad Organization and Research Center of South Khorasan Province
Fatemeh Sadat Miri*, Somayeh Jangchi Kashani** and Ardeshir Mesbah***

Enrichment of Calcium Content of Kiwi Fruit by Osmotic Dehydration Method
Farid Amidi-Fazli* and Neda Amidi-Fazli**

Freezing Point Prediction of Minimally Processed Food with Different Sucrose Content
Farid Amidi-Fazli* and Neda Amidi-Fazli**

Investigation of Aqueous and Alcoholic Extract of Thymus daenensis against methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus
Hajar Nematollahi*, Zarrindokht Emami**, Sima Yahyaabadi***, Shadi Shahsar**** and Nafiseh Fazeli*****

Effect of in ovo injection of Methionine on the histomorphometry of Jejunum of chicken embryo
Hamideh Mohammadrezaei*, Mohammadnaser Nazem** and Maryam Mohammadrezaei***

Effect of substitution of ethanol extract of alfalfa (Medicago sativa) instead of Antibiotic use in poultry and its impact on liver function enzymes and weight gain in broiler chickens Rass
A R. Joulideh Pour

Effect of Saline Water on Morphological Characteristics of Conocarpus plant for Using in Green Space of Warm and Arid Cities
Mohammad Jalaly*, Maryam Abdolahpour*, Amineh Hajizadeh*

Investigation of growth, and phytoremediation potential of Ricinus cimmunis (L.) andBrassica juncea (L.) in cadmium contaminated soil
Nesa Gharehbaghli

Optimization of chromium adsorption from aqueous solutions by synthesis hybrid Nano- adsorbent from graphene
Sanaz Fathi*, Roshanak Rezaee Kalantar**, Alimrad Rashidi*** and Abdolreza Karbasi****

Using Modified Sawdust for Removal of Chromium (VI) from Aqueous Solutions
Shahla Elhami* and Afsaneh Bahadori**

Antimicrobial activity of Prosopis stephanin and Lantana camara on isolated Vibriofrom aquaculture in Delvar region, Bushehr, Iran
Somayeh Baseri*, Nima Bahador** and Maryam Mirbakhsh***

Using gamma-ray to increased exoglucanase activity in Trichoderma and improvement of Sclerotinia rot of canola biocontrol
Tabasom Naseripour*, Saeed Nasrollah Nejad*, Samira Shahbazi** and Kamran Rahnama*

The relationship between the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosis Avium in human city of Ardabil
Vahid Broomand* and Mehdi Namazizadeh*

Meta-analysis the effect of nitrogen fertilizer on quantitative and qualitative characteristics of sugar beet
Mehdi Sadeghi-Shoae*, Dariush Fathollah Taleghani* and Farzad Paknejad*

First record on the distribution and abundance of three sponge species from Hormoz island, Persian Gulf-Iran
Melika Nazemi*, Fatemeh Rezvani Gilkolai**, Farahnaz Lakzaei***, Fatemeh Pishvarzad****

Effect of the Selenium and Zinc Concomitant Use on Some Morphological and Physiological Properties of Spring Safflower (C.V. Arak 2811)
Mohammad Kaveh*, Mehdi Sadeghi Shoae** and Niki Ayoubizadeh***

The effect of Bisphenol A on serum parameters and morphology of kidney's tissue
Ozra Rahimi*, Farah Farokhi**, Seyyed Mahdi Banan Khojasteh*** and Soraya Ansari Ozi****

Anti-oxidative capacity and quality of strawberry fruit (Fragaria × ananassa Duch 'Selva') under the balance of minerals nutrition
Mousa Arshad*, Mohammad Javad Nazari Deljou*, Masoud Haghshenas* and Shirin Karbalaye Gholizadeh**

Biological Forum-An International Journal (Print ISSN NO. 0975-1130, Online ISSN NO. 2249-3239) Vol. 8(1): 2016

Faunal Diversity of all Vertebrates (excluding Aves) of Himachal Pradesh
Indu Sharma and Avtar Kaur Sidhu

Use of Microsatellite Markers for Genetic Diversity Analysis of Olive Germplasm in the North of Iran
Ali Bahmani*, Mohammad-Reza Dadpour*, Asad Asadi-Abkenar**, Fariborz Zare-Nahandi*

MAT vector: a system for production and selection of marker free transgenic plants- A survey and summary
Zouhreh Poudine*, Atefeh Galavi**, Mehrdad Asadian*** and Hassan Shahgholi****

Screening fluorescent pseudomonads isolated from wheat rhizosphere for plant growth- promoting and salt tolerance properties
Dariush Safari*, Fatemeh Jamali**, Hamid-Reza Nooryazdan*** and Fereshteh Bayat***

The Estimation of Qualitative Parameters of three Species of Grasses using Technology (NIR)
Mohammad Javad Mahdavi* and Rahele Seifi**

Evaluation of resistance to seedling damping-off caused by Phytophthora drechsleri in cucumber cultivars under greenhouse conditions
Khadijeh Nazavari*, Fatemeh Jamali**, Fereshteh Bayat* and Mohammad Modarresi*

Evaluation of drought stress effect in summer Safflower genotypes
Behnam Tahmasebpour*, Omid Sofalian**, Hasan Dehghanian*** and Seyed Sajad Hoseini****

Investigating the viscoelastic behavior of chickpea grain during process of Nokhodchi (roasted chickpea) production
Reza Fellegari*, Hamid Reza Ghassemzade*, Mohammad Moghdam Vahed** and Ebrahim Ahmadi***

Phytoremediational Honey Locust Trees' (Gledischia triancanthos L.)Efficacy in Reducing Air Pb and Cd Levels
Elham Faraji Dizaji*, Mohsen Kafi**, Ahmad Khalighi*** and Sepideh Kalateh Jari****

Study irrigation deficit and N fertilizer effect on reproductive components of henna ecotypes in Jiroft, Iran
Hasan Sarhadi*, Jahanfar Daneshian**, Seyyed Azizollah Valadabadi***, Hosein Heidari Sharafabad****and Gholamreza Afsharmanesh*****

Effects of Iron Sprays on Pb lead and Cadmium Cd Absorption by Ashtrees
Bahareh Vahedi*, Mohsen Kafi**, Ahmad Khalighi*** and Sepideh Kalateh Jari*****

Effect of Six Weeks of Pilates Exercise on Balance in Elderly Women Aged over 60 years
Dehghandar Homa* and Jamshidi Ali Ashraf**

Theoretical study of structure thermodynamic properties Caffeic acid as powerful antioxidants
Masoumeh Rajati Qazvini*, Leila Pishkar** and Dariush Robati**

Effect of 8 Weeks Aerobic Exercise on Depression's Level of Addicted during Treatment with Methadone
Johari Abdollah*, Hajirasouli Masoud* and Mohsen Golmohammadian**

Functional Asymmetry of Lower Limbs in Female Elite Volleyball Players during Jumping - landing
Doroudian Zohreh* and Jamshidi Ali Ashraf**

The Effect of a Short-term Pilates Exercise Period on Static Balance in Trainable Intellectually Disabled Boy Children
Eizi Elahe*, Sokhanguei Yahya** and Nikaiin Zinat*

Investigation of antimicrobial activity of Nano sized particles of oxindoles and compression their activity with tetracycline and gentamic in drugs
Somayeh Makarem*, Leila Pishkar** and Taheri Saba***

The study of antibacterial properties of NiO thin film using Sol-gel synthesis
Monir Doudi* and Nasrin Talebian**

Factor analysis of Phonological and Morphological Traits in Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
Akbar Abdollahi*, Behnam Tahmasebpour** and Hasan Dehghanian***

Comparative study of Rosa damascenes Mill. and R. Gallica micro-propagation
Mohammad Omidi, Abbas Yadollahi and Malihe Eftekhari

Identification of gene (s) controlling grain yield and some morphological traits in bread wheat under water deficit condition using SSR markers
Yousef Mohammadi *, Seyyed Abolghasem Mohammadi*, Mohammad Moghadam*And Mozaffar Rustaei**

Changes in yield and yield components of two sweet basil cultivars in response to different intercropping patterns with corn
Hamed Mabudi Bilasvar*, Saeid Zehtab Salmasi* and Hossein Janmohammadi**

Effect of Dynamic Stretch and Continuous Ultrasound Wave of Achilles Tendon and Quadriceps Tendon on the Power and Flexibility of Male Footballers
Alireza Azmand*, Aliashraf Jamshidi Khorneh** and Mohammad Khaleghifar***

Strategies to Use Network Marketing in Sports Businesses
Golchin Elnaz and Ghasemalipour Hassan

The prevalence of malformations crooked neck, head forward of the female students in Tehran District 5 elementary school year 93-94
Haidari Elaheh*, Behboudi Tabrizi Laleh* and Eizadi Mojtaba**

Psychosocial Impact of 6 Weeks of Kegel Exercise on Female MS (Multiple Sclerosis) with Urinary Incontinence (Case Study: Khuzestan Province)
Mobali Fatemeh, Sokhanguei Yahya and Afsharmand Zohreh

Penaeid and Palaemonid Prawns of Godavari Estuary, Andhra Pradesh with Some New Records
Shibananda Rath*, Malay K. Dev Roy** and Biswatosh Ghosh***

Assessing Soil surface Salinity with Basic pixel Data Sensor TM
Mohammad Zeinali*, Ali Asghar Jaafarzadeh**, Farzin Shahbazi***, Shahin Oustan*** and Khalil Valizadeh Kamran****

Sulfur application effect on pH measurement of wheat rhizosphere in calcareous soils
Shafagh Vali Shariat Panahi*, Farhad Moshiri** and Mohammad Reza Ardakani*

Permanence of Fusarium graminearum, the cause agent of Fusarium head blight (FHB)
Saeid Rokni* and Mohammad Salari**

Phytochemical Screening of Medicinal Plant Dolichandrone falcata
Sulekha Joshi*, V. P. Gupta** and Utkarsh Sharma***

A Comparative study on the Antibacterial Properties of Traditional Oils produced from Umwai village, Mawlai town and Lyngkyrdem Village of the State of Meghalaya
Sona Lyndem* and Jeremy Nelson Syiem*

Identification of Some Citrus Genotypes using Leaf Shape Analysis Based on Elliptical Fourier Descriptors
Maryam Abdolalipour*, Fariborz Zaare Nahandi*, Mohammad Reza Dadpour* and Zahra Sadighzadeh**

Investigation Banana Cultivars Yield and Quality traits under Green House Condition in Jiroft Region, Iran
Ali Darini

Rapid Detection of Doping with Morphine in Horses
Mandana Vaziri* and Ali Sarani**

Evaluation the Inhibitory Effect of Atorvastatin and the Olibanum Extract to Reduce Bleomycin-induced Pulmonary Fibrosis
Salehe Asgary* and Iraj Javadi**

Electrocoagulation: Promising Technology for Removal of Fluoride from Drinking Water - A Review
Umesh Kumar Garg* and Chetna Sharma**

Yeast, Lactose, and Organic Acids Mixture Improved Zoological Growth and Immune Status of Japanese quails
Mohamed S. Yusuf*,**, Mohammed T. Ibrahim* , Hayam M. Samy* , Manal M.A. Mahmoud* and Hengmi Cui**

Study on use Endophytes for Enhancement of Tomato Toward Nematode Meloidogyne incognita in Vietnam
Thi Thanh Tam Vu*, Thi Anh Duong Nguyen* and Thi Tuyet Nguyen**

QTLs Analysis Controlling Physiological Traits of Barley under Arsenic Stress
Fahime Mousavi*, Brat Ali Fakheri* and Farshid Golshani*

An Efficient and Green Synthesis of isatin Derivatives under Ultrasound Irradiation
Elahe Keshavarz

A Thematic and Etymological Glossary of Carnivorous Animals Based on the Pahlavi Text of Iranian Bundahishn
Golnar Ghalekhani and Mahdi Khaksar

Effect of Intercropping Patterns of Dragon's Head and Dill (Anethum graveolens L.) on Yield, Yield Components and Essential Oil Yield of Dill
Ahmad Rezaei Arjomand, Saeid Zehtab Salmasi, Safar Nasrollahzadeh and Jalil Shafagh-Kolvanagh

Promising Sudanese Medicinal Plants with Antibacterial Activity - a Review Article
Wail E. Abdalla*,** and Emad M. Abdallah*

Optimization of Energy Consumption for Cucumber Production with Non-parametric Linear model
Seyed Masoud Kamali and Mazdak Rasapoor

Molecular identification of Hepatozoon Miller, 1908 (Apicomplexa: Adeleorina) haemoparasites in Podarcis muralis lizards from northern Italy and detection of conserved motifs in the 18S rRNA gene
Simona Panelli, Marianna Bassi and Enrica Capelli

The Effect of Oral Administration of Bisphenol A on Tissue and Liver Enzymes, Serum Lipids and Blood Glucose in Rats
Mahnaz Taherianfard*, Sara Abdolmaleki**, Zahra Alimoradi***, Hamidreza Afsoun**** and Mohammad Alimoradi*****

Introduction of a Method for Locating New Urban Forest Parks using Multi-criteria Analysis and GIS Approaches
M. Ghorbani* and A. Fakur**

Evaluation of Bread Wheat Varieties in Terms of Grain Yield and Zn and Fe Accumulation in Grain using Stress Tolerance Index.
Nasibeh Sharifi-soltani*, Seyed Siamak Alavi-Kia** and Nikwan Shariatipour*

Foliar Application Effect of Putrescine on Antioxidative Defense of Wheat (Triticum aestivum L. var sw _82_9) under Water Deficit Stress
Zahra Karimi

Assessment of River Beas Water Quality during Summer Season in Himachal Pradesh, India
Suman Sharma* and Y. K. Walia**

Sowing Date Effect on Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus
Ali Darini and Mehdi Azadvar

The Effects of Sodium Chloride Stress on Proline Content and Morphological Characteristics in Wheat (Triticum aestivum L.)
Mahdi Akbari, Mahmoud Toorchi* and Mohammad Reza Shakiba

Studies on Salicylic Acid as a Possible Biochemical Marker for Screening Tobacco Mosaic Virus Resistant Progenies in Tobacco Breeding
K. N. Subrahmanya* and M. Krishnappa**

Genetic Variation of Bread Wheat Varieties in terms of Zn and Fe Accumulation in grain under Zinc Foliar Application
Nasibeh Sharifi-soltani*, Seyed Siamak Alavi-Kia**, Mohammad Moghaddam Vahed** and Saeid Aharizad**

Cloning of Flanking Regions of Plastidal Vectors in Soybean (Glycine max L.): partial AtpB and RbcL
Amir Sam Pordel, Bahram Baghban Kohne-Rooz and Parviz Soleimani

Effect of Exogenous Nitric Oxide Application on Secondary Metabolite Content of Marigold (Calendula officinalis L.)
Zohreh Sayyah*, Saeedeh Alizadeh-Salteh** and Fariborz Zare Nahandi**

Morphological Traits of Dragon's Head (Lallemantia iberica Fish. etMey.) Affected by Intercropping with Dill
Ahmad Rezaeiarjomand, Saeid Zehtab Salmasi, Safar Nasrollahzadeh and Jalil Shafagh-Kolvanagh

An Account of Nickel Requirement, Toxicity and Oxidative Stress in Plants
Nandini Yadav and Samir Sharma

Response Surface Methodological Study of Glucose Laurate Synthesis Catalyzed by Immobilized Lipase from Candida cylindracea
Nadia Bouzaouit and Chahra Bidjou-Haiour

Constructing and Determining the Reliability and Validity of a Purposive Career Behavior Scale for Master Science Students
Elham Khaksar*, Mohammad Sedigh Nekounam**, Mohsen Hasheminasab*** and Sarveh Soleimani****

Species Composition and Diversity Pattern in various Grassland Communities with Respect to Different Disturbance and Light Regimes
Sumit Srivastava and R. P. Shukla

Energy use Pattern and Application a Mathematical Model to Survey Energy Requirement for Wheat Production
Seyed Masoud Kamali, Mazdak Rasapoor and Reza Abdi

Efficacy of Cichorium intybus on Alanine Aminotransferase in Non- alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease: A Randomised Double-blind Clinical Trial with Placebo
Maryam Nikkhajoei*, Rasool Choopani*, Mojgan Tansaz*, Fataneh Hashem-Dabaghian**, Ghazaleh Heydarirad*, Shamim Sahranavard*** and Medi Saberifiroozi****

Epidemiological and Clinical Features of HIV/AIDS Patients Attending to the National Clinic of HIV/AIDS Control, Qazvin, Iran through 2009-2014
Behzad Bijani* and Amir Mohammad Kazemifar**

Effects of Hydro-priming Durations and Water Stress on some Morphological Characteristics of Safflower
Saeid Ghassemi, Iraj Yaghoubian and Mehrdad Moradi

Expression of a Recombinant Therapeutic Protein, Lactoferrin, in PichiaPinkTM: a Powerful Antimicrobial Protein
Alamdari Elnaz, Niazi Ali, Yarizade Adel, Moghadam Ali and Aram Farzaneh

First record of Clinostomum complanatum (Trematodes: Clinostomatidae) in Pakistan from Phalacrocorax niger (Aves: Phalacrocoracidae)
Muhammad Moosa Abro, Ali Murtaza Dharejo, Muhammad Munif Khan and Nadir Ali Birmani

Comparison of AEZ, Wageningen and Albero Models for Maize Potential Production Prediction in Northwest of IRAN
Elham Ghanbarie*, Ali Asghar Jafarzadeh*, Farzin Shahbazi* and Moslem Servati**

1,1-Dimethylbiguanide-Functionalized Magnetic Mesoporous Silica for Magnetic Removal of Cu2+ from water
M. Beygzadeh

Effect of Chemical and Biological Fertilizers on Quantitative and Qualitative Yield of Artichoke (Cynara scolymus L.)
Marziyeh Allahdadi*, Yaghoub Raei**, Babak Bahreininejad***, Akbar Taghizadeh****and Saeid Narimani*****

Callus Induction and Plant Regeneration of Spilanthes acmella M. an Ornamental and Medicinal Herb
Nasrin Nasr

A Review of Anti oxidant Effects of the Ethanol Extract of the Medicinal Plant Carla (Momordica charantia) Cultivated in Northern Region of Iran (Mazandaran-Simorgh city)
Nasrin Nasr* and Ghazal Pirani**

Influence of Growth Regulators on Organogenesis of Unshiu mandarin
Fatemeh Vafaeinejad*, Seyed Vahid Alavi** and Sepideh Kalate Jari***

Evaluation Reaction of some Wheat Cultivars to take-all Disease (Gaeumannomyces graminis var Tritici)
Masoud Khanahmadi*, Fereshteh Bayat* and Fatemeh Jamali**