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[   ]1 ABHIMANYU.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 899K 
[   ]1 A Generalized Exponential Model based Analysis of Daily Low Temperature Data of Ahmedabad City using Markov Chain Approach 3307-Harshil J.pdf2020-12-11 15:41 127K 
[   ]1 A Study of Urban Domestic Water Service Delivery through User Perspective Survey Muhammad Imran Aziz 3538.pdf2021-04-13 14:22 1.2M 
[   ]1 Analysis of Domestic Consumption and Background Leakage Trends for Alexandra Township, South Africa Risimati Patrick Mathye.pdf2022-01-25 16:26 914K 
[   ]1 FARAH SHAN 705 farahshanpaper_paper 52_.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 99K 
[   ]1 ICRIET-104.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 587K 
[   ]1 IJET-MTH-00048.pdf2019-10-14 08:09 242K 
[   ]1 IJET-SI-1.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 78K 
[   ]1 IJET JASWINDER SINGH 839.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 46K 
[   ]1 LP SINGH.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 98K 
[   ]1 NAVNEET KAUR.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 46K 
[   ]1 RAVI PRAKASH MAHESHWARI.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 535K 
[   ]2- 38.Research paper (FINAL).pdf2020-06-22 20:20 163K 
[   ]2 Designing on Secret Password by using Cryptography and M modulo N Graceful Labeling C.pdf2022-01-28 12:10 365K 
[   ]2 Effect of Gypsum Board Ceiling on Temperature Reduction in a Room using Finite Element Method R.pdf2021-04-26 09:53 736K 
[   ]2 Evaluation of Cryptographic Algorithms on Low Power Devices used in Smart City-Muneer Ahmad Dar.pdf2020-12-16 16:29 702K 
[   ]2 GAUTAM RAJPUT.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 421K 
[   ]2 ICRIET-105.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 199K 
[   ]2 IJET-MTH-00069.pdf2019-10-14 08:10 196K 
[   ]2 IJET-SI-2.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 973K 
[   ]2 IJET NAMRATA PATEL 830.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 728K 
[   ]2 IJET PAUL NJENGA WAITHAKA 840.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 103K 
[   ]2 KRISHAN SINGLA AND RAVI KANT PAREEK.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 171K 
[   ]2 SONIA DUGGAL 702.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 205K 
[   ]2 SUNAINA KAPOOR & ABHISHEK.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 85K 
[   ]3- 39.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 59K 
[   ]3 ANANT PRAKASH Visual Calculation Through Shape Grammar In Architecture _1_.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.0M 
[   ]3 ARVIND PAHADE.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 494K 
[   ]3 ICRIET-106.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 136K 
[   ]3 IJET-5-2017-ASHISH RAGHUVANSHI.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 247K 
[   ]3 IJET-842-M CHANDRASHEKHAR.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 640K 
[   ]3 IJET-MTH-00051.pdf2019-10-14 08:10 82K 
[   ]3 IJET-SI-4.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 197K 
[   ]3 MOHAMMAD EGHTESAD 828.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 312K 
[   ]3 Mudit Gupta 711_Research Paper_paper-38_.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 946K 
[   ]3 Optimized Parameters Prediction for Single-Pass Friction Stir Welding on Dissimilar Aluminium Alloys T- Joint Dr.pdf2021-04-26 09:53 475K 
[   ]3 Prediction of Olive Oil Productivity using Machine Learning Decision Tree Algorithm-3411-CSE-Mohammad ZaidAlkelani.pdf2021-01-01 08:45 208K 
[   ]3 Supervised Bernoulli Text Topic Identification Model using Naïve Bayes Kanchan Jain.pdf2022-03-22 10:11 384K 
[   ]3 UMESH KUMAR GARG 815.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 70K 
[   ]4- 42.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 371K 
[   ]4 -713-Need for Alternative Fuel in India-SVU Jiurnal_Director Sir_.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 168K 
[   ]4 ANKIT KUMAR.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 920K 
[   ]4 Anatomical Studies of Miocene Dicot Wood of Fabaceae Excavated from Ranikot _paleo-forest_ Jamshoro, Sindh, Pakistan Dr.pdf2021-04-28 13:03 1.1M 
[   ]4 DEPAK MISHERA AND DR ARCHANA SHARMA.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 605K 
[   ]4 ICRIET-108.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 651K 
[   ]4 IJET-7-2017-AR. IRAM.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 84K 
[   ]4 IJET-847-NITIN KUMAR CHOURASIYA.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 80K 
[   ]4 IJET-MTH-00027.pdf2019-10-14 08:10 126K 
[   ]4 IJET-SI-5.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 220K 
[   ]4 One Way Fluid-structure Interaction Analysis of Vertical Axis Hydrokinetic Turbine-3447-ME-Saifullah Samo.pdf2021-01-19 16:39 869K 
[   ]4 PAWAN THAKUR.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 238K 
[   ]4 Process Design of the Production of Virgin Coconut Oil _VCO_ Using Combined Low-Pressure Oil Extraction Method and Modified Kitchen Method L.D. Pestaño.pdf2022-06-17 11:46 568K 
[   ]5- 43F.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.0M 
[   ]5-F-715.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 142K 
[   ]5 Analysis of Urban Park Uses by Sociotope Mapping in Korangi Town, Karachi, Pakistan Nauman Sahito 3575.pdf2021-04-28 13:03 550K 
[   ]5 Application of Big Data Analytics Opportunities and Challenges Muhammad Muhammad Suleiman.pdf2022-06-17 11:49 116K 
[   ]5 Final Paper_Gaurav Singh.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 544K 
[   ]5 ICRIET-109.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.3M 
[   ]5 IJET-9-2017-PRADEEP PUREY.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 105K 
[   ]5 IJET-844-PRAKASH SALWRIA.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 91K 
[   ]5 IJET-MTH-00082.pdf2019-10-14 08:10 168K 
[   ]5 IJET-SI-6.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 175K 
[   ]5 IJET GAURAV SAINI 831 Application of SMED Programme of Lean Manufacturing for Improving overall Equipment Efficiency -A Case Study - Copy.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 78K 
[   ]5 IJET GAURAV SAINI 831 Application of SMED Programme of Lean Manufacturing for Improving overall Equipment Efficiency -A Case Study.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 78K 
[   ]5 Performance of RDF Library2021-02-04 12:44 417K 
[   ]5 RAJINDER KUMAR.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 92K 
[   ]5 ROOPA SAMPATH 816.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 118K 
[   ]6- 44.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 304K 
[   ]6-IJET-846-BIRADAR SURYAKANTH-2.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 286K 
[   ]6 AMIT KUMAR GUPTA 818.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 554K 
[   ]6 AYYUB.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 310K 
[   ]6 Association of Menstrual Disturbance with Lipid Profile and Food Habits in Female University Students Dr.pdf2021-05-05 13:36 108K 
[   ]6 F-714 MOTIVATION.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 63K 
[   ]6 Fuzzy Matrix Approach to Study the Maximum Age Group of Stressed Students Studying in Higher Education-3341-Aleem Ali.pdf2021-02-06 09:44 229K 
[   ]6 Heuristic-based LEACH protocol An improvement in total lifespan of the wireless sensor network using LEACH and TOPSIS-based heuristic algorithm ASHRAY.pdf2022-07-08 13:17 443K 
[   ]6 ICRIET-110.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 690K 
[   ]6 IJET -10-2017-PARVEEN.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 447K 
[   ]6 IJET-846-BIRADAR SURYAKANTH.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 130K 
[   ]6 IJET-OTH-00006.pdf2019-10-14 08:10 113K 
[   ]6 IJET-OTH1-00006.pdf2019-10-14 08:22 113K 
[   ]6 IJET-SI-8.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.6M 
[   ]6 IJET HARPREET SINGH 832 Application of DMAIC Technique in a Manufacturing Industry for Improving Process Performance - A Case Study - Copy.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 61K 
[   ]6 IJET HARPREET SINGH 832 Application of DMAIC Technique in a Manufacturing Industry for Improving Process Performance - A Case Study.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 61K 
[   ]6 Introducing a New Theory.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 389K 
[   ]6 The Three Pillars concept for a Successful Business Management, Finance & Technical -1178-Er.pdf2021-01-02 15:56 264K 
[   ]7- 54.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 3.2M 
[   ]7-F-719.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 47K 
[   ]7-IJET-850 SULABH PATHAK.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 169K 
[   ]7 A Survey on Secure Trust based Routing in WSN-Hemavati Patil-7.pdf2023-06-01 17:53 135K 
[   ]7 Comprehending the Globalization and Performance of e-commerce Businesses Evidence from Amazon, Alibaba,, and Fredrick Oteng Agyeman.pdf2022-12-05 07:55 315K 
[   ]7 E-Health Application for Kids-3465-IT-Irum Naz Sodhar.pdf2021-02-06 09:44 142K 
[   ]7 Gurpreet Singh.pdf2023-06-05 07:19 100K 
[   ]7 ICRIET-112.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 848K 
[   ]7 IJET-MTH-00036.pdf2019-10-14 08:10 121K 
[   ]7 IJET-MTH1-00036.pdf2019-10-14 08:22 121K 
[   ]7 IJET-SI-9.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 73K 
[   ]7 IJET NAVY GERA 833 Productivity Improvement using Lean Six Sigma Methodology A Comprehensive Review.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 80K 
[   ]7 IJET_Urban renewal for affordable housing.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 638K 
[   ]7 Karst poljes in Viet Nam – The Relationship between Terrain and Geological Structure Le Canh Tuan 3560.pdf2021-05-05 13:36 1.4M 
[   ]7 M.A KHAN.pdf2022-07-30 06:03 708K 
[   ]7 MOHAMAD MOSAVI.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 112K 
[   ]7 YOGESHWAR.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 94K 
[   ]8- 61.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 56K 
[   ]8-F-720.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 108K 
[   ]8-IJET-851-ANIL KHANDELWAL.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 289K 
[   ]8 ICRIET-115.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 257K 
[   ]8 IJET-MTH1-00031.pdf2019-10-14 08:22 324K 
[   ]8 IJET-SI-10.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 490K 
[   ]8 IJET paper PoorvaK.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 369K 
[   ]8 IoT Based Smart Fish Farming Aquaculture Monitoring System Sohail Karim 3461.pdf2021-05-17 07:20 1.1M 
[   ]8 Linear-Quadratic Regulator-based SSR Mitigation Scheme for SSSC Controller in DFIG-based SERIES Compensated Network CHIRAG ROHIT.pdf2022-12-05 07:59 919K 
[   ]8 MEGHNA SOOD 836 Development of Tea Industry in Himachal Pradesh.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 62K 
[   ]8 MOHAMAD MOSAVI.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 476K 
[   ]8 NITESH MISHRA.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 99K 
[   ]8 Re-description of Tenuitarsus orientalis Kevan, 1959 _Pyrgomorphidae Orthoptera_ from Pakistan-3470-Waheed Ali Panhwar.pdf2021-02-13 10:24 163K 
[   ]9- 62.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 158K 
[   ]9-F-721.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 101K 
[   ]9-IJET-849 MENKA YADAV AND SK YADAV.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 474K 
[   ]9 AMIT SHRIVASTAVA.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 97K 
[   ]9 Experimental Study of Solar Chimney Cooled 40Wp Solar PV Panel 3454- S K Soni.pdf2021-02-25 11:39 688K 
[   ]9 ICRIET-117.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 77K 
[   ]9 IJET-MTH-00064.pdf2019-10-14 08:10 84K 
[   ]9 IJET-MTH1-00064.pdf2019-10-14 08:22 84K 
[   ]9 IJET-SI-11.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 105K 
[   ]9 JAGTAR SINGH 837.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 67K 
[   ]9 Priya Joseph_ Paper for research trend.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.0M 
[   ]9 The Effect of Mixed Liquor Volatile Suspended Solids and Hydraulic Retention Time on the Removal Efficiency of Chemical Oxygen Demand through Aerobic Activated Sludge Process of TextileSikandar Ali Abbasi 3576.pdf2021-05-24 13:12 407K 
[   ]9 Understanding Customer Preference for Product Development Piyusha Sharma 3724.pdf2023-01-27 13:46 197K 
[   ]10- 82.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 771K 
[   ]10-848 ABHIGYA KARI.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 2.1M 
[   ]10-F-727.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 2.1M 
[   ]10 Adding_VALUES_in_Architectural_Design_of_Built_Environment.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 71K 
[   ]10 ICRIET-120.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 442K 
[   ]10 IJET-MTH1-00040.pdf2019-10-14 08:22 141K 
[   ]10 IJET-SI-12.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 70K 
[   ]10 M MOSAVI.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 457K 
[   ]10 POOJA SHUKLA.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 101K 
[   ]10 RAKESH KUMAR.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 145K 
[   ]10 Transformative Effects of IoT towards Smart Medical Internet of Medical Things _IoMT_ & Internet of Healthcare Things _IoHT_ Mubashir Ali-3588.pdf2021-05-24 13:10 189K 
[   ]10 a-Amylase, L-Asparaginase and Arginase Enzymes Production by Fungi Isolated from Rice Stored under Environmental Condition in Middle Egypt 3283-Marwa Mohammed.pdf2021-02-25 11:39 1.1M 
[   ]11-17.pdf2019-10-10 13:26 493K 
[   ]11- 83.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 273K 
[   ]11-F-728.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 65K 
[   ]11-IJET-852-SURENDRA BAJPAI AND DR VK SETHI.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 122K 
[   ]11 AMARJEET GHOSH.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 199K 
[   ]11 DK GAUTAM AND DR MR SHARMA.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 165K 
[   ]11 ICRIET-122.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 236K 
[   ]11 ICRIET-122 Updated.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 236K 
[   ]11 IJET-SI-13.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 137K 
[   ]11 MUKTA SONI.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 265K 
[   ]11 Study on the Concentration of Trace and Heavy Elements in Milk, Maize and Water Samples from Various Regions of Kotli Azad Jammu and Kashmir 3466-CH-M.pdf2021-02-25 11:39 259K 
[   ]11 TAVLEEN.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 4.2M 
[   ]11 Transformative Effects of COVID-19 on Global Economy and Internet of Medical Things _IoMT_ Current Vision, Role and Applications Mubashir Ali 3594.pdf2021-05-24 13:10 167K 
[   ]12-18 r.pdf2019-10-10 13:26 95K 
[   ]12- 98.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 638K 
[   ]12-F-727.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 157K 
[   ]12 ASPER JOURNAL FORMAT_vINEET_jAISHREE_aDITYA.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.1M 
[   ]12 Experimental Analysis of Ground Coupled Heat Exchange Systems Temperature Steadiness of Ground and its Benefits SK Soni 3434.pdf2021-02-25 11:39 487K 
[   ]12 ICRIET-129.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 404K 
[   ]12 IJET-SI-14.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 83K 
[   ]12 JATINDER RAJINDER.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 87K 
[   ]12 M.B. DURGAVALE.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 305K 
[   ]12 MOHIT.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 232K 
[   ]12 PANKAJ K VISHWAKARMA.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 188K 
[   ]12 Transmission System Expansion Plan, Methodologies, Framework, and Financial Appraisal Parameters A review Imtiaz Hussain Gilani 3436.pdf2021-05-27 14:56 547K 
[   ]13-20.pdf2019-10-10 13:26 120K 
[   ]13- 99.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 56K 
[   ]13-F-733.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 102K 
[   ]13 Dynamics of Land Transformation.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.3M 
[   ]13 ICRIET-148 Updated.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 106K 
[   ]13 IJET-SI-16.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 248K 
[   ]13 Matrix Modification of RSA Public Key Cryptosystem and its Variant Manju Sanghi 3513.pdf2021-02-25 11:39 83K 
[   ]13 SUKHVEER SINGH 853.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 85K 
[   ]13 SUNIL TUSHIR.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 140K 
[   ]13 The Effect of using Olive Oil Mill Wastewater on Bending and Compression Properties of Cement Mortar Husein A.pdf2021-06-07 15:32 603K 
[   ]14-21.pdf2019-10-10 13:26 112K 
[   ]14- 100.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 506K 
[   ]14-F-749.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 618K 
[   ]14 DR RAJSHREE KAMAT.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 713K 
[   ]14 DR SK MAHALA.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 66K 
[   ]14 Finite Element and Equivalent Frame Analysis of Masonry Façade_ Having an Arched Opening Anish Lakhera 3542.pdf2021-06-10 07:08 348K 
[   ]14 Fungicide efficacy for control of Mango Powdery Mildew caused by Oidium mangiferae Abdul Qayoom Majeedano 3458.pdf2021-02-25 11:39 150K 
[   ]14 ICRIET-132.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 502K 
[   ]14 IJET-SI-17.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 92K 
[   ]14 SANDEEP KUMAR.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 238K 
[   ]14 SMVDU_Redifining Master Plans for Smart and Sustainable Cities_Jit Gupta.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 94K 
[   ]15-3.pdf2019-10-10 13:26 140K 
[   ]15- 122. Nikhil sanghavi_Context in architecture Draft.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.2M 
[   ]15-F-753A.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 115K 
[   ]15 ICRIET-133 Updated.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 192K 
[   ]15 IJET-SI-19.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 126K 
[   ]15 SUMAN SINGH.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 45K 
[   ]15 Stabilization of Road Subgrade Soil Using Recycled Aggregates CE-S.pdf2021-03-02 07:55 148K 
[   ]15 Structural Strength of Expanded Clay Basalt Fiber Concrete Exposed to Salty Environment P.C.pdf2021-06-07 15:32 98K 
[   ]15 Vaishali Anagal Paper 2F.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.0M 
[   ]16-6.pdf2019-10-10 13:26 106K 
[   ]16- 135-revised-FINAL.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.7M 
[   ]16- 135.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.7M 
[   ]16-F-758.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 47K 
[   ]16 Detection of COVID-19 from C-X-Ray Scans Empowered by Machine Learning Mubashir Ali 3601.pdf2021-06-07 15:32 234K 
[   ]16 ICRIET-134.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 133K 
[   ]16 IJET-SI-20.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 142K 
[   ]16 PATKAR REVISED.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 194K 
[   ]16 Prime Labeling of Cyclotic Graph and Union of Cyclotic Graphs N. P 2761.pdf2021-03-02 07:55 245K 
[   ]16 SANDEEP KUMAR.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 90K 
[   ]16 SUPRIYA SINHA.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 803K 
[   ]17-13.pdf2020-11-04 16:21 93K 
[   ]17- 136.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 167K 
[   ]17-F-767.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 92K 
[   ]17 ABHIMANYU KUMAR.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 318K 
[   ]17 ICRIET-137.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 483K 
[   ]17 IJET-SI-21.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 294K 
[   ]17 Modeling Fire Effect of Reinforced Recycled Aggregate Concrete Beams by Regression Analysis Abdul Hafeez Buller 3489.pdf2021-03-02 07:55 663K 
[   ]17 RAHUL AGGARWAL.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 39K 
[   ]17 Verify the Wireless Power Transmission in Space using Satellite to Satellite System ADITYA BARASKAR 3546.pdf2021-06-14 15:10 561K 
[   ]18-14.pdf2019-10-10 13:26 98K 
[   ]18- 141.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 172K 
[   ]18-F-771.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 193K 
[   ]18 ABHILASH KUMAR.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 418K 
[   ]18 Genetic Algorithm Optimization of sliding Mode Controller Parameters for Robot Manipulator K.pdf2021-06-14 15:10 218K 
[   ]18 Ground Beetles _Coleoptera Carabidae_ Collected from Different Ecological Zones of Sukkur Sindh-Pakistan with New Records Waheed Ali Panhwar 3482.pdf2021-03-05 07:39 1.6M 
[   ]18 ICRIET-139.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 141K 
[   ]18 IJET-SI-23.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 79K 
[   ]18 M.A. KHAN.pdf2022-07-30 08:39 708K 
[   ]18 SADAF alfla.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 202K 
[   ]19-22.pdf2019-10-10 13:26 82K 
[   ]19- 147.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 68K 
[   ]19-F-777.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 69K 
[   ]19 ARUN NANDA.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.0M 
[   ]19 ICRIET-141.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 140K 
[   ]19 IJET-SI-25.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 130K 
[   ]19 PRABIR KUMAR BASAK.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 160K 
[   ]19 Russian Engagement in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization Motives and Current Situation Sergey Yu.pdf2020-10-28 21:49 90K 
[   ]19 Seroprevalence of Mycoplasma gallisepticum Amongst Commercial Layers in District Peshawar, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pakistan Rasool Bayan-3602.pdf2021-06-16 08:12 264K 
[   ]19 Studies on North-West Himalayan Russulaceae SHILPA SOOD 894.pdf2021-06-28 07:19 9.6M 
[   ]19 Text Analyzing Algorithm for Speech Synthesizer of Uzbek Language Bakhtiyor Akmuradov 3473.pdf2021-03-05 07:39 273K 
[   ]20-24-r.pdf2019-11-28 16:56 177K 
[   ]20- 148.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 461K 
[   ]20-801.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 231K 
[   ]20 A Sustainable Framework for Preventing IoT Systems from Zero Day DDoS Attacks by Machine Learning Mubashir Ali 3483.pdf2021-03-09 07:50 130K 
[   ]20 GURWINDER SINGH REVISED.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 425K 
[   ]20 ICRIET-145 UPDATED.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 192K 
[   ]20 IJET-SI-30.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.1M 
[   ]20 Social Network Applications as a Teaching-learning Platform Effectiveness on Student’s Performance in Higher Education- Minorita Lyngdoh.pdf2020-10-28 21:49 91K 
[   ]20 Studies on Development and Quality Evaluation of Mixed Fruit Bar Fortified with Whey Protein Concentrate SHAIKH ROHINA 886.pdf2021-06-28 07:19 452K 
[   ]20 Use of Social Media and Study Habits A Correctional Study of University Students Dr.pdf2021-06-25 14:52 137K 
[   ]21-26.pdf2019-10-10 13:26 178K 
[   ]21- 160.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 80K 
[   ]21-S-803.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 467K 
[   ]21 Current Status of Classification Method for Mapping Application A Review K.N.pdf2021-03-09 07:50 243K 
[   ]21 Development and Validation of a Holistic Sustainable Solid Waste Management Model Gul-E-Hina 3595.pdf2021-06-25 14:52 1.7M 
[   ]21 Effect of Neonicotinoid Acetamiprid and Imidacloprid Insecticides on Antioxidant Peroxidase Activity in Earthworm Eisenia fetida Dr. Parveen Kumar 891.pdf2021-06-28 07:19 83K 
[   ]21 Geotechnical Site Investigation for Infrastructure Development Project at Jigmeling Industrial Estate in Sarpang, Bhutan-Karma Tempa.pdf2020-10-28 21:49 350K 
[   ]21 HARISH KUMAR.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 826K 
[   ]21 ICRIET-144.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 155K 
[   ]21 IJET-SI-31-A-biodiesel.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 114K 
[   ]21 NEHA MODI.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 440K 
[   ]22-27.pdf2019-10-10 13:26 111K 
[   ]22- 161.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 75K 
[   ]22-S-804.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 88K 
[   ]22 AJAY MITTAL.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 78K 
[   ]22 Antimicrobial, Antioxidant and Antidiabetic Potential of Suaeda fruticosa L Ishtiaq Ahmad 3618.pdf2021-06-28 16:03 473K 
[   ]22 DR Y GARG SHEETAL 2.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 705K 
[   ]22 Digitalization and National Security Economic and Political Aspects _implications for Russia and the EAEU_- Yana L.pdf2020-10-28 21:49 157K 
[   ]22 Factors Influence the Service Quality in Hypermarket Yi-Chan Chung 3438.pdf2021-03-09 07:50 95K 
[   ]22 ICRIET-152.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 349K 
[   ]22 IJET-SI 32-RAMANDEEP KAUR.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 68K 
[   ]23-29.pdf2019-10-10 13:26 303K 
[   ]23- 181.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 53K 
[   ]23-S-805.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 110K 
[   ]23 ANKIT GANDOTRA 33.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 93K 
[   ]23 An Overview of IoT Hardware Development Platforms-3058-Dhawan Singh.pdf2020-10-28 21:49 1.4M 
[   ]23 ICRIET-154.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 3.0M 
[   ]23 Impact of N-fertilization on Onion Bulb Production of Different Genotypes through Onion-Set Tehseen Ali Jilani 3597.pdf2021-06-29 07:40 159K 
[   ]23 RAJNEESH GHAZIZBAD.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.3M 
[   ]23 SHUBHAM.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 236K 
[   ]23 System Development for Sale and Buy Execution in Stock Trading using Knowledge-Based System Suci Aulia 3491.pdf2021-03-16 09:05 259K 
[   ]24- 5.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 70K 
[   ]24-28.pdf2019-10-10 13:26 59K 
[   ]24-S-807.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 209K 
[   ]24 ANAMIKA SHARMA.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 88K 
[   ]24 Dynamic Influences of Urbanization, Economic Expansion and Primary Energy Consumption on Carbon Dioxide Emissions in Pakistan-Laveet Kumar.pdf2021-06-29 07:40 187K 
[   ]24 Effective Cooperative Hybrid Precoder for Multiuser Mmwave MIMO Communication-3154 Hoai Trung Tran.pdf2020-10-28 21:49 516K 
[   ]24 ICRIET-198.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 3.7M 
[   ]24 MANDEEP SINGH CHAHAL 31.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 60K 
[   ]24 Rationalization of Bio-slurry and Chemical Fertilizer Combinations for Growth and Pod Yield of Pea _Pisum sativum L.pdf2021-03-17 17:17 294K 
[   ]24 SAGAR CHOUKSHAY.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 197K 
[   ]25- 10.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 86K 
[   ]25-30.pdf2019-10-10 13:26 77K 
[   ]25-S-809.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 63K 
[   ]25 Analysis of Temperature Trend in the Klip River catchment, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa D.pdf2021-03-22 14:37 469K 
[   ]25 DR YOGESH GARG BHAWANA.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 46K 
[   ]25 ICRIET-157.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 630K 
[   ]25 PK SHARMA.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 144K 
[   ]25 SUKHMINDERBIR SINGH KALSI 34.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 74K 
[   ]25 Sentiment Analysis of Students’ Feedback before and after COVID-19 Pandemic Dr.pdf2021-07-16 14:40 377K 
[   ]25 The Mechanism of Effective Implementation of Strategies for Diversification of Agro-Industrial Enterprises of Ukraine-3167-Tetiana Somkina.pdf2020-10-28 21:50 578K 
[   ]26-31.pdf2019-10-10 13:26 86K 
[   ]26- 56.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 104K 
[   ]26-S-810.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 435K 
[   ]26 An approach on Enzymatic Synthesised Protein-Based Surfactant for Application in Personal and Home Care Formulations Nikita Wanjari 3512.pdf2021-03-22 14:37 135K 
[   ]26 Heterologous Cellulase Genes Expression and Post-Translational Modifications Analysis of Recombinant Saccharomyces cerevisiae-3175- P.pdf2020-10-28 21:50 759K 
[   ]26 ICRIET-159.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 376K 
[   ]26 M.A. KHAN.pdf2022-07-30 06:04 656K 
[   ]26 Modeling and Simulation of Fixed Bed Column for Arsenic Removal using Iron Ore and PAN Fiber Adsorbents Zulfiqar Ali Solangi 3624.pdf2021-07-14 15:38 2.8M 
[   ]26 SUKHMINDERBIR SINGH KALSI 33.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 63K 
[   ]26 TANMEET KAUR LUDHIANA.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 90K 
[   ]27-32.pdf2019-10-10 13:26 98K 
[   ]27- 57.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 78K 
[   ]27-S-811.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 120K 
[   ]27 Frequency Scaling Based Power Efficient Flip-Flop Design in 28nm FPGA-3080-ECE-Dhawan Singh.pdf2020-10-28 21:50 226K 
[   ]27 ICRIET-164.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 109K 
[   ]27 In-vitro Chemical Management of Fusarium Wilt of Tomato in Sindh, Pakistan Gul Bahar Poussio 3524.pdf2021-03-22 14:37 113K 
[   ]27 ROHIT KUMAR JAIN IJET-SI-40-PAPER.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 77K 
[   ]27 Role of Nanomaterials in Environment Clean Up technologies Toward a Sustainable Tomorrow NITYA GARG 3590.pdf2021-07-16 14:31 247K 
[   ]27 VISHAL RATHORE.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 112K 
[   ]28-33.pdf2019-10-10 13:26 76K 
[   ]28- 58.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 96K 
[   ]28-S-812.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 62K 
[   ]28 A Civilized Method to Fetal Brain Segmentation with U-Net Architecture using Optimal Semantic Blend Algorithm N SURESH KUMAR.pdf2020-04-08 14:24 266K 
[   ]28 AMJAD LNCT.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 56K 
[   ]28 Economic Feasibility and Environmental Aspects of an Electric Vehicle by using Standalone Photovoltaic Energy Md Rabiul Hasan 3537.pdf2021-07-16 14:31 118K 
[   ]28 ICRIET-166.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 221K 
[   ]28 IJET-SI-42-PAPER 35.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.0M 
[   ]28 Implementation of the Street Vendors _Protection of Livelihood & Regulation of Street Vending_ Act 2014 Case of Vadodara Mallika Dev-revised 3478.pdf2021-03-22 14:37 80K 
[   ]28 Synthesis and Crystal Structure of [tetrakis_µ-caprylato_-bis-_4-cyanopyridine_ copper_II_]-3172-CH-S.pdf2020-10-28 21:50 298K 
[   ]29-35.pdf2019-10-10 13:26 77K 
[   ]29- 131.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 103K 
[   ]29-S-814.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 448K 
[   ]29 Development of Manufacturing Enterprises in the Context of the New Technological Revolution Andrey Veretyokhin.pdf2020-04-08 14:25 141K 
[   ]29 ICRIET-172.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 141K 
[   ]29 JASANPREET SINGH 44.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 144K 
[   ]29 Numerical Modelling of Artisanal and Small-scale Mining Production Sergio Perez Rodriguez 3567.pdf2021-07-26 16:06 1.2M 
[   ]29 PANKAJ HR.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 139K 
[   ]29 Resistant Cultivars of Safflower Carthamus tinctorius based on Yield Performance and Infestation against Acanthiophilus helianthi _Diptera Tephritidae_ Sajjad Ali Khuhro 3497.pdf2021-03-31 10:27 309K 
[   ]29 Toward Supply Chain 4.0 and How Disruptive Technologies Help-3140- Qingyu Zhu.pdf2020-10-28 21:50 121K 
[   ]30-37.pdf2019-10-10 13:26 76K 
[   ]30- 142. full paper mnit jaipur.J.K.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 97K 
[   ]30-S-816.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 162K 
[   ]30 AMANDEEP SINGH.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 72K 
[   ]30 Comparative Performance Analysis of Apache Spark and Map reduce using K-Means E.pdf2020-04-08 14:27 270K 
[   ]30 Hydrotropic Extraction of Lignin from Vegetation Mass Yogita P.pdf2021-07-26 16:07 1.0M 
[   ]30 ICRIET-182.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 244K 
[   ]30 Postural Analysis of Sedentary Activities using Ergonomics Methods and VICON Motion Capture System Dr.pdf2021-07-31 08:19 1.2M 
[   ]30 Potassium Management for the Improvement of Growth and Yield of Grass Pea _Lathyrus sativus L.pdf2021-03-31 10:27 1.1M 
[   ]30 Predicting Attackers of Cyberbullying using Ant Colony Optimizationin Combating Psychological Effects among the Victims-3176-Rizauddin Saian.pdf2020-10-28 21:50 90K 
[   ]30 RAJINDER 2.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 520K 
[   ]31- 143.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 79K 
[   ]31-S-819.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 69K 
[   ]31 AS RAWAT.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 130K 
[   ]31 Critical Success Factors for Adopting Industry 4.pdf2021-03-31 10:27 210K 
[   ]31 Fake News Classification Bimodal using Convolutional Neural Network and Long Short-Term Memory-3182- M.J.pdf2020-10-28 21:50 165K 
[   ]31 HARDEEP KAUR.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.1M 
[   ]31 ICRIET-187.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 305K 
[   ]31 IJET-MTH-00128.pdf2019-11-12 15:31 208K 
[   ]31 Perspective Study on Content Based Video Retrieval C.pdf2020-04-08 14:29 231K 
[   ]31 Selection of Suitable Wheat Variety in Rainfed Areas using BEST WORST Method, DEX Method and Expert System Technology An Integrated Approach Dr.pdf2021-09-13 12:45 1.0M 
[   ]32- 146.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 59K 
[   ]32-S-823.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 144K 
[   ]32 Academic Semester Activities by Learning Management System during COVID-19 Pandemic A Case of Jazan University-3078-IT- Muhammad Arshad.pdf2020-10-28 21:50 397K 
[   ]32 Design and Implementation of Real-time Amphibious Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System for Sowing Seed Balls in the Agriculture Field 1672-ARUN KUMAR.pdf2020-04-08 14:31 2.1M 
[   ]32 Environmental Impact of Biophilic Architecture on Human Health Evidence from Residential Buildings Greater Noida, India Bashir Umar Mato 3493.pdf2021-03-31 10:27 2.9M 
[   ]32 ICRIET-190.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 188K 
[   ]32 IJET-MTH-00035.pdf2019-11-12 15:31 92K 
[   ]32 LOVEPREET KAUR.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 219K 
[   ]32 Machine Learning and Deep Learning for Challenging Security of IoT Analysis and Impact Mubashir Ali.pdf2021-09-22 14:53 274K 
[   ]33- 148.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 502K 
[   ]33-S-824.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 106K 
[   ]33 GURLEEN KAUR 41.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 204K 
[   ]33 ICRIET-196.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 65K 
[   ]33 IJET-MTH-00035.pdf2019-11-12 15:30 171K 
[   ]33 Role of Interleukin 10 in Hepatitis C Viral Clearance and Distribution of its Polymorphism in Pakistani population Maryam Zain 3479.pdf2021-04-07 13:12 334K 
[   ]33 Solving Bi-objective Interval Assignment Problem D.pdf2020-04-08 14:32 109K 
[   ]33 Studying the Patterns of the Urban Charging Infrastructure Operation for their Energy Supply from Renewable Sources-3202- A. D.pdf2020-10-28 21:50 508K 
[   ]34- 149.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 68K 
[   ]34-S-825.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 130K 
[   ]34 Analysis of Location based Sales Data using Machine Learning Algorithms GS.pdf2020-04-08 14:34 533K 
[   ]34 ICRIET 198.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 3.9M 
[   ]34 IJET-OTH-00226.pdf2019-11-12 15:30 137K 
[   ]34 Machine Learning Algorithms for Software Assessment Archana Thakur.pdf2021-10-16 10:51 114K 
[   ]34 RAJVIR SINGH 42.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 55K 
[   ]34 Safety Application in Android ARUN KUMAR SHARMA.pdf2021-03-15 11:34 602K 
[   ]34 Smart Mirror to Enhance Learning A Literature Review-3206-Nathasia Florentina Thejowahyono.pdf2020-10-28 21:50 303K 
[   ]34 Use of Social Media as an Interactive Teaching Aid in Developing Countries Abdul Hafeez Khan 3456.pdf2021-04-07 13:12 294K 
[   ]35- 152.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 50K 
[   ]35-S-827.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 415K 
[   ]35 Application of a New Trigonometric Theory in the Buckling Analysis of Three-Dimensional Thick Plate Onyeka F.C. 3474.pdf2021-04-09 13:59 3.3M 
[   ]35 Contingency Constrained Optimal PMU Placement in Power System using Binary Sine Cosine Algorithm 1801 Chintan Patel.pdf2020-04-08 14:36 159K 
[   ]35 Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction while Purchasing Online Grocery Shopping A Case Study of UAE Dr HINA IQBAL.pdf2021-10-22 04:52 65K 
[   ]35 ICRIET-195.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 543K 
[   ]35 IJET-MTH-00034-revised.pdf2019-11-12 15:30 138K 
[   ]35 The Extraction, Purification, and the Recent Applications of Coconut Oil in Food Products - A Review-3193-Edy Subroto.pdf2020-10-28 21:50 121K 
[   ]35 VARUN SINGLA.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 248K 
[   ]36- 154.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 390K 
[   ]36-S-828.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 113K 
[   ]36 A Case Study on Municipal Solid Waste Generation & its Physical Composition in Three Important Towns of Tripura, India-2976-CE-Sukanta Chakraborty.pdf2020-10-28 21:50 161K 
[   ]36 Assessment of Fire Safety Management of High Rise Buildings in Lahore, Pakistan Usman Ilyas 3535.pdf2021-04-09 13:59 239K 
[   ]36 Comparative Study of Corrosion Behaviour of Martensitic and Supermartensitic Stainless Steels in Two Corrosive Media Amel OULABBAS.pdf2021-10-26 18:12 740K 
[   ]36 ICRIET-156.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.0M 
[   ]36 KANWAR PARNEET SINGH KHURMI 43.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 226K 
[   ]36 The Effect of Service Quality on Commuters Satisfaction Towards the Adoption of Metro Services A Case Study of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation 1848-YOGENDRA PAL.pdf2020-04-08 14:37 126K 
[   ]37- 157.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 176K 
[   ]37-S-829.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 152K 
[   ]37 Combating Covid-19 and Related Psychological Disorders through Unani System of Medicine A Review Safia Husain.pdf2021-11-23 09:28 74K 
[   ]37 Comparison of Linear and Nonlinear H-Infinity Controllers for an Electric Vehicle Driven by the Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Boubekeur 3529.pdf2021-04-13 09:17 637K 
[   ]37 ICRIET-223.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 248K 
[   ]37 Impact of HRM Practices Towards the Employee Engagement in Private Banks-2996-Nishad Nawaz.pdf2020-10-28 21:50 215K 
[   ]38- 158.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 476K 
[   ]38-S-830.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 69K 
[   ]38 Artificial Neural Network based Solar Radiation Estimation A Case Study of Indian Cities Amar Choudhary 2715.pdf2021-06-18 09:36 1.2M 
[   ]38 Asian Financial Development The Rise of a New Financial SystemT-3178- Fedor I.pdf2020-10-28 21:50 1.0M 
[   ]38 Exogenous Hydrogen Peroxide _H2O2_ Eustress to Wheat Genotypes Attenuates their Salinity Distress Ghulam Hussain Jatoi 3541.pdf2021-04-13 09:17 685K 
[   ]38 ICRIET 194.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 4.2M 
[   ]38 Yoga Therapy and Heat Regulatory and Cardiovascular Systems of a Human Body VP Saxena.pdf2022-01-14 11:44 587K 
[   ]39- 178.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 83K 
[   ]39-S-831.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 259K 
[   ]39 An Investigation of the Effect of Gaseous Fuel Inlet on the Design and Modelling of a Gas -Turbine Combustor for Heating Purposes-3113-A. K.pdf2020-10-28 21:50 857K 
[   ]39 Assessment of the Genetic Diversity of Maize Genotypes under Heat Stress Muhammad Saeed 3347.pdf2021-04-26 09:49 264K 
[   ]39 ICRIET 119.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 203K 
[   ]40- 145.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 438K 
[   ]40-S-833.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 101K 
[   ]40 Effects of Corruption on Infrastructure Projects in Developing Countries Nouman Khadim 3540.pdf2021-04-26 09:51 251K 
[   ]40 ICRIET-158.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 181K 
[   ]40 Study on Circulation Module of Koha & SOUL2.pdf2020-10-28 21:50 1.8M 
[   ]41- 1.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 117K 
[   ]41-S-834.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 160K 
[   ]41 Assessment of Reference Evapotranspiration in the South of Ukraine by Air Temperature-3234-P.V.pdf2020-10-28 21:59 91K 
[   ]41 ICRIET-163.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 257K 
[   ]41 Phytol Anti-oxidative and Anti-inflammatory Effects in Hydrogen Peroxide Challenged Human PMBCs Involves NFκB Pathway Jawaid Ahmed Zai 3564.pdf2021-04-26 09:50 350K 
[   ]42- 17.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 88K 
[   ]42-S-835.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 668K 
[   ]42 A Comprehensive Review on the Application of Diagnostic Expert Systems in the Field of Agriculture Dr.pdf2021-04-28 12:50 171K 
[   ]42 ICRIET-185.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 486K 
[   ]42 Innovative Methodology and Management Tools of Commercial Real Estate-3225-Dmytro Ryzhakov.pdf2020-10-28 21:59 342K 
[   ]43-7.pdf2019-11-07 17:51 137K 
[   ]43- 32.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 238K 
[   ]43-S-836.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.7M 
[   ]43 ICRIET-220.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.8M 
[   ]43 Impact of Quenching on the Hardenability of Steels EN-3 _~1015_, EN-8 _~1040_ and EN-24 _~4340_ during Jominy End Quench Technique-3149-Omolayo M.pdf2020-10-28 21:59 572K 
[   ]43 Using the Theory of Planned Behavior to Identify the Behavioral Intention to use Public Transportation Service The Case Study of Karachi Circular Railway Dr.pdf2021-04-28 12:50 130K 
[   ]44-19.pdf2019-11-11 10:51 102K 
[   ]44- 63.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 794K 
[   ]44-S-837.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 232K 
[   ]44 Future IoT based on Smart Mirror A Literature Review-3210-S. Benson H.pdf2020-10-28 21:59 566K 
[   ]44 ICRIET-193.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 84K 
[   ]45-34.pdf2019-11-07 17:51 468K 
[   ]45- 119_.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 448K 
[   ]45-S-840.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 60K 
[   ]45 Case Control Study for Biochemical Abnormalities in Diabetic Cardiovascular Patients of South Punjab Pakistan Maryam Zain 3549.pdf2021-05-10 10:55 237K 
[   ]45 Factors Influencing Employee Performance at the Banking Sector in Kingdom of Bahrain Literature Review-3205-Fatima Isa Aldoseri.pdf2020-10-28 21:59 115K 
[   ]45 ICRIET-197.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 339K 
[   ]46-36.pdf2019-11-07 17:51 138K 
[   ]46- 120_.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 447K 
[   ]46-S-845.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 137K 
[   ]46 A Comprehensive Deriving the Factors of Landslide Happened in Malaysia-3209-A.A.pdf2020-10-28 21:59 419K 
[   ]46 Analyzing the Epidemiological Outbreak of COVID-19 using Descriptive and Predictive Analytics Sajjad Ahmad Baig 3557.pdf2021-05-21 14:48 233K 
[   ]46 ICRIET-206.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 777K 
[   ]46 Microbial Mineral Precipitation to Develop the Properties of the Concrete – A Review KISHORBHAI BHIKHABHAI VAGHELA -.pdf2022-08-26 03:31 1.0M 
[   ]47-40.pdf2019-11-07 17:51 140K 
[   ]47- 129__.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 115K 
[   ]47-S-847.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 71K 
[   ]47 ICRIET-207.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 78K 
[   ]47 Impact of Organization Learning Processes on Organizational Effectiveness The Moderated Mediation Analysis Syed Hussain Mustafa Gillani 3563.pdf2021-05-21 14:50 160K 
[   ]47 Reasons for Upgrading to Supply Chain 4.0-3141 David Hallgren.pdf2020-10-28 21:59 88K 
[   ]48-46.pdf2019-11-07 17:51 83K 
[   ]48- 151.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 231K 
[   ]48-S-853.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 70K 
[   ]48 ICRIET-213.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 372K 
[   ]48 Significance of Cloud Security Policies and Practices in Corporations and Organizations-2931-CSE-Nishant Kumar.pdf2020-10-28 22:00 658K 
[   ]49-45.pdf2019-11-07 17:51 88K 
[   ]49- 159 Development and Environment Interactions.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 3.4M 
[   ]49-S-858.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 108K 
[   ]49 Evaluation of Herbal Formulation using Andrographis paniculata Gel as an Antifungal Agent against Superficial Mycoses onto Animal Model-3230- Tuan Noorkorina Tuan Kub.pdf2020-10-28 22:00 1.3M 
[   ]49 ICRIET-219.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 221K 
[   ]50-53.pdf2019-11-07 17:51 231K 
[   ]50- 162 Assessing the impact of a few anthropogenic activities on water quality of river ganga.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 98K 
[   ]50-F-704.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 65K 
[   ]50 Analysing the effectiveness of Lean Six-Sigma Approach on Reduction of MUDAS _Wastes_.pdf2020-10-28 22:00 322K 
[   ]50 ICRIET 221.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 336K 
[   ]51-23_ed.pdf2019-11-07 17:52 282K 
[   ]51- 163 International Journal on Emerging Technologies 7.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 138K 
[   ]51-F-706.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 762K 
[   ]51 ICRIET-222.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 469K 
[   ]51 Improved Algorithm for Malay Word Sense Disambiguation-3259- Mohd Pouzi Hamzah.pdf2020-10-28 22:00 239K 
[   ]52-25-1st.pdf2019-11-07 17:52 516K 
[   ]52- 177. mega city.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 50K 
[   ]52-F-708.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 250K 
[   ]52 ICRIET-218.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 367K 
[   ]52 Statistical and Real life Significance of Obesity as an Etiopathogenesis of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus-3284-Prasanth.C.pdf2020-10-28 22:00 174K 
[   ]53-12-2nd.pdf2019-11-07 17:52 128K 
[   ]53- 14.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 717K 
[   ]53-F-709.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 301K 
[   ]53 ICRIET-216.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 426K 
[   ]53 Predicting the Impacts of Religion and Culture on Intention and Behavior towards Preventing Covid-19 Extending Theory of Planned Behavior-3144-Tekalign Lemma Woldesilassie.pdf2020-10-28 22:00 178K 
[   ]54- 18.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 402K 
[   ]54-F-712.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 277K 
[   ]54 Greening Existing Buildings for Energy Efficiency A review-3265-CE-Nurnazerah H.pdf2020-10-28 22:00 202K 
[   ]54 ICRIET-168.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 789K 
[   ]55- 20.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 80K 
[   ]55-F-717.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 383K 
[   ]55 Development of an Adaptive Energy Aware Routing Scheme for Wireless Sensor Networks-3212-CSE-Nauman Saeed Khan.pdf2020-10-28 22:00 873K 
[   ]55 ICRIET-179.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.3M 
[   ]56- 69. MNIT conference,2017.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 626K 
[   ]56-F-724.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 198K 
[   ]56 Conceptual Design A Novel Covid-19 Smart AI Helmet-3196-Safaa Najah Saud Al-Humairi.pdf2020-10-28 22:00 1.2M 
[   ]56 ICRIET-204.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 106K 
[   ]57- 73.NCUEMI_Garima Charan.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.2M 
[   ]57-F-725.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 93K 
[   ]57 ICRIET-211.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 86K 
[   ]57 Is Exchange Rate Volatility Influenced by Macroeconomic Variables In Context of Pakistan-3294.pdf2020-10-28 22:00 146K 
[   ]58- 78. URBAN CANNIBALIS Gurgaon submitted by Animeah Dev 22 12 16 EDIT.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.4M 
[   ]58-F-731.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 82K 
[   ]58 Effectiveness of Duolingo App in Developing Learner's Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation A Case Study of a blended TESOL Classroom-3295- Hind A.pdf2020-10-28 22:00 230K 
[   ]58 ICRIET-235.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 305K 
[   ]59- 109.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 416K 
[   ]59-F-743.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 647K 
[   ]59 COVID 19 Pandemic and Online Education in Hong Kong An Exploratory Study-3321.pdf2020-10-28 22:00 284K 
[   ]59 ICRIET-241.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 85K 
[   ]60- 117. Mixed-Use Eco-Skyscrapers as a Solution for Urban Environmental Management.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 576K 
[   ]60-F-744.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 296K 
[   ]60 ICRIET-155.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 112K 
[   ]60 Synthesis of ZnOpolyaniline Nanocomposite and its Application as Liquefied Petroleum Gas Sensor.pdf2020-10-28 22:00 868K 
[   ]61- 123__.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 562K 
[   ]61-F-750.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 655K 
[   ]61 Cyber Security and its Reality in Bangladesh An Analysis of Existing Legal Frameworks 3302 Kudrat-E-Khuda.pdf2020-10-28 22:00 114K 
[   ]61 ICRIET-101.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.0M 
[   ]62- 164.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 77K 
[   ]62-F-760.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 107K 
[   ]62 Effect of Different Weed Management Practices of Moth bean _Vigna aconitifolia_ SANTANU KUMAR MOHARANA 927.pdf2021-07-20 14:13 129K 
[   ]62 ICRIET-142 updated.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 465K 
[   ]62 Redefining Sentiment through Social Media Streams.pdf2021-01-07 13:58 53K 
[   ]62 Redefining Sentiment through Social Media Streams.pdf2020-10-29 12:48 53K 
[   ]63- 167.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 188K 
[   ]63-F-761.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 66K 
[   ]63 Effect of Light Intensity and Different Levels of Nitrogen on Growth, Yield and Photosynthetic characteristics of Giant Mustard _Brassica juncea var. Wong Bok_ Yash Kumar Singh 953.pdf2021-07-20 14:13 691K 
[   ]63 ICRIET-149 Updated.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 957K 
[   ]63 Social Networking Growth Information, Data and Material Generation through Historical Leadership.pdf2021-01-07 13:58 86K 
[   ]63 Social Networking Growth Information, Data and Material Generation through Historical Leadership.pdf2020-10-29 12:48 86K 
[   ]63 Suraj Kumar Singh.pdf2022-02-20 08:29 663K 
[   ]64- 169.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 608K 
[   ]64-F-765A.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 102K 
[   ]64 ICRIET 121.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 109K 
[   ]64 Role of Resources in Team Work Engagement A Study of Banking Sector of Pakistan 3312-Haider Ali Malik.pdf2021-01-07 13:58 142K 
[   ]64 Role of Resources in Team Work Engagement A Study of Banking Sector of Pakistan 3312-Haider Ali Malik.pdf2020-10-29 12:49 142K 
[   ]64 Studies on Correlation for Growth, Yield and Quality Characters in Cherry Tomato [Solanum lycopersicum _L._ var. cerasiforme Mill.] Venkadeswaran 912.pdf2021-07-20 14:13 173K 
[   ]65- 179.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 280K 
[   ]65-F-779.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 146K 
[   ]65 Determinants of Selection of Educational Institute among Parents-3346.pdf2020-10-30 17:57 230K 
[   ]65 Hybrids Evaluation of Bottle Gourd [Lagenaria siceraria _Molina_ Standl.] for Fruit Growth Yield Quality and Morphological Traits in Prayagraj Agro-Climatic Conditions Anuj Sohi 993.pdf2021-07-20 14:13 90K 
[   ]65 ICRIET-161 updated.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 59K 
[   ]66- 180. amrendra kumar singh paper_edited on 23.01.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 111K 
[   ]66-F-781.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 143K 
[   ]66 Critical Variables Influencing Project Performance in Real Estate Building Construction Sectors in Ethiopia, East Africa-3199- Tekalign Lemma Woldesilassie.pdf2020-10-30 17:57 139K 
[   ]66 ICRIET-178.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 313K 
[   ]67- 182.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 2.4M 
[   ]67-F-783.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 265K 
[   ]67 Analytical Analysis and Performance Characterization of Hexagonal Grid Configuration of Wet Cell Battery-3317-ME-Saifullah Samo.pdf2020-10-30 17:57 1.4M 
[   ]67 ICRIET-191 updated.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 340K 
[   ]67 Influence of HRM Practices on Employee Engagement in Private Sector Banks-Nishad Nawaz.pdf2020-12-01 09:07 186K 
[   ]67 Suraj Kumar Singh.pdf2022-02-18 19:59 584K 
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[   ]68 A Survey on Memetic Algorithm and Machine learning Approach to Traveling Salesman Problem-Rajeev G.pdf2020-12-30 08:53 201K 
[   ]68 Factors Influencing Knowledge Management Implementation in Secondary School A Case Study in Malaysia-3267-Sabariah Sharif.pdf2020-10-30 17:57 174K 
[   ]68 ICRIET-199.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 186K 
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[   ]69 ICRIET-200.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 468K 
[   ]69 Lexical Bundles A Corpus -driven investigation of Academic Writing Teaching to ESL Undergraduates-3358.pdf2020-11-05 16:39 131K 
[   ]70- 186.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 89K 
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[   ]70 ICRIET-203.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 424K 
[   ]70 Understanding the Acceptance of Digital Payment by Micro- and Small-scale Business in Indonesia-3296-Donny Darmawan.pdf2020-11-06 12:45 192K 
[   ]71- 168.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 99K 
[   ]71-S-817.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 152K 
[   ]71 An Autonomous Surveillance Robot with IoT based Rescue System Enhancement-3290-EEE- Hasan Mahmud.pdf2020-11-06 12:45 626K 
[   ]71 ICRIET-210 Updated.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.0M 
[   ]72- 33.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 86K 
[   ]72-S-818.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 157K 
[   ]72 ICRIET-130.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 415K 
[   ]72 Optimization of Carbon Source and Concentration for Lactobacillus acidophilus-3101- E.N.pdf2020-11-06 12:46 102K 
[   ]73- 34.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 284K 
[   ]73-S-820.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 108K 
[   ]73 ICRIET-201.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 163K 
[   ]73 Role of Organizational Structure and Management Support on Firms Performance Mediating Effect of Organizational Learning Capabilities-3151-Zhouhua.pdf2020-11-12 09:49 200K 
[   ]74- 48.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 406K 
[   ]74-S-842.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 102K 
[   ]74 High Efficient CSDG MOSFET based Boost Switching Regulator-3047-ECE-O. E.pdf2020-11-30 13:10 277K 
[   ]74 ICRIET-181.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 298K 
[   ]75- 64.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 404K 
[   ]75-S-844.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 231K 
[   ]75 ICRIET-202.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 263K 
[   ]75 Load Capacity and Failure Modes of Axially and Eccentrically Loaded Thin-Walled Steel Tubular Slender Columns Filled with Concrete-3245-Alireza Bahrami.pdf2020-11-30 13:10 794K 
[   ]76- 102.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 61K 
[   ]76-S-850.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 71K 
[   ]76 A Basic Framework for Benchmarking of Performance Indicator for Urban Public Transport System-Vijay Singh Solanki.pdf2020-10-29 10:45 181K 
[   ]76 Effects of Farmers’ Socio-economic characteristics on their Decision to Adopt ICT in Agriculture Empirical Evidence from Rural Punjab, Pakistan-3361-Abdur Rehman Shahzad.pdf2020-11-30 13:10 89K 
[   ]77- 113.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.0M 
[   ]77-S-859.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 386K 
[   ]77 Intelligent System for Classification of Residential Areas in Forest-3381.pdf2020-11-30 13:10 325K 
[   ]77 Use of ZnO Nanoparticles in the Degradation of Rhodamine B dye in Wastewater to Save the Environment SUNIL KUMAR.pdf2021-01-07 08:33 860K 
[   ]78- 153.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 146K 
[   ]78-S-866.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 245K 
[   ]78 Effect of Exposure and Withdrawal of Cell Phone Radiations on Kidney of Mice-3413-Harvinder Singh.pdf2021-01-06 09:23 2.6M 
[   ]78 Effect of Exposure and Withdrawal of Cell Phone Radiations on Swiss Albino Mice-Harvinder Singh.pdf2021-01-02 08:13 2.6M 
[   ]78 Non-Linear Mathematical Modelling for Quarter Car Suspension Model-3353- Biniyam Ayele Abebe.pdf2020-11-30 13:10 608K 
[   ]79- 166.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 3.6M 
[   ]79-S-867.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 924K 
[   ]79 Compact MIMO Antenna for UWB Application.pdf2023-04-12 18:41 525K 
[   ]79 Statistical Analysis and Bias Correction of GSMaP Satellite Rainfall Data for Flash Floods Modelling over the Basin of Ravi River, Pakistan-3374-Abdullah _1_.pdf2020-11-30 13:11 1.9M 
[   ]80- 171. Sus. Dev Green Arch.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 584K 
[   ]80-F-734.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 356K 
[   ]80 Motivating Path between Security and Privacy Factors on the Actual use of Mobile Government Applications in Jordan-3365- Ala'a Saeb Al-Sherideh.pdf2020-11-30 13:11 444K 
[   ]81- 175.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.0M 
[   ]81-F-742.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 917K 
[   ]81 Using FrameNet to Improve Question Answering System Performance-3327-Ibrahim Mahmoud Ibrahim Alturani.pdf2020-12-02 07:37 175K 
[   ]82- 189.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 377K 
[   ]82-F-747.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 87K 
[   ]82 New Formulation Method for Concrete Sand made with Dune Sand and Fillers from Limestone and Marble Industry by Product in Northern Borders Region of Saudi Arabia-3334-CE-TAREK SALEM ABDENNAJI.pdf2020-12-02 07:37 784K 
[   ]83- 165.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.1M 
[   ]83-F-748.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 80K 
[   ]83 Mass Energy Transfer Coefficients for the Calculation of Air Kerma in Tissues-3271- Olaseni Bello.pdf2020-12-07 08:01 112K 
[   ]84- 2.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 2.1M 
[   ]84-8F-751.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 128K 
[   ]84 Design for Six Sigma _DFSS_ Activity Implementation-3332-MBA-Yi-Chan Chung.pdf2020-12-07 08:01 58K 
[   ]85- 3. smart cities and challenges..pdf2018-12-15 15:42 163K 
[   ]85-F-756.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 146K 
[   ]85 The Analysis of Environmental Support in the Development Tourism at Nipa-Nipa Great Forest Park-3383-Alamsyah Flamin.pdf2020-12-11 14:09 321K 
[   ]86- 188.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 201K 
[   ]86-F-757.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 147K 
[   ]86 Evaluation of the Implementation of Government Programs in Accelerating the Development of Pregnant Beef Cattle in terms of Farmer Empowerment Stages-3385-Tanri G.pdf2020-12-11 14:09 108K 
[   ]87- 177. mega city.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 50K 
[   ]87-F-769.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 162K 
[   ]87 Type of Transaction Costs to Different Business Scales on Nomadic Duck Breeding-3384- Sitti Nurani Sirajuddin.pdf2020-12-11 14:09 85K 
[   ]88- 93.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.5M 
[   ]88-F-772.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 144K 
[   ]88 A Secured Architecture for Transactions in Micro E-Commerce using QR scan, e-Wallet Payment Applications with Adaptation of Blockchain-3390-Addepalli Lavanya.pdf2020-12-11 14:09 273K 
[   ]89- 21.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 804K 
[   ]89-F-773.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.5M 
[   ]89 Impact of Customer Relationship Management and its Significance in Rural Banking _A Case Study of Himachal Pradesh Gramin Bank_-Akhil Gautam.pdf2020-12-16 08:10 109K 
[   ]90- 4.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 287K 
[   ]90-F-774.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 790K 
[   ]90 Identification of Buffalo Purchases in Bone District, South Sulawesi Province, Indonesia to meet the needs of the Toraja Traditional Party-Sitti Nurani Sirajuddin.pdf2020-12-28 07:59 50K 
[   ]91- 15.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 273K 
[   ]91-F-775.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 468K 
[   ]91 Improving Cooling Capacity of HVAC System, A Case Study to Determine Efficient and Cost-Effective Opportunities at Pharma Company-3366- Muhammad Faisal.pdf2020-12-28 07:59 96K 
[   ]92- 77.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 723K 
[   ]92-F-784.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 365K 
[   ]92 The Mediating Role of Psychological Contract Breach In relation to Abusive Supervision and Work Withdrawal Intention-3400- Seemab Abid.pdf2021-01-01 08:45 54K 
[   ]93- 59.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.7M 
[   ]93-F-785.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 202K 
[   ]93 Implementing Augmented Reality in Learning Bakery for Autism Learner-3352-Faaizah Shahbodin.pdf2021-01-02 08:11 77K 
[   ]94- 22.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 62K 
[   ]94-F-786.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 385K 
[   ]94 Design and Implementation of Low-cost Flexible Intubation Box-3395-Hundessa Daba Nemomssa.pdf2021-01-02 08:11 136K 
[   ]95- 28.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 374K 
[   ]95-F-788.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 290K 
[   ]95 Horizontal Well in an Infinite Reservoir with Top Gas Cap-3409-J.O.pdf2021-01-02 08:11 373K 
[   ]96- 30.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.5M 
[   ]96-F-740.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 115K 
[   ]96 Effect of different Storage time on External and Internal Characteristics of Eggs of Hen _Gallus Gallus Domesticus_-3404- Muhammad Hashim Khan.pdf2021-01-14 15:12 88K 
[   ]97- 70.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.6M 
[   ]97-F-759-R.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 332K 
[   ]97 Seasonal Variations in Diversity and Distribution of Avian Fauna in Trimmu Barrage at District Jhang Punjab, Pakistan-3405-Muhammad Hashim Khan.pdf2021-01-04 08:05 112K 
[   ]98- 86.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 86K 
[   ]98-F-763.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 154K 
[   ]98 Improve the Batting Skills of Cricketers for Fast Pitch Conditions Through an Innovative Ball Projecting Platform-3417-DKA Induranga.pdf2021-01-05 08:16 636K 
[   ]99- 132.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 509K 
[   ]99-F-768a.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 373K 
[   ]99 Wadi Ziqlab Revisited Estimation of Soil Loss and Prioritization of a Mountainous Watershed _Northern Jordan_ Using RUSLE and GIS-3419- Samer Nawaiseh.pdf2021-01-14 09:00 1.1M 
[   ]100- 172.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.8M 
[   ]100-F-782.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 343K 
[   ]100 Blockchain-based Security Measure for Cloud-based Healthcare System-3432- Dojanah Mohammad Kadri Bader.pdf2021-01-14 09:00 286K 
[   ]101- 139.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 2.5M 
[   ]101-F-789.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 232K 
[   ]101 Social Media and Spreading the News of Covid-19 Pandemic in the Arab World-3371-Hussein Khalifa.pdf2021-01-19 16:39 190K 
[   ]102- 187.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 196K 
[   ]102-F-790.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 203K 
[   ]102 Numerical Simulations of Water Transfer in Clayey Soil Column Considering Cracks Development-3398-CE-Mabrouk A.pdf2021-01-20 08:29 666K 
[   ]103- 190.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.7M 
[   ]103-F-792.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 311K 
[   ]103 Comparative Analysis of the Awareness of the Cervical Cancer in the UAE Among Working Women, Female Players, and Household Ladies-3338- Leonardo Jose Mataruna-Dos-Santos.pdf2021-02-02 16:42 124K 
[   ]104- 191.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 809K 
[   ]104-S-826.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 563K 
[   ]104 The Role of Social Media in Destination Marketing A Case Study of Galiyat Region in Pakistan-3460- Adeel Jalal Malik.pdf2021-02-09 15:53 102K 
[   ]105- 195 optimizing building performance for energy efficiency in cooling buildings.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 315K 
[   ]105-S-854.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 131K 
[   ]105 Comparative Ichthyo Diversity of Ramsar Wetland Sites, Himachal Pradesh, India Dr. Indu Sharma 694.pdf2021-06-28 07:17 78K 
[   ]105 Data Encryption Standard Algorithm in Symmetric Key Cryptography over Finite Field F2 Arun Kumar Sharma 3433.pdf2021-03-15 10:25 139K 
[   ]106-S-874.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 632K 
[   ]106 Decomposition and Decoupling Analysis of Electricity Consumption in Pakistan Mazhar Ali Rahu 3444.pdf2021-03-15 10:25 597K 
[   ]107- 18 Full Length Paper Submission_NCUEMI_2017_Jaipur.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 727K 
[   ]107-S-875.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 132K 
[   ]107 Driver Behavior as Road Safety Indicator– A Case Study of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, India Ashutosh Gupta.pdf2021-04-19 08:08 351K 
[   ]108- 192.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 911K 
[   ]108-S-876.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 381K 
[   ]108 Effect of Socio-Economic Profile of Drivers on their Critical Driving Behavior A Questionnaire based Study.pdf2021-04-19 08:08 150K 
[   ]109- 193.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.5M 
[   ]109-S-882.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 139K 
[   ]109 UWB Antenna for Biomedical Application.pdf2023-04-12 18:55 339K 
[   ]110- 194.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.7M 
[   ]110-S-885.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 522K 
[   ]111- 202.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.1M 
[   ]111-F-794.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 179K 
[   ]112- 144.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 256K 
[   ]112-F-795.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 479K 
[   ]113- 183.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 329K 
[   ]113-F-798.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 93K 
[   ]114- 196.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 91K 
[   ]114-F-799.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 207K 
[   ]115- 198.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 226K 
[   ]115-F-800.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 58K 
[   ]116- 199.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 196K 
[   ]116-F-752.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 145K 
[   ]117- 200.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 325K 
[   ]117-F-764.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 166K 
[   ]118- 201.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 835K 
[   ]118-S-841.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 43K 
[   ]119- 203.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 454K 
[   ]119-S-846.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 150K 
[   ]120- 150.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.2M 
[   ]120-S-848.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 147K 
[   ]121- A comparative overview of the existing building rating systems- Bibhu Sir _1_.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 146K 
[   ]121-S-857a.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 165K 
[   ]122-S-862A.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 458K 
[   ]122.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 185K 
[   ]123-52. FINAL PAPER- AR.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.5M 
[   ]123-S-877.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 175K 
[   ]124-846-BIRADAR SURYAKANTH.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 130K 
[   ]124-S-883.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 110K 
[   ]125-13.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.7M 
[   ]125-S-884.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 249K 
[   ]126-36. Redevelopment as a development strategy A critical analysis .pdf2018-12-15 15:42 5.0M 
[   ]126-S-886.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 95K 
[   ]127-96.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 171K 
[   ]127-S-889.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 151K 
[   ]128-176.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 408K 
[   ]128- Kamakshi Rautela.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 189K 
[   ]129-8.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 795K 
[   ]129-KAMAKSHI RAUTELA.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 84K 
[   ]130-Mr.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 545K 
[   ]131-F-735.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 276K 
[   ]132-F-737.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 131K 
[   ]133-F-776.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.2M 
[   ]134-F-796.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 195K 
[   ]135-F-797.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 52K 
[   ]136-F-801.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 181K 
[   ]137-S-821.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 136K 
[   ]138-S-838.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 121K 
[   ]139-S-849.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 54K 
[   ]140-S-855.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 436K 
[   ]141-F-707.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 391K 
[   ]142-F-726.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 502K 
[   ]143-S-856.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 265K 
[   ]144-S-863.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 66K 
[   ]145-S-864.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.5M 
[   ]146-S-865.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 118K 
[   ]147-S-865B.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 180K 
[   ]148-S-878.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 333K 
[   ]149-S-879.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 256K 
[   ]151-S-891.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 104K 
[   ]152-S-851.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 438K 
[   ]153-Fabrication of Vechile Turning 90 degree.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 501K 
[   ]154-Neetika Abstract.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 94K 
[   ]155-S-882.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 140K 
[   ]156-S-892.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 212K 
[   ]157-S-897.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 233K 
[   ]158-S-898.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 291K 
[   ]159-SHIVASHEESH KAUSHIK SOLAR PAPER.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 225K 
[   ]160-F-738 Kavita Goswami.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 799K 
[   ]161-F- 739.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.3M 
[   ]162-fly and bricks.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 898K 
[   ]163-F-732-REVISED.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 237K 
[   ]164-F-754a.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 255K 
[   ]165-F-710.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 233K 
[   ]166-F723.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 210K 
[   ]167-F-778.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 163K 
[   ]168-F-745.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 83K 
[   ]171 Analyzing Trust based Routing in Secure MANET Using TAODV, TACO and FUZZY_FPSO Algorithms K.pdf2021-04-05 12:48 284K 
[   ]172 Compact MIMO Antenna with High Isolation for Wireless Applications.pdf2023-04-12 18:31 373K 
[   ]1843 Enhanced Feature Fusion and Selection Method for Improving Tablet Recognition 1843 AB.pdf2020-04-04 13:55 230K 
[   ]A 900 MHz High Gain Low Noise Figure Down Converter Mixer for Wireless Applications Abhay Chaturvedij6.pdf2020-06-09 07:47 185K 
[   ]ABCXYZ Analysis as a Key Tool for Optimizing Public Procurement Planning.pdf2019-10-10 09:10 108K 
[   ]A Case Study for Selection of suitable Vendor Management using the Fuzzy Logic Technique RAJU RANJAN.pdf2020-04-14 10:24 377K 
[   ]A Classic Search for Dominant Factors in Web Pages using Search Engines and Validation through Data Analytics using R MANIKANDAN1.pdf2019-07-26 16:05 76K 
[   ]A Cluster Based Under-Sampling Solution for Handling Imbalanced Data SUBODHINI GUPTA.pdf2019-11-28 17:57 273K 
[   ]A Cognizant Study of Machine Learning in Predicting Cervical Cancer at various Levels-A Data Mining concept GEEITHA.pdf2020-01-08 09:28 281K 
[   ]A Comparative Analysis of Applying Object Detection Models with Transfer Learning for Flower Species Detection and Classification Isha Patel 2385j5.pdf2020-05-26 08:16 1.5M 
[   ]A Comparative Study on Hopfield Network with LBP, PCA and LDA for Face Recognition in Distorted Face Images Ramesh Chandra Sahoo.pdf2020-02-06 09:22 453K 
[   ]A Comparative Survey on Wireless Sensor Networks based Internet of Things _IoT_ Akansha Sarad-Edited 2569.pdf2020-06-29 14:26 106K 
[   ]A Comparison of Machine Learning Algorithms in Fake News Detection LOKESHKUMAR R.pdf2019-11-28 17:57 352K 
[   ]A Complicated Murder Case Solved With the Aid of Fingerprints BHOOPESH_KUMAR_SHARMA.pdf2019-10-30 09:57 1.3M 
[   ]A Comprehensive Survey on Energy Efficient Routing Techniques and Various Attacks in Wireless Sensor Networks 1652-IT-Priyanka.pdf2020-03-16 15:57 277K 
[   ]A Convective Heat Flow in a Rectangular Cavity with Effect of Non-Isothermal Wall K GAYATRI.pdf2019-07-26 15:34 456K 
[   ]A Corner Point Quadrature Method for 4 Node Quadrilateral Element for the Evaluation of Element Stiffness Matrix Shyjo Johnson 261637.pdf2020-07-20 11:10 294K 
[   ]A Deep Learning Model for Malaria Disease Detection and Analysis using Deep Convolutional Neural Networks Mahendra Kumar Gourisaria 2003j15.pdf2020-05-02 07:56 447K 
[   ]A Dimensional Data Model for Healthcare Revenue Cycle Analytics and Business Intelligence Joseph George a1.pdf2020-06-11 12:47 503K 
[   ]A Fast Computation of Betweenness Centrality in Large Scale Unweighted Graphs NH NGUYEN 17167.pdf2020-04-18 09:09 470K 
[   ]A Framework for Sentiment Analysis of Online News Articles Jeelani Ahmedj1.pdf2020-05-26 08:16 246K 
[   ]A Fuzzy Logic based Approach for Replacing Mouse by Facial Expressions for People with Disability in Movement CSEPradeep V 1682n9.pdf2020-04-23 11:48 235K 
[   ]A Geospatial Approach for Groundwater Potential Assessment Using Multi Influence Factor MIF Technique SURAJ KUMAR SINGH.pdf2019-07-01 15:58 2.6M 
[   ]A Heuristic Approach for all-terminal Network Reliability using OANN Anuradha 2456.pdf2020-06-23 09:33 578K 
[   ]A Heuristic Approach for all terminal Network Reliability using OANN a6.pdf2020-06-22 20:20 578K 
[   ]AKHILA PREETA.pdf2019-10-30 09:57 1.1M 
[   ]A Kaleidoscopic View on the Impact of Financial Knowledge on Investment Decision of Individual Investors Nishad Nawaz.pdf2020-01-18 10:15 118K 
[   ]A Logistic Regression with Recursive Feature Elimination Model for Breast Cancer Diagnosis TINA ELIZABETH MATHEW.pdf2019-09-24 14:09 215K 
[   ]A Machine Learning Approach of Data Mining in Agriculture4.pdf2020-02-10 18:02 452K 
[   ]A March towards Smart Livable City Understanding Spatial Disparity of Smart Public Infrastructure across Thane Municipal Corporation-P.pdf2020-06-22 20:09 485K 
[   ]A Method for Diagnosis of Tuberculosis using Combined Blur and Affine Moment Invariants on Cavity Image.pdf2019-09-21 14:45 394K 
[   ]A Multiclass Plant Leaf Disease Detection using Image Processing and Machine Learning Techniques Nilay Ganatra 2954.pdf2020-06-30 11:11 111K 
[   ]ANAMIKA SHARMA DR SANJEEV GUPTA & DR RP SINGH.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 110K 
[   ]A New Approach for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for Sterilizing Cities from Covid19 Virus Ahmed Refaat Ragab 274373.pdf2020-07-30 07:38 558K 
[   ]A New Modified Sumudu Transform Called Raj Transform to Solve Differential Equations and Problems in Engineering and Science Cj6.pdf2020-05-12 07:36 128K 
[   ]A Novel Approach for Creating Sentiment Lexicon for Movie Reviews using Star Ratings SHASHANK SHARMA.pdf2020-03-03 16:54 294K 
[   ]A Novel Block Chain Based Approach for Secure Handoff in WMN with Reduced Authentication Delay SURAJ MALIK.pdf2021-09-24 15:35 1.0M 
[   ]A Novel Channel Sensing Mechanism for Cognitive Radio Systems J.pdf2020-03-07 16:59 747K 
[   ]A Novel Enhanced Energy Efficient and Secure Routing Protocol for MANET Nisar Ahmad Malik 2368.pdf2020-06-23 09:33 132K 
[   ]A Novel Enhanced Energy Efficient and Secure Routing Protocol for MANET a12.pdf2020-06-22 20:20 132K 
[   ]A Novel Hybrid Mitigation Technique against DoS Attacks in Software defined Network with Entropy SVM and Reinforcement Learning TRUPTI 1973j4.pdf2020-05-02 07:56 719K 
[   ]A Novel IoT Architecture Based Healthcare Monitoring System Anil Wamanrao.pdf2020-04-02 14:23 334K 
[   ]A Novel Method Applied to the Production of Biodiesel from Neem Oil A BALASUNDARAM.pdf2019-08-26 14:20 530K 
[   ]A Novel Scheme for Security of Unstructured and Semi Structured Big Data Outsourced to Cloud Pn6.pdf2020-04-24 15:07 158K 
[   ]A Novel Transversal Longitudinal Slots with Monopole Leaky Wave Antenna to Enhanced Scanning DHRUVA 1357j27.pdf2020-05-02 08:02 611K 
[   ]A Pattern based Approach for Sentiment Analysis using Ternary Classification on Twitter Data Dr Ej22.pdf2020-05-02 13:26 279K 
[   ]A Qualitative Research through an Emerging Technique to Improve Vocabulary for ESL Learners Aravind BR.pdf2020-04-20 16:27 96K 
[   ]A Reduced Switch Count Multilevel Module Multilevel Converter Topology KARRI V V SATYANARAYANA.pdf2019-10-11 13:16 1.4M 
[   ]A Review 5G using Millimeter Wave in Ultra-Reliable Machine-to-Machine Communications RAJESH KUMAR MAHTATO.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 186K 
[   ]A Review Energy Efficiency in Massive MIMO-Based 5G Networks System.pdf2018-12-26 17:40 235K 
[   ]A Review of Cloud Forensic Investigation Challenges Recommendation and Readiness 2911W14.pdf2020-08-17 09:07 202K 
[   ]A Review of Digital Water Marking in protect information copyright info privacy Techniques.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 179K 
[   ]A Review of Higher Education Service quality in Pursuit of Future Research Agenda Mohd Imran Siddiquei 2775n3.pdf2020-07-07 08:22 98K 
[   ]A Review of Memetic Algorithm and its Application in Traveling Salesman Problem 3158 Rajiv Kumar a1.pdf2020-08-13 15:46 129K 
[   ]A Review of Short Term Load Forecasting using Deep Learning SIVA SANKARI SUBBIAH 1952nu1.pdf2020-04-20 16:31 121K 
[   ]A Review of Short Term Load Forecasting using Deep Learning SIVA SANKARI SUBBIAH 19528.pdf2020-04-18 09:09 120K 
[   ]A Review of Two Decades of Deep Learning Hybrids for Financial Time Series Prediction 713.pdf2019-10-30 09:57 111K 
[   ]A Review on Impacts of Agricultural Runoff on Freshwater Resources Akash Doomra SARITHA VARA 2332j1.pdf2020-05-05 07:11 95K 
[   ]A Review on Impacts of Agricultural Runoff on Freshwater Resources Akash Doomra SARITHA VARA 2332j25.pdf2020-05-02 13:26 95K 
[   ]A Review on Jatropha curcas Derived Biodiesel for Economic and Sustainable Development Bhawna Yadav Lamba 2484.pdf2020-06-22 20:14 141K 
[   ]A Review on the Dominant Factors Affecting Silt Erosion in Hydro Turbines P SENAPATI 259139.pdf2020-07-20 11:10 402K 
[   ]A Review on the Improvement in Internet of Things Development using Fog Computing Aarti Rani 1577.pdf2020-06-23 09:33 224K 
[   ]A Review on the Improvement in Internet of Things Development using Fog Computing a16.pdf2020-06-22 20:20 224K 
[   ]A Security Risk on Data Storage in Cloud based System –Survey G. NAGARAJAN.pdf2019-08-12 11:54 253K 
[   ]A Sentiment Classification on Indian Government Schemes Using PySpark.pdf2020-03-16 10:26 248K 
[   ]A Simple and Efficient Automatic Attendance Management System SEA2MS Matcha Venu Gopala Rao 2350j4.pdf2020-05-12 07:37 1.1M 
[   ]A Study of Clustering Taxonomy for Big Data Mining with Optimized Clustering MapReduce Model KAMLESH KUMAR PANDEY.pdf2019-08-12 11:54 304K 
[   ]A Study of Clustering Taxonomy for Big Data Mining with Optimized Clustering MapReduce Model KAMLESH KUMAR PANDEY1.pdf2019-08-19 16:41 304K 
[   ]A Study of Component Gender in Teacher Effectiveness Personality and Emotional Intelligence amongst High School Educators Dr Dayal Sandhu 2255jj2.pdf2020-05-12 15:27 79K 
[   ]A Study of Factors Influencing Repurchase intention of Online Food Delivery in Bangkok, Thailand AMIT KUMAR NAG.pdf2019-10-16 16:35 132K 
[   ]A Study on Approaches for Measuring Residual Stress.pdf2019-07-01 12:57 102K 
[   ]A Study on Cybersecurity Awareness Among Students In Yobe State University Nigeria A Quantitative Approach Adamu A6.pdf2020-08-08 10:16 473K 
[   ]A Study on Effect of Ingredient Technology Branding on Consumer Buying Behaviour for High Involvement and Low Involvement Products SUDHA VERMARAJU 1839j18.pdf2020-05-02 07:56 154K 
[   ]A Study on Specific Computational Algorithms for VLSI Cell Partitioning Problems MANIKNANDAN1.pdf2019-07-26 16:05 82K 
[   ]A Study on Winter-time Roll Clouds over the Arabian Sea using INSAT-3D Satellite Observations 1454-Pooja Rana.pdf2020-01-30 14:39 903K 
[   ]A Study on the Automatically Allocating DHCP Additional Service IPs Using SDNNFV Technology SO-KI JUNG.pdf2019-06-07 16:04 723K 
[   ]A Study on the Factors Effecting Online Shopping Among Young Professionals Anoop Scaria 2215.pdf2020-05-23 07:01 74K 
[   ]A Study to Identify the Organizational Role Stress Factors as Perceived by the College of Sciences72.pdf2020-07-30 07:38 105K 
[   ]A Survey of Biometric Key-Binding Biocrypto-System using different Techniques IJET-RT-1491-CSE- Neeraj TantubayI_New.pdf2020-03-16 15:57 357K 
[   ]A Survey of Specific IoT Applications Alzubi et al.pdf2019-05-16 09:22 348K 
[   ]A Survey on Big Data Analytical Tools & Techniques in Healthcare Sector Sarita Mishra 2338j1.pdf2020-06-09 07:47 274K 
[   ]A Survey on Predicting Autism Spectrum Disorder using Machine Learning Techniques N. PRIYA.pdf2019-11-07 16:11 334K 
[   ]A Survey on Secure Trust based Routing in WSN-Hemavati Patil-7.pdf2023-06-02 05:40 113K 
[   ]A Systematic Review of Literature on General and Social Entrepreneurship SMITHA PILLAI.pdf2019-07-18 11:56 217K 
[   ]A Systematic review on Application based Parkinson’s disease Detection Systems BIOMEDICAL-DR SUDIP PAUL.pdf2019-10-11 13:16 382K 
[   ]A Travel Time Prediction by Applying Ensemble Machine Learning Techniques Mrinmoyee Chattoraj 2736.pdf2020-06-29 14:27 260K 
[   ]A Two Stage DEA OLS Approach for Analysing the Impact of Multi Year Tariff Regulation on the Performance of Indian Electricity Distribution Utilities PAVAN KHETRAPAL.pdf2019-10-05 16:04 450K 
[   ]A Virtualized Mobile Agents Based IoT Model with Map Reduce Using the Pythons Spade Framework 2548 CSE Benard O 2.pdf2020-07-04 16:16 410K 
[   ]Adaptive CostSensitive Sparse Representation Truncated Gradient Online Classification ACSSRTGCP.pdf2020-04-14 10:24 158K 
[   ]Adaptive Modulation and Coding Scheme for Physical Layer of Wireless Regional Area Network R31.pdf2020-07-20 11:10 330K 
[   ]Adaptive Recommendation Routing for node efficiency for Wireless Sensor Network SIVA RAMA KRISHNAN S.pdf2019-11-20 10:54 156K 
[   ]Admittance Modeling of the Power System with DFIG based WECS for IGE Analysis Rn6.pdf2020-07-07 08:22 525K 
[   ]Adoption Self Service Technologies in Public Service Kurniawan 2924 a5.pdf2020-07-23 17:24 164K 
[   ]Advanced A Algorithm with Dispersion Index for Dynamic2.pdf2020-08-05 12:16 581K 
[   ]Advanced Controlling Schemes for Active Power Filter A Review DR PANKAJ SWARNKAR.pdf2019-05-31 15:59 198K 
[   ]Advances in Human Microbiome as an Emerging Tool in Forensics Mayssa Hachem 2381 REVISEDj6.pdf2020-05-15 16:25 150K 
[   ]Affective Commitment of Construction Engineers Empirical Evidence from Construction Industry Yazan Alzubi 304874.pdf2020-07-30 07:39 115K 
[   ]After Effects of Epileptic Seizure on the Functioning of Autonomic Nervous System Dipen Deka 2017n7.pdf2020-05-08 14:10 182K 
[   ]Agent based Dynamic Resource Allocation in Sensor Cloud using Fog Computing PRASHANT SANGULAGI.pdf2019-07-29 12:28 487K 
[   ]Agile Project Management for Knowledge-Based Projects in IT Sector Bandana Chhetri 2826.pdf2020-06-29 14:27 121K 
[   ]Algae A Potential Source to Prevent and Cure the Novel Coronavirus A review R SUNDERARAJ 2154.pdf2020-04-20 16:27 85K 
[   ]Algae A Potential Source to Prevent and Cure the Novel Coronavirus A review R SUNDERARAJ 2154n1.pdf2020-04-23 11:36 85K 
[   ]An ARDL Approach to the Dynamic Linkage between Equity Markets and Long7.pdf2020-07-20 15:57 388K 
[   ]An ARDL Approach to the Dynamic Linkage between Equity Markets and Long Term Bond Yield Pre and Post Period of the Global Financial Crisis Amar Yadav 2942 7.pdf2020-07-04 15:21 306K 
[   ]An ARDL Approach to the Dynamic Linkage between Equity Markets and Long Term Bond Yield Pre and Post Period of the Global Financial Crisis Amar Yadav 2942n0.pdf2020-07-07 08:22 388K 
[   ]An Amalgam Method efficient for Finding of Cancer Gene using CSC from Micro Array Data Sanjay Kumar 2199j7.pdf2020-05-21 12:14 148K 
[   ]An Analytical Review of Strategic Technology Management in the Public Sector in the GCC The Case of Kuwait Jarrah Al-Mansour.pdf2019-11-20 10:25 150K 
[   ]An Analytical Study of Employees Payment System Preferences and its Impact on Organizational16.pdf2020-08-19 16:01 194K 
[   ]An Analytical View of the Moderating Effect of Gender on Online Purchase Behavior Raeesa Bashir.pdf2020-02-24 14:11 221K 
[   ]An Approach of Convolution Neural Network to Detect Cancer from Medical Radiology Images-Abhilash Shukla.pdf2020-06-22 20:09 588K 
[   ]An Approach providing Congestion Control & Avoidance using Priority based Energy Efficient mechanism for Internet of Things _IoT_ Akansha Sarad 2571.pdf2020-06-22 20:14 955K 
[   ]An Approach with Steganography and Scrambling Mechanism for Hiding Image over Images R MANIKANDAN.pdf2019-05-23 11:52 350K 
[   ]An Approach with Steganography and Scrambling Mechanism for Hiding Image over Images R MANIKANDAN new.pdf2019-10-11 15:50 349K 
[   ]An Authentication Method based on Visual Cryptography using LU Factorization for Cloud Environment ANUPAMA JAIN.pdf2019-11-12 15:55 228K 
[   ]An Econophysics Approach to Analyse the Correlations in the Stocks of S&P 500 Index of India.pdf2020-06-30 11:11 587K 
[   ]An Econophysics Approach to Analyse the Correlations in the Stocks of S&P 500 Index of India SUSHIL KUMAR 2886.pdf2020-06-22 20:10 818K 
[   ]An Econophysics Approach to Analyse the Correlations in the Stocks of S&P 500 Index of India SUSHIL KUMAR 2886j7.pdf2020-06-22 20:20 818K 
[   ]An Edge based Steganographic Approach using a two Level Security Scheme for Digital Image Processing and Analysis SOURAV KUMAR BHOI FINAL.pdf2019-07-20 15:08 645K 
[   ]An Effective Framework for Bridging the Gap between Industry and Academia Drj2.pdf2020-06-01 09:34 136K 
[   ]An Efficient Feature Selection Method for Offline Signature Biometrics Mamta Garg 2951.pdf2020-06-30 11:11 131K 
[   ]An Efficient Mammogrammic Image Retrieval using Ring-based Classification SONIA JENIFER RAYEN.pdf2019-09-16 08:53 460K 
[   ]An Efficient Node Ranking Mechanism for Identifying Selective Forwarding Attacks in WSN UDAYA SURIYA RAJKUMAR D.pdf2019-11-16 11:07 1.2M 
[   ]An Efficient Software Source Code Metrics for Implementing for Software Quality Analysis VARUN KAR LAL SRIVASTAVA.pdf2019-12-13 17:01 95K 
[   ]An Efficient Speaker Recognition using Improved Convolution Neural Networks.pdf2019-11-01 14:13 497K 
[   ]An Efficient and Lightweight Security Scheme for Big Data N Sirisha.pdf2020-03-16 10:18 358K 
[   ]An Experimental Investigation of Properties of Cement with Waste Marble Powder in Cement 10 NISHANT PUNIA@ RAVIKANT.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 142K 
[   ]An Experimental Investigation of Rice Husk ash and Waste Paper Sludge ash as Partial Replacement of Cement in Concrete ELIYAS MAJEED.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 71K 
[   ]An Experimental Study on the Utilization of Marble and Granite Waste Slurry in Manufacturing of Bricks 9 ANKUR KANSAL.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 119K 
[   ]An Exploratory Study of Important Dimensions in Strengthening BuyerSupplier Relationship Rajesh Nj21.pdf2020-05-02 08:02 261K 
[   ]An Exploratory Study of Important Dimensions in Strengthening Buyer Supplier Relationship Rajesh Njj.pdf2020-05-12 15:14 261K 
[   ]An Improved Sierpinski Fractal MIMO Array Antenna with Enhanced Isolation for Next Generation Wireless Applications Manas Ranjan Jena 2055j4.pdf2020-05-23 07:01 946K 
[   ]An Innovative Approach for Ranking Hexagonal Fuzzy Numbers to Solve Linear Programming Problems Mayuri C9.pdf2020-04-18 09:09 166K 
[   ]An Innovative Approach for Ranking Hexagonal Fuzzy Numbers to Solve Linear Programming ProblemsMayuri Cnu1.pdf2020-04-20 16:37 166K 
[   ]An Innovative Methodology in Design of a Permanent Magnet Brushless DC Motor for a Particular Application UPENDRA KUMAR 1855.pdf2020-04-20 16:27 355K 
[   ]An Innovative TOPSIS Framework in Hesitant Fuzzy Using Multi-Criterion and Multi-Objective Group Decision System for Breast Carcinoma K.R.SEKAR.pdf2019-12-05 16:33 110K 
[   ]An Integrated IoT System Pathway for Smart Cities Ayodeji Olalekan Salau.pdf2020-01-01 14:31 1.4M 
[   ]An Integrated Methodology for Testing Source Code by Using Multi PRADEEP UDUPA.pdf2019-08-12 11:54 95K 
[   ]An Integrated Methodology for Testing Source Code by Using Multi PRADEEP UDUPA1.pdf2019-08-19 16:41 95K 
[   ]An Investigation on Bore-well Rescue Robot –Present Devices and Techniques SRIRAMIREDDY K _1_.pdf2020-03-03 16:54 465K 
[   ]An Investigation on Pavement Shoulder Treatment using Coir Fiber RUMI SUTRADHAR.pdf2020-03-16 10:26 176K 
[   ]An Optimized Energy Efficient Clustering and Load Balancing Approach for Multi Hop Wireless Sensor Network RMANIKANDAN.pdf2019-05-31 15:59 205K 
[   ]An Unsupervised Deep Learning Methods for Fabricating Text Mining Analysis based on Topic Modeling and Document Clustering Techniques DR E LAXMI LYDIA.pdf2019-07-26 15:34 449K 
[   ]Analysing the Performance of Classification Algorithms on Diseases Datasets LAXMI.pdf2019-10-16 16:35 246K 
[   ]Analysis and Comparison of Aluminium Matrix Composite in Pressure Vesselj1.pdf2020-05-26 08:19 2.2M 
[   ]Analysis of Available Selection Techniques and Recommendation for Memetic Algorithm and its Application to TSP 3160 Rajiv Kumar a2.pdf2020-08-13 15:46 113K 
[   ]Analysis of Cloud Computing for Security Issues and Approaches SHEEBA KHAN.pdf2019-05-24 10:40 381K 
[   ]Analysis of Fracture and Gunshot Entrance Pattern of Skull caused by 0.22-caliber CZ 75 and 0.38-caliber Smith & Wesson BHOOPESH KUMAR SHARMA.pdf2019-12-05 16:33 1.5M 
[   ]Analysis of Master Disguised Writing with the Aid of Specific Individual Writing Characteristics DR BHOOPESH SHARMA.pdf2020-03-31 16:16 318K 
[   ]Analysis of Performance of Switched Capacitor Circuits Sn1.pdf2020-05-08 14:10 227K 
[   ]Analysis of Sex Trafficking in India- A View on Health Care Context R.pdf2020-01-08 09:46 237K 
[   ]Analysis of Soil Stabilization by the Intervention of Jute Fiber TAWSEEF AHMAD SHAH.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 132K 
[   ]Analysis of the Regional IT Services Market by Using Fuzzy Logic Methods INNA VLADIMIROVNA ANTOKHONOVArevised.pdf2019-10-05 16:32 98K 
[   ]Analyzing the Design of the Octagonal Patch Antenna at 67 GHz with Altering Dimensions Ramakrishna Guttula.pdf2020-01-06 17:57 1.0M 
[   ]Antecedent and Consequence of Internet Usage.pdf2019-07-08 16:45 323K 
[   ]Application Program Interface on Artificial Neural Network in QGIS using Python PSSj7.pdf2020-06-04 07:21 315K 
[   ]Application of Artificial Intelligence in Improving Operational Efficiency in Telecom Industry Santosh Elapanda 1989j5.pdf2020-05-15 16:25 105K 
[   ]Application of Higher Order Shear Deformation Theory in the Analysis of thick Rectangular Plate Edozie a3.pdf2020-08-14 07:39 170K 
[   ]Application of ICT in the College Libraries of Assam PRAFULLA MAHANTA.pdf2019-08-28 13:05 121K 
[   ]Application of ICT in the College Libraries of Assam PRAFULLA MAHANTA11.pdf2019-08-30 16:42 120K 
[   ]Application of Machine Learning Models in Drug Discovery A Review N PRIYA.pdf2019-10-22 16:13 863K 
[   ]Application of Municipal Solid Waste as a Soil Nutrients Booster Humic Acid and its Analysis through FTIR and GC MS NISHA GUPTA 1547.pdf2020-04-20 16:27 394K 
[   ]Application of the New Integral Jtransform in Cryptography Vj12.pdf2020-05-02 07:56 100K 
[   ]Applications of Information Measures to the Theory of Coding RUCHI HANDA.pdf2019-09-19 15:06 120K 
[   ]Applying “Fuzzy Techniques” in Construction Project Management SAVITA SHARMA.pdf2019-09-11 14:01 893K 
[   ]Approximate Solution of Ordinary Differential Equations via Hybrid Block Approach.pdf2019-12-02 10:07 262K 
[   ]Approximation Layer based Weighted Average Image Fusion using Guided Filter for Medical Images Anandbabu Gopatoti 2087j7.pdf2020-05-19 07:43 341K 
[   ]Area Optimized TI2C Design for CSI s Camera Control Interface Protocol Utsav Kumar Malviya 2698j5.pdf2020-07-08 13:41 1.8M 
[   ]Arithmetic and Logical Unit Design for Area Optimization for Microcontroller Amrut Anilrao Purohit 1558j10.pdf2020-05-02 07:57 271K 
[   ]Artificial Neural Network Photovoltaic Generator Maximum Power Point Tracking Method using Synergetic Control Algorithm Edjadessamam AKORO 1893n7.pdf2020-04-24 15:07 460K 
[   ]Artificial Neural Network based Solar Radiation Estimation A Case Study of Indian Cities Amar Choudhary 271538.pdf2020-07-20 11:12 1.2M 
[   ]Artificial Neural Network based Solar Radiation Estimation Amar Choudhary.pdf2020-08-14 15:44 1.5M 
[   ]Assessing How Thermodynamic Properties Varies for Ethyl Acetate and N Pentanol System at Dualistic Temperatures DR K SOUJANYA.pdf2019-09-20 15:43 235K 
[   ]Assessment of Irrigation Potential Utilization in Middle Narmada Basin of Central India a1.pdf2020-08-13 16:08 422K 
[   ]Assessment of Land Use and Land Cover Dynamics in Shingla River Basin Using Multi Temporal Satellite Imageries Basheer Khan 1474.pdf2020-02-10 18:02 455K 
[   ]Assessment of Pavement Shoulder Condition in Rural Roads Rumi Sutradhar.pdf2020-01-18 10:15 414K 
[   ]Assessment of Population Genetic Diversity of cocoa Theobroma cacao Ln4.pdf2020-05-08 14:10 654K 
[   ]Assessment of Small Scale Solar PV Electricity Generation Potential using a Novel Technique GADO ABUBAKAR.pdf2019-11-27 10:02 365K 
[   ]Association between Transformational Leadership1.pdf2019-09-07 08:55 241K 
[   ]Association between Transformational Leadership and.pdf2019-07-08 17:06 241K 
[   ]Assorted Sentiment Analysis Model for Natural Crisis Response and Recovery using Big Data driven Technology S. DHYANI.pdf2019-12-18 12:32 193K 
[   ]Augmentation of Groundwater Recharge in Rainwater Harvesting Systems A Coastal City Study Kishan Singh Rawat 2310j1.pdf2020-05-29 16:28 316K 
[   ]Automated Decision Support System for Breast Cancer Prediction Madhu Kumari 27999.pdf2020-07-20 10:29 374K 
[   ]Automatic Extraction of Facets for user Query in Text Mining AEFTM 1873 RAMYA4.pdf2020-04-18 09:09 186K 
[   ]Availability Assessment of Crop residue Potential for Electric Power Generation in Punjab India A Review Harpreet Singh Dhaliwal 22051.pdf2020-04-18 16:34 443K 
[   ]Barcode for Retail Store Operations- The Perfect Tool at Low Cost Rajeev Gupta 2587.pdf2020-06-29 14:27 83K 
[   ]Bearing Capacity Analysis of a Square Footing Supported on Geogrid Reinforced Sand Anand Shrigondekar 2246j2.pdf2020-05-21 12:14 626K 
[   ]Bearing Capacity of Sand Beds Reinforced with Bamboo Baskets Piyush Jain 309546.pdf2020-07-20 12:00 532K 
[   ]Behavioral Advertising with Big Data A Consumer’s Perspective Deepika Puri 2504.pdf2020-06-23 09:33 170K 
[   ]Behavioral Advertising with Big Data A Consumers Perspective Deepika Puri 25041.pdf2020-06-22 20:20 170K 
[   ]Behavioral Advertising with Big Data A Consumers Perspective a13.pdf2020-06-22 20:20 170K 
[   ]Behavior of Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete subjected to Impact Loads NAYANA PATIL.pdf2019-08-23 15:27 481K 
[   ]Benchmaking in logistics Literature Review2766Mohamed Achraf Laissaoui33.pdf2020-07-20 11:12 346K 
[   ]Bibliographical Review of Monitoring and Controlling Technique for Earthing System -Rahul Agarwal-5.pdf2023-05-24 12:13 201K 
[   ]Biocementation of Sandy Soil at different Relative Density Abubakar Sadiq Muhammed 24913.pdf2020-07-28 07:31 382K 
[   ]Bipolar Sigmoid Algorithm for Designing Constructive Neural Network-Jaswinder Kaur.pdf2020-06-22 20:14 167K 
[   ]Bose Einstein 1 and Bose Einstein 2 Model for Optimal Query Expansion ABHISHEK SHUKLA.pdf2020-02-13 17:49 101K 
[   ]Brain Tumor Detection and Extraction using Type Fuzzy with Morphology Dillip Ranjan Nayakj1.pdf2020-05-05 07:35 184K 
[   ]Brands Inspired by Spiritual Leaders Exploring Indian FMCG Market and New Age Consumers Ajay Rathore 2463.pdf2020-06-23 09:34 196K 
[   ]Brands Inspired by Spiritual Leaders Exploring Indian FMCG Market and New Age Consumers a11.pdf2020-06-22 20:20 196K 
[   ]Business Continuity Management and Crisis Leadership.pdf2019-07-08 16:43 243K 
[   ]Calculation of Indicators of Investment Attractiveness of the Region ELENA VOROBYOVA.pdf2019-09-27 16:19 158K 
[   ]Cancer Prediction in Skin Cell Culture using Finite Difference Time Domain SHELENDRA PAL.pdf2019-11-28 17:57 426K 
[   ]Cardiac Arrhythmia Detection on Electrocardiogram Beats based on KPCA and SVR 1537-EI-S.T.pdf2020-03-16 15:57 263K 
[   ]Case Study of a Manufacturing unit of West Bengal by using JavaScript for Calculation of Overall Equipment Effectiveness Raju Ranjan.pdf2020-01-30 14:39 239K 
[   ]Case Study on Business Excellence Issues of an Indian Automobile Manufacturer using SAP-LAP Framework-Sumit Kumar.pdf2020-06-22 20:10 159K 
[   ]Causes and Impacts of Urban Floods in Indian Cities A Review Drj6.pdf2020-07-08 13:41 224K 
[   ]Challenges to Rural Livelihood Practices A comparative study among Garos & Non-Garos in West Garo Hills District of Meghalaya, India.pdf2019-12-11 09:47 103K 
[   ]Change of the content of Soil Water stable Aggregates in a Fallow Field Depending on the Cultivation Level of Albic Glossic Retisols of LongTerm Field Experience 1509OA.pdf2020-04-20 16:27 322K 
[   ]Characteristics of Double-porous Layered Slider Bearing with Parabolic Pad Stator using Ferrofluid Lubricant MATH-Darshana A Patel 2460.pdf2020-06-30 11:11 279K 
[   ]Children’s Predilections Concerning the Fast- FoodsJunk- Foods in Saudi Arabia Mohammad Zulfeequar Alam.pdf2020-01-18 10:15 107K 
[   ]Chromosomal Analysis and Parental Age Effect on Incidence of Down’s Syndrome in the Population of Himachal Pradesh A Pilot Study NEELAM THAKUR 863.pdf2020-06-22 20:14 379K 
[   ]Classification using Association Rule Mining over Mammogram Images A Review Nj5.pdf2020-05-12 07:37 96K 
[   ]Closed Loop Control of CSC converter Using PI and Fuzzy Logic Controllers for DC Motor Driven Applications V S PRASADARAO K.pdf2019-08-28 13:05 202K 
[   ]Cloud Streets Occurrence over the Arabian Sea during Summer Monsoon Season Pooja Rana.pdf2020-02-24 14:11 1.7M 
[   ]Clustering the Customer based on Perception Towards Financial Advertisement A Case of India Pallavi Dogra 2244j9.pdf2020-05-19 07:43 108K 
[   ]Cognitive Knowledge of Routing Protocol Configuration in Smart City K RAJKUMAR.pdf2019-05-23 11:49 202K 
[   ]Common Fixed Point Theorems for Two Pair of Weakly Compatible Mappings in Modified Intuitionistic Fuzzy Metric Space-Arun Kumar Garg-6.pdf2023-06-02 05:38 223K 
[   ]Compact Cities as Sustainable Development Model Vineet Shrivastava 2801.pdf2020-06-29 14:27 725K 
[   ]Comparative Analysis of Output Power of PVWind Hybrid Boost Converter System41.pdf2020-07-20 12:01 813K 
[   ]Comparative Analysis of PAPR Reduction in PTS-OFDM Using Different Optimization Techniques -K.pdf2020-02-24 14:11 136K 
[   ]Comparative Analysis of Wavelet bi spectrum and Power Spectrum Features for the Classification of Adventitious Lung Sound Rupesh Dubey 1714j7.pdf2020-05-26 08:20 834K 
[   ]Comparative Assessment of Face Recognition Methods by the use of Artificial6.pdf2019-10-19 14:48 457K 
[   ]Comparative Performance Analysis of Combined SVM-PCA for Content-based Video Classification by Utilizing Inception V3 GAGAN VISHWAKARMA.pdf2019-11-05 16:19 278K 
[   ]Comparative Soil Analysis by Scanning Electron Microscope A Forensic Perspective Sharon Philip 2139j2.pdf2020-05-12 07:39 1.4M 
[   ]Comparative Study of Effectiveness of Peripheral Dose of Linear Accelerator Beam on Organs near the Radiotherapy Field Edge in Complete, and Half Rahim Abdulkarimi 1468.pdf2020-04-01 15:07 586K 
[   ]Comparative Study on Performance of Document Classification Using Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms KNIMEMANIKANDAN.pdf2019-06-26 15:27 204K 
[   ]Comparison of Performance of Distributed Controller Fault Tolerance Model DCFT using Load Balancing in Software defined Networking in well known Topologies GAURANG V LAKHANI.pdf2019-07-29 12:28 600K 
[   ]Comparison of Second Law Efficiency of Halocarbon Refrigerants Ethane Series Influenced by Evaporator Temperature for Vapour Compression Refrigeration System.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 473K 
[   ]Comparison of the Germinability and Protective Potentials of Helianthus annuus Extracts and Copper Sulphate Solution on Cajanus cajan Seeds OGHENEROBOR B.pdf2019-11-12 15:58 161K 
[   ]Comparisons of Blockchain based Consensus Algorithms for Security Aspects Mansi Bosamia 1617j2.pdf2020-05-29 16:28 360K 
[   ]Comprehensive Comparison and Analysis of Nature Inspired ACO based Routing Algorithms in Ad Hoc Networks DR RAJESHWAR.pdf2019-07-24 13:07 217K 
[   ]Comprehensive Data Analysis and Prediction on IPL using Machine Learning Algorithms Valarmathi B 2113j1.pdf2020-05-23 07:01 573K 
[   ]Computer Aided Instruction to Teach concepts in Education Roberto Leopoldo Suson 2035j2.pdf2020-05-15 16:25 105K 
[   ]Conception of Drainage Morphometry by using Remote Sensing and GIS Hridayesh Varma.pdf2020-01-14 16:59 357K 
[   ]Conceptual Model for Innovation Research 2755 Katerina Kozludzhova 1.pdf2020-07-04 16:16 283K 
[   ]Configuration of Design and Engineering Parameters of Aircraft 1251-A.A.pdf2020-04-01 15:07 236K 
[   ]Constitutionality and Legality of Corona Virus COVID 19 induced Lockdowns in India Limits of Sanction and Extent of Liberation ZAFAR NMANI 2244j2.pdf2020-05-05 07:56 129K 
[   ]Constitutionality and Legality of Corona Virus COVID 19 induced Lockdowns in India Limits of Sanction and Extent of Liberation ZAFAR NMANI 2244n2.pdf2020-05-05 15:29 129K 
[   ]Construction of Perfect Periodic Binary Sequences for Radar Applications Tara Dutt Bhatt 1846j9.pdf2020-05-02 07:57 156K 
[   ]Consumer Expenditure Pattern Study on Environmental Goods SANTOSH SHARMA.pdf2019-09-16 08:53 90K 
[   ]Content Based Image Retrieval with integrated Techniques AP.pdf2020-04-20 16:27 404K 
[   ]Contrastive Study and Review of Word Sense Disambiguation Techniques SSn8.pdf2020-07-07 08:22 149K 
[   ]Contributions of SECI in Characteristics of Knowledge Sharing and Learning Effectiveness Exploring amidst Higher Education Students R.pdf2021-10-05 13:52 382K 
[   ]Control Strategies Governing Induction Motors as Industrial Drives A Technical Review SUDESHNA GHOSH.pdf2019-06-01 16:20 759K 
[   ]Conventional Architecture of Jammu An Analytical Review ANOOP KUMAR SHARMA.pdf2019-10-05 16:04 2.2M 
[   ]Convergence of Abbas and Nazir Iterates for a Multi-valued Map with a Fixed Point Arti Saxena.pdf2020-03-07 16:56 102K 
[   ]Convolution Neural Network based Fire Detection in Surveillance Videos A UMAMAKESWARI.pdf2019-09-19 15:06 812K 
[   ]Convolutional Neural Network for No Reference and Full Reference using Image Quality Assessment S. SATHYAMOORTHY.pdf2019-09-06 16:42 143K 
[   ]Corpus Augmentation for Neural Machine Translation with English-Punjabi Parallel Corpora Simran Kaur Jolly.pdf2020-01-23 16:09 218K 
[   ]Correlation between CXCL-motif-10 and IFN- γ on Hemodialysis Patients with HCV under Treatment ALI A DAWOOD.pdf2019-10-16 16:35 284K 
[   ]Correlation of Compressibility Behaviour with Activity of Clay B.pdf2020-06-22 20:10 120K 
[   ]Correlation of Compressibility Behaviour with Activity of Clay Bj4.pdf2020-06-22 20:20 120K 
[   ]Corrosion behavior of TaC coated AZ31 Alloy A.pdf2020-03-03 16:54 1.0M 
[   ]Cost Optimization of PV Diesel Systems in Nanogrid using Cuckoo Search Algorithm and its Application in Mobile Towers Cj8.pdf2020-05-26 08:21 160K 
[   ]Critical Success Variables Influencing Implementation of Total Productive Maintenance Tekalign 2586.pdf2020-06-22 20:11 150K 
[   ]Cultivation Technology and Efficiency of Field Bean Grain Usage in the Diet of Dairy Cows Alyona Viktorovna Krasovskaya.pdf2020-04-14 10:24 199K 
[   ]Cultural Continuity through Analysing Architecture of Hindu Temples in India Aditya Kumar Singh.pdf2020-06-29 14:27 1.2M 
[   ]Current Status of Nanotechnology based Academic Entrepreneurship in Indonesia Radyum Ikono 2192j2.pdf2020-05-28 10:58 239K 
[   ]Customer Centric Prioritization using Multi Criteria Decision Making Method Mj2.pdf2020-05-08 14:10 172K 
[   ]Cyber Property Rights Its Present Status and Challenges Bangladesh Context Drj20.pdf2020-05-02 08:02 172K 
[   ]Cyber Stalking Technological Form of Sexual Harassment Shivam Jindal.pdf2019-12-20 16:36 105K 
[   ]DLDroid Feature Selection based Malware Detection Framework for Android Apps developed during COVID 19 Arvind Mahindru 2609j4.pdf2020-06-04 07:22 847K 
[   ]Data Aggregation on Single & Multiple data sinks in Heterogeneous Wireless Sensor Network using BATOC45.pdf2020-07-20 12:02 824K 
[   ]Data Authorization in Hadoop using Kerberos Authentication System and Transport Layer Security YALLAPRAGADA.pdf2020-03-16 10:18 204K 
[   ]Data Curation of Signalling Protein Molecules in Breast Cancer-Piyusha Sharma-1.pdf2023-03-07 12:05 377K 
[   ]Data Driven Diagnosis of Cervical Cancer using Association Rule Mining with Trivial Rule Expulsion Approach K.pdf2020-03-31 16:16 173K 
[   ]Data Integration and Data Privacy through PayAsYouGo Approach LAXMI LYDIA.pdf2019-08-06 16:33 243K 
[   ]Deep Learning Approach for Partitioning of Teeth in Panoramic Dental X-Ray Images Peer Ahamed Buhari.pdf2020-01-23 16:09 589K 
[   ]Deep Learning in Pandemic States Portrayal Khushi Sharma 2598j1.pdf2020-06-09 07:13 293K 
[   ]Degradation of the Soil Humus Content in the Takhtamukaysky District of the Republic of Adygea IRINA TLETSERUK.pdf2019-08-02 15:27 72K 
[   ]Depiction of Aluminum-Fly ash hybrid Composites Sankar Narayan Das 2302.pdf2020-06-23 09:35 1.2M 
[   ]Depiction of Aluminum Fly ash hybrid Composites a9.pdf2020-06-22 20:20 1.2M 
[   ]Deposition and characterization of thin Films on Titanium Substrate Review Soon Min Ho 245944.pdf2020-07-20 12:02 140K 
[   ]Design Approach of Bio Gas Digester for Energy Harvesting by Municipal Solid Waste Management in Agartala City Sukanta Chakraborty 2118j4.pdf2020-06-11 07:46 279K 
[   ]Design Methods of MIMO Antenna for 5G New Radio Applications in Mobile Terminals-A Review Hatte J S 2476.pdf2020-06-23 09:37 1.1M 
[   ]Design Methods of MIMO Antenna for 5G New Radio Applications in Mobile Terminals A Review a8.pdf2020-06-22 20:20 1.1M 
[   ]Design and Comparative Analysis of CNTFET based Tristate Buffer for Multiplexer HASAN SHAKIR.pdf2019-08-26 14:20 567K 
[   ]Design and Development of IOT Based Smart Library using Line Follower Robot Rohit Tripathi 2798.pdf2020-06-30 11:11 470K 
[   ]Design and Implementation of Black Box for Security and Monitoring of Automobile PREMA SINGH 1766j24.pdf2020-05-02 13:26 442K 
[   ]Design and Implementation of a United Multi Core Memory Controller using AXI4 Lite Interface Protocol Ahmed Noami 2294j4.pdf2020-06-01 09:35 462K 
[   ]Design and Implementation of an Algorithm for Mitigating the Congestion in Mobile Ad Hoc Network HARSH PRATAP SINGH.pdf2019-11-22 12:37 351K 
[   ]Design and Performance Analysis of C-Band Water Antenna NAVEETA.pdf2020-02-06 09:20 444K 
[   ]Design and UVM Verification of High Speed ALU R. MANIKANDAN.pdf2019-05-28 10:47 481K 
[   ]Design and UVM Verification of High Speed ALU R MANIKANDAN.pdf2019-05-27 16:43 481K 
[   ]Designing a Decision Support Framework for Municipal Solid Waste Management.pdf2019-12-23 15:49 463K 
[   ]Designing and Implementation of Arduino based3.pdf2020-08-05 12:18 2.0M 
[   ]Design of AMBA AXI4-Lite for Effective ReadWrite Transactions with a Customized Memory SAINATH CHAITANYA.pdf2020-03-16 10:18 945K 
[   ]Design of CC3DOFPD Controller for Load Frequency Control of Multi Area Multi43.pdf2020-07-20 12:03 567K 
[   ]Design of Combined Cam and Piercing Progressive Die Set for a Sheet Metal Component M Thenarasu 2401j4.pdf2020-06-09 07:48 265K 
[   ]Design of Smart Pulse Oximeter using ATMEGA 328 Microcontroller Deivasigamani.pdf2020-06-24 07:50 547K 
[   ]Design of Smart Pulse Oximeter using ATMEGA 328 Microcontroller a2.pdf2020-06-22 20:20 547K 
[   ]Design of Successive Approximation _SA_ based Low Complexity Multiplier-less Coefficient Decimation Filter Bank for SDR Receivers K.pdf2020-06-22 20:11 514K 
[   ]Design of Survival-Hazard and Mathematical Model for High Osmolarity Glycerol Protein using Parametric and Nonparametric Methods SHRUTI JAIN.pdf2019-09-11 16:59 1.2M 
[   ]Design of a Fault Detection and Recovery method for Cluster based Underwater Wireless Sensor Networks Tejaswini R Murgod 2165j1.pdf2020-05-21 12:14 179K 
[   ]Detection of Mite Disease and Computation of Affected Area in Raw Coconut.pdf2020-03-16 10:26 202K 
[   ]Determinant Matrix for Gold Monetization Scheme GMS and Household Preferences for Gold Backed Products in Himachal Pradesh India Narinder Verma 2278j1.pdf2020-05-12 07:39 247K 
[   ]Determinants of Job Satisfaction affected by Work Environment An Academician Perspective from Non Public Institutions Shiv Kant Tiwari 1911n.pdf2020-04-20 16:27 123K 
[   ]Determinants of Licensing Deals in Pharmaceutical Industry B.pdf2020-06-22 20:11 128K 
[   ]Determinants of Licensing Deals in Pharmaceutical Industry Bj2.pdf2020-06-22 20:20 128K 
[   ]Determinants of e Procurement Implementation in Construction in Nigeria Egidario B 2044j21.pdf2020-05-02 08:02 159K 
[   ]Determination of Alumina Content during Aluminum Electrolysis in Cryolite Alumina Melts O.pdf2020-08-14 15:43 363K 
[   ]Determination of Lateral Force on Steel Plate Shear Wall by using European Code Sudarshan Rj25.pdf2020-05-02 08:02 188K 
[   ]Developing Digital Research Portal for Bukidnon State Universitys Scholarly Work Sales Aribe Jr 2757 5.pdf2020-07-04 15:21 2.1M 
[   ]Development Challenges and Future Outlook of 3D Concrete Printing Technology Amitkumar Dn5.pdf2020-05-08 14:11 217K 
[   ]Development and Validation of Indigenously developed DNA Detection System for Mj4.pdf2020-05-21 12:15 281K 
[   ]Development of Colloidal Semiconductor Nanocrystals Synthesis, Properties and their Outlook for Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs) DR. AKSHAY KUMAR.pdf2020-06-22 20:21 1.4M 
[   ]Development of Hybrid Ad Hoc on Demand Distance Vector Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad hoc Network Ankur Goyal 1658.pdf2020-04-02 14:23 118K 
[   ]Development of Interactive Book of Basic Arabic Language for Jabatan Agama47.pdf2020-07-20 12:03 826K 
[   ]Development of Mathematical Model of Bottom Hole Assembly for Rotary Steerable System YAI.pdf2019-12-30 11:11 426K 
[   ]Development of MultiHop Clustering Approach for Vehicular Adhoc Network Ankit Temurnikar 25636.pdf2020-07-20 10:29 254K 
[   ]Development of Pedestrian Safety Index Model at Mid-block Crossings for Urban Roads in Developing Countries using Multiple Linear Regression Badveeti Adinarayana.pdf2019-12-23 15:49 5.4M 
[   ]Development of a Model for Merger and Acquisition for Entrepreneurs of Asia, Europe and North America in their Business Growth RADEEP KUMAR.pdf2019-11-22 12:37 107K 
[   ]Diabetic Retinopathy Detection and Classification using Pre-trained Convolutional Neural Networks Sanskruti Patel.pdf2020-06-30 11:11 415K 
[   ]Differential Antioxidative and Osmolytic Responses to Salt (NaCl) Stress among Seven Bhendi (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench) Varieties R DESINGH.pdf2020-06-22 20:21 153K 
[   ]Differentiation Strategy in Private Banking Services in India Identifying Role of Tangible Factors & Traits Affecting Service Levels SUSHENDRA KUMAR MISRA.pdf2019-09-12 11:59 103K 
[   ]Digital Video Broadcasting in STBC Site Diversity Technique for MC-CDMA System -ABHINAV RAJ.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 120K 
[   ]Digitalization of Receivables Management.pdf2019-10-10 09:10 72K 
[   ]Discovery of Significant miRNA biomarkers for Breast Cancer using Decision Tree Classifier Apurva A.pdf2020-04-20 16:27 685K 
[   ]Disseminating the Authentication Process Based on Secure RGVSS Multi-Biometric Template Encryption through QR Code in Health Care Informatics DEVENDRA REDDY RACHAPALLI.pdf2019-11-01 09:26 870K 
[   ]Distributed Implementation of Efficient Symmetric Key Cryptic Algorithm 309751.pdf2020-07-20 12:04 502K 
[   ]Disturbance Observer Based Adaptive Sliding Mode Hybrid Projective Compound Synchronization AYUB KHAN.pdf2020-03-03 16:54 803K 
[   ]Diversity of Philippine Photosynthetic Euglenophytes and their Potential Biotechnological Uses A Review ELDRIN DLR.pdf2019-11-12 15:58 231K 
[   ]Diversity of Small Indigenous Freshwater Fish Species (SIFs) in Assam_ Nutritional Contents and Medicinal Importance A Review PALLWABEE DUARAH.pdf2020-06-22 20:21 92K 
[   ]Does Religiosity Impacts Consumer Ethics An Empirical Analysis Shashank Kathpal.pdf2020-02-24 14:11 207K 
[   ]Does a Retailer Service Influence more on Buying Decisions of Decorative Paint Dr Vinod R a2.pdf2020-06-11 12:47 86K 
[   ]Domain and Schema Independent Question Answering on Linked Data 2.pdf2020-07-28 07:32 1.9M 
[   ]Double Loop Decoupled Proportional Controller for Dynamic and Kinematic Model for a Ground DR F B SAYYAD.pdf2019-07-29 12:28 331K 
[   ]Double Loop Decoupled Proportional Controller for Dynamic and Kinematic Model for a Ground DR F B SAYYAD1.pdf2019-09-18 09:28 331K 
[   ]Drag Reduction by Biopolymers in Gravity Driven Flow Ch V36.pdf2020-07-20 11:12 146K 
[   ]Driver Drowsiness Detection System using Convolutional Neural Network Komal 2340j1.pdf2020-06-04 07:22 208K 
[   ]Dual Dielectrically Modulated Electrostatically Doped Tunnel-FET for Biosensing Applications BRAMHANE.pdf2019-11-28 17:57 1.4M 
[   ]Dusty Time Fractional MHD Flow of a Newtonian Fluid through a Cylindrical Tube Sanjib Sengupta 1782j2.pdf2020-05-02 07:57 248K 
[   ]Dyadic Human Interaction Recognition from Videos using Multi-layer 3D CNN Subetha T 2621.pdf2020-06-29 14:27 380K 
[   ]Dynamic Feature based Computational model of Sentiment Analysis to Improve Teaching Learning System Y. SAHU.pdf2019-11-12 15:58 1.0M 
[   ]Dynamical Behavior of Prey Predator System with Alternative Food for Predator NISHANT JUNEJA.pdf2019-06-19 12:03 129K 
[   ]E-HRM Practices in Commercial Banks An Empirical Study in Kanniyakumari District E. RUSHIT GNANA ROY.pdf2019-11-05 16:33 74K 
[   ]EDITTDA Approach for Agile Human Resource Performance in Bangalore Software Industry NISHAD NAWAZ.pdf2019-11-05 16:33 109K 
[   ]ER PARVEEN.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 447K 
[   ]Early Evaluation of Type Diabetics Mellitus Disease Dr Sj7.pdf2020-05-02 07:57 65K 
[   ]Ecoethical Cultural Dynamism An Educational Tyranny Sushma Juyal Anthwal.pdf2019-09-07 08:52 173K 
[   ]Econometric Estimation of Food Services Supply Factors.pdf2019-10-10 09:10 94K 
[   ]Economic-Driven Strategies for Virtual Machine Allocation in Cloud Data Center AVNEESH VASHISTHA.pdf2019-09-11 14:30 123K 
[   ]Economic Driven Model for Virtual Machine Allocation in Cloud Data Center Avneesh Vashistha 305440.pdf2020-07-20 11:17 359K 
[   ]EconomicDriven Model for Virtual Machine Allocation in Cloud Data Center Avneesh Vashistha 305440.pdf2020-07-20 11:20 359K 
[   ]EconomicDriven Model for Virtual Machine Allocation in Cloud Data Center Avneesh Vashistha 305460.pdf2020-07-20 11:12 359K 
[   ]Economic Impact of Gender Inequality in Service Sector in Bengaluru City Aj8.pdf2020-05-21 12:15 100K 
[   ]Economic Re Engineering Covid 19 Ruchika Gupta1.pdf2020-07-04 15:21 139K 
[   ]Educational Performance Values for Managing the Public Schools in Saudi Arabia -SAFAR ALMUDARA BAKHEET.pdf2019-07-15 16:47 189K 
[   ]Effective Power Quality of Grid Connected WECS Employing FLC Controllers SHIVAJI BHUKYA.pdf2019-10-22 16:13 568K 
[   ]Effectiveness-of-Quality-Management-System-in-Construction-Projects-Muhammad-Waheed-2.pdf2023-05-15 11:30 50K 
[   ]Effectiveness of Duolingo App in Developing Learner's Vocabulary, Grammar and Pronunciation A Case Study of a blended TESOL Classroom-3295- Hind A.pdf2021-01-06 09:23 230K 
[   ]Effect of Alienation on Adjustment of Undergraduate Level Students1.pdf2019-10-19 14:48 86K 
[   ]Effect of Antioxidants on the Storage Stability of Biodiesel Produced from Jatropha curcas Vineet Kumar.pdf2020-01-18 10:15 1.0M 
[   ]Effect of Digitalization on the Competitiveness of Money Transfer Operators in the National Payment System Vladimir Vyatcheslavovich Kuznetsov 1586j11.pdf2020-05-02 07:57 105K 
[   ]Effect of Earth Pressure Coefficient on Underground Metro Station Madan Magdum.pdf2020-01-14 16:59 1.0M 
[   ]Effect of Entrepreneurial Orientation on Organizational Performance within Abu Dhabi National Oil Company Talal Alshehhi.pdf2019-09-07 08:52 260K 
[   ]Effect of Ethanol based Mixtures on the Performance of CLPHP Experimental Approach N10.pdf2020-04-18 09:09 569K 
[   ]Effect of Ethanol based Mixtures on the Performance of CLPHPExperimental Approach Nnu1.pdf2020-04-20 16:38 569K 
[   ]Effect of Financial Performance on Corporate Social Responsibility and Stock Price A Study of BSE Listed Companies Om Prakash Agrawal.pdf2020-02-13 17:49 119K 
[   ]Effect of Four Mukhi Rudraksha on Cognitive Dysfunction in Stressed Working Females-SHIVA SHARMA.pdf2019-12-13 17:01 174K 
[   ]Effect of Image Compression with Frame Size and DCT compression using Local Binary Pattern PADMAJA 2592.pdf2020-06-30 11:11 117K 
[   ]Effect of Magnetic Field Two-temperature Dual Phase Lag and Initial Stress on7.pdf2019-10-19 14:48 158K 
[   ]Effect of Managers Support in Technology based Training on Training Transfer Nur Izzaty Mohamadj2.pdf2020-05-15 16:16 101K 
[   ]Effect of Mineral matter on Ash Combustion Behavior of Indian CoalPriya Ranjan Mishra 2245j2.pdf2020-06-04 07:23 163K 
[   ]Effect of Nano Materials on increasing the Capacity of Spillways Kalai Selvi R 2211j6.pdf2020-05-21 12:16 245K 
[   ]Effect of Particle Size on Compressive Strength of Concrete with Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag as Admixture Along with Microstructural Analysis V 6.pdf2020-07-04 16:17 852K 
[   ]Effect of Polypropylene Fiber on Properties of Bagasse Ash-Cement Stabilized Clay Soil TARUN SHARMA.pdf2019-08-21 16:19 632K 
[   ]Effect of Total Quality Management Practices in Private Organization in the UAE Hassan AlDarmaki.pdf2019-09-07 08:52 326K 
[   ]Effect of Transformational Leadership on Human.pdf2019-07-08 16:39 248K 
[   ]Effect of Transformational Leadership on Intellectual.pdf2019-07-08 16:50 493K 
[   ]Effect of Treatments on Thermo mechanical Properties of Epoxy based Sisal Biocomposites Naveen Kumar 2311j7.pdf2020-06-01 09:35 569K 
[   ]Effect of _Vertical & Horizontal_ Geometric Irregularities on the Seismic Response of RC Structures Zabihullah 2494.pdf2020-06-23 09:37 728K 
[   ]Effects of Addition of Cement in Flyash based Geopolymer Concrete Samuvel Raj R 2196j3.pdf2020-05-21 12:16 275K 
[   ]Effects of Al2O3 Nano Particle Addition in Karanja Biodiesel on Performance Emission and Combustion Characteristics of Diesel Engine GVL PRASAD 1776.pdf2020-04-20 16:27 715K 
[   ]Effects of Microalgae Biodiesel on Diesel Engine Performance AJEET SONI 2059n4.pdf2020-04-23 11:48 918K 
[   ]Efficiency Evaluation of Cinnamon Essential Oil Loaded Nanoliposomal Coating for the Post Harvest Management of Apple Malus domestica ANUSHKA MITRA 1859n1.pdf2020-04-24 15:07 191K 
[   ]Efficiency of Buck DC-DC Switching Power Converter in CCM and SDCM of Operation Mahesh Gowda N M.pdf2019-12-18 12:32 139K 
[   ]Electronic Personnel Documents as a Means of Protecting Employee Rights Challenges and Opportunities KONSTANTIN KURKOV.pdf2019-10-16 16:35 89K 
[   ]Elucidation of Structure of MALDI-TOF Peptide Fingerprint of Purified Microbial Protease and its use in Bioactive Dipeptide Precursor Synthesis DINESH.pdf2019-10-31 15:55 525K 
[   ]Emerging Applications of Dentistry in Medico-Legal Practice- Forensic Odontology 1490 Mayssa Hachem.pdf2020-03-18 09:36 203K 
[   ]Emerging Trends in Indian Competition Law Special Reference to Cartel SUDHIR SAKLANI.pdf2019-07-20 15:08 419K 
[   ]Emissions Characteristics of Biogas-Diesel Fuel Blends in Compression Ignition Engine SUNIL KUMAR MAHLA.pdf2019-09-16 08:53 163K 
[   ]Empirical Study of the UAE-based Smart .pdf2019-07-08 16:48 198K 
[   ]Employees Self Efficacy Optimism Hope Resilience and Demographic variables as the Determinants of Job Performance Dr.pdf2020-05-28 10:58 219K 
[   ]Energy Efficient Cross- Layer _EECL_ Approach for WBAN using Hybrid Protocol A.pdf2020-01-23 16:09 151K 
[   ]Engineering Properties of Unburnt Bricks Produced from Sugarcane Bagasse and Thermal Power Plant Ashes Si-Huy Ngo 2913.pdf2020-06-29 14:28 4.7M 
[   ]Enhance Confidentiality by the usage of a Database Management Framework Features to Facilitate Applications Integration Hena Iqbal 2525j4.pdf2020-05-26 08:21 338K 
[   ]Enhanced Preprocessing Filter for Biometric Images Applications with PSNR Mitigation A AFREEN HABIBA.pdf2019-12-23 15:49 536K 
[   ]Enhancement of Features of 8 Bit RISC Processor by Implementing 8 Bit ShiftAdd Multiplier Tanaji Mj24.pdf2020-05-02 08:02 487K 
[   ]Enhancement of the Overall Performance of Vapor Compression Refrigeration Systemj3.pdf2020-05-05 07:35 474K 
[   ]Enhancing Information Security Awareness among Omani Public Sector Employees A Pilot Study Issam Al Shanfari.pdf2020-08-14 15:44 303K 
[   ]Enhancing Quality of Service Detection Service with Priority Approach in Medium Access Layer Kj2.pdf2020-05-23 07:01 272K 
[   ]Ensemble Classifier Framework for Epileptic Seizure Classification of MEENAKSHI SOOD.pdf2019-08-12 11:54 345K 
[   ]Ensuring the Health and Productivity of Pigs with New Immunotropic Preparations DEMITRY.pdf2019-09-02 15:52 164K 
[   ]Enterprise Architecture Development and Adoption of TOGAF ADM Iteration Cycles Mochammad Zuliansyah 2923 a8.pdf2020-07-23 17:25 639K 
[   ]Equalization of Scores through Statistical Modeling towards Removing Examiners Bias for Arithmetic and Reasoning Paper S SAHU.pdf2020-04-14 10:24 344K 
[   ]Estimated Value of Hidden Markov Model Parameters for NS5 methyltransferase Protein of Dengue Virus NIDHI KATIYAR.pdf2020-02-13 17:49 412K 
[   ]Estimation of Sea Clutter Parameters for Long Range using STFT V. GURUMURTHY.pdf2019-12-11 09:47 160K 
[   ]Estimation of Variations in EEGbased Emotions A Framework 1552RITESH1.pdf2020-04-10 16:16 142K 
[   ]Ethanol Production from Modified Wheat Straw using Saccharomyces cerevisiae Muataz Hj2.pdf2020-05-05 07:35 282K 
[   ]Evaluation of Co-adsorption Parameters for Arsenic, Fluoride and Nitrate using UMESH K GARG.pdf2019-08-12 11:55 2.0M 
[   ]Evaluation of Commuters’ Travel Behavior under Mix Traffic Condition A Case Study of Vadodara City Ahmad Javeed Faizi 2439.pdf2020-06-23 09:37 478K 
[   ]Evaluation of Commuters Travel Behavior under Mix Traffic Condition A Case Study of Vadodara City a14.pdf2020-06-22 20:21 478K 
[   ]Evaluation of Engineering Properties of Ultralightweight Foamed Concrete Produced using the Prefoamed Method TrongPhuoc Huynh 2207j3.pdf2020-05-15 16:26 3.7M 
[   ]Evaluation of Experimental Datasets on Physical properties of Natural Sands and Crushed Sand Prakash Bhaskarrao Kulkarni 2263j8.pdf2020-05-19 07:43 326K 
[   ]Evaluation of Geotechnical Properties and Microstructure Analysis Lime Blended Black Cotton Soil Ravindra D Nalawade 2360 a4.pdf2020-07-23 17:25 1.0M 
[   ]Evaluation of Polyphenolic Content and Antioxidant Potential of Poly herbal1.pdf2019-08-19 16:41 118K 
[   ]Evaluation of Stress Strain Relation on Rotational Motion of a Rotating Disc3.pdf2019-10-19 14:48 502K 
[   ]Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the University9.pdf2019-10-19 16:34 113K 
[   ]Evaluation of the Performance of Concrete Containing Coal Bottom Ash through the Nondestructive Tests and Microstructure Analysis SiHuy Ngo.pdf2020-04-14 10:24 1.3M 
[   ]Event Location Estimation in Binary Wireless Sensor Network VAISHALI S.pdf2019-09-02 15:52 511K 
[   ]Evidence Phrase based Combined Relevance for Web Information Filtering An4.pdf2020-07-07 08:22 584K 
[   ]Evolving a Hybrid Appointment System for Patient Scheduling in Primary Healthcare Centres in Dubai Perceptions of Patients and Healthcare Provider 1768MBAA.pdf2020-04-10 16:16 170K 
[   ]Execution of various Types of Controllers to Fix the Ball Position of Magnetic Levitation System D.pdf2020-06-22 20:11 519K 
[   ]Execution of various Types of Controllers to Fix the Ball Position of Magnetic Levitation System D1.pdf2020-06-22 20:21 519K 
[   ]Experimental Investigation of 2nd Generation ethanol-blended Diesel Fuel in a Multi-cylinder Automotive CRDI Diesel Engine GURKAMAL NAIN SINGH.pdf2019-11-05 16:19 484K 
[   ]Experimental Investigation of the Dehumidification Performance of a Novel Flat Plate Liquid Desiccant Dehumidification System Akash Sharma 2505j8.pdf2020-05-23 07:01 1.0M 
[   ]Experimental Investigation on Flexural Behavior of Reinforced Concrete Curved Beams with different Types of Shear Reinforcement TMj0.pdf2020-06-09 07:48 349K 
[   ]Experimental Investigation on Influence of Additives on Emissions Combustion and Performance of Diesel Engine along with EGR fueled with Waste Cooking Oil derived Biodiesel Ashley Lobo a5.pdf2020-06-11 12:47 557K 
[   ]Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Rotating Radiator for Dry Cooling System C8.pdf2020-07-20 10:31 891K 
[   ]Exploration of Waste Categorization in Building Construction Activities in Southwestern States48.pdf2020-07-20 12:04 89K 
[   ]Exploring Social Networking Sites usage in University A Study in North East India MINORITA LYNGDOH.pdf2019-12-11 09:47 161K 
[   ]Extended Bipolar Sigmoid Algorithm for Enhancing Performance of Constructive Neural Network-Jaswinder Kaur.pdf2020-06-22 20:14 146K 
[   ]Factors Affecting Investors Sentiments A review of the Literature KHUSHBOO SRIVASTAVA.pdf2020-04-04 13:55 104K 
[   ]Factors Affecting the Efficacy of.pdf2019-07-08 16:51 216K 
[   ]Factors Determining the Service Quality of ETicketing Process in Indian Context An Empirical Study Nithya Natarajan 1900n8.pdf2020-04-24 15:07 142K 
[   ]Factors Influencing.pdf2019-10-10 16:31 106K 
[   ]Factors Influencing Adoption Intention of AI Powered Chatbot for Public Transport Services within a Smart City Tarun Kumar Singhal 947.pdf2020-06-22 20:11 412K 
[   ]Factors Influencing Consumer Choice of Celebrity Endorsements and their Consequent Effect on Purchase Decision SUSHENDRA KUMAR MISRA.pdf2019-09-11 14:01 85K 
[   ]Factors Influencing User Satisfaction in UAE by using Internet.pdf2019-07-08 16:36 259K 
[   ]Fani an Outlier among Premonsoon IntraSeasonal Cyclones over Bay of Bengal Ananta Charan Ojha.pdf2020-04-10 16:16 1.3M 
[   ]Feasibility on Grey Water Treatment by Electrocoagulation Process A Review KHALID ANSARI.pdf2019-05-27 16:39 245K 
[   ]Features of Managing Sources of Financing Organizations in.pdf2019-10-10 09:10 69K 
[   ]Features of Specialization and Placement of Oil Crops Production in Krasnoyarsk Krai 1399 Natalia Ivanovna Pyzhikova.pdf2020-04-02 14:23 107K 
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[   ]Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurial Motivation in Supporting Economic Activity and Business Sustainability of Informal Sector Entrepreneurs Anis Dwiastanti 1654n3.pdf2020-04-23 11:48 134K 
[   ]Fixed Point Results in Parametric Metric Space8.pdf2019-10-19 14:48 114K 
[   ]Fixed Point Theorems in Complete Metric Spaces for Weakly Compatible Mappings-Arun Kumar Garg-4.pdf2023-05-24 12:01 614K 
[   ]Fixed Point Theorems on Complete Metric Space20.pdf2019-10-19 14:48 94K 
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[   ]Fog Enabled Cloud based Intelligent Resource Management Approach using Improved Dynamical Particle Swarm Optimization model for Smart Home IoT Devices R SUDHA.pdf2020-03-16 10:26 354K 
[   ]Forecasting the Probability of Cost Overrun Risk of Indian Construction Projects using Fuzzy Model.pdf2020-01-06 17:57 1.2M 
[   ]Formation of Land Tax in the Subjects of the Russian Federation M M 1539.pdf2020-04-20 16:27 71K 
[   ]Formation of Method for Assessing the Impact1.pdf2019-10-19 16:04 158K 
[   ]Formation of Organizational and Economic Mechanism of the Firms.pdf2019-10-10 09:09 76K 
[   ]Formulation of an Efficient Combinatorial Cellulase Cocktail by Comparative Analysis of Gibson Assembly71.pdf2020-07-30 07:39 528K 
[   ]Frequency Reconfigurable Ultra Wide Band MIMO Antenna for 4G5G Portable Devices Applications Review Shivleela Mudda 2306j6.pdf2020-06-01 09:35 556K 
[   ]Fusion of Images using BCV and DWT Dr Ch1.pdf2020-07-08 13:42 724K 
[   ]Future Prediction using Twitter Mood Analysis.pdf2019-10-11 13:16 864K 
[   ]Fuzzified System for Learner Behavior Analysis Varsha P.pdf2020-02-06 12:30 1.0M 
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[   ]Gated Recurrent Neural Network for Autism Spectrum Disorder Gene Prediction V. Pream Sudha.pdf2020-01-18 11:41 143K 
[   ]Genes Expression Classification using Improved Deep Learning Method RAJIT NAIR.pdf2019-09-27 16:19 149K 
[   ]Genetic Diversity of Parental and Offspring Population in Ebony SITI HALIMAH LAREKENG.pdf2019-08-06 16:33 169K 
[   ]Greedy Graph Coloring Algorithm based on Depth First Search Sumit Gupta 2235j4.pdf2020-05-05 07:35 145K 
[   ]Ground Water Prospect Zone Mapping in the Barkheda Nathu Basin of Kolans River using Remote Sensing and Geographical Information System -Hridayesh Varma 1523.pdf2020-06-30 11:12 921K 
[   ]Ground Water Quality Index of Saharanpur cityIndia and its Spatial Representation4.pdf2020-07-20 10:32 1.2M 
[   ]Gurmukhi Text Emotion Classification System using TF-IDF and N-gram Feature Set Reduced using APSO RAMANDEEP KAUR.pdf2019-10-31 15:55 265K 
[   ]HR Analytics and Organizational Effectiveness S ZEIDAN 1905j13.pdf2020-05-02 07:57 90K 
[   ]Hardware Implementation of PV and Synchronous Generator based Micro Grid with Power Quality Controller Sudhir Gj9.pdf2020-06-09 07:50 814K 
[   ]Harmonic Univalent Functions Associated with l-Hypergeometric Functions 1678-K. V.pdf2020-03-31 16:16 125K 
[   ]Heart Disease Detection using Core Machine Learning and Deep Learning Techniques A Comparative Study Mahendra Kumar Gourisaria 2427j6.pdf2020-06-04 07:24 445K 
[   ]Heating Cooling Techniques used in Green Buildings A Review -SURESH KUMAR SONI.pdf2019-02-07 13:59 145K 
[   ]Hedging and Portfolio Optimization of Indian Index Futures Contracts using Multivariate GARCH Models-ANUJA GUPTA.pdf2020-02-10 18:02 213K 
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[   ]Identification of Gene Mutation in Sickle Cell Anemia in Tribal Population of Rajasthanj2.pdf2020-05-26 08:21 76K 
[   ]Identification of High Risk Road Traffic Crash Zones for Spatial Allocation and Distribution of Proximate Health Care Facilities An Application of GIS Tools UBAID ILLAHI 2786 3.pdf2020-07-04 15:21 1.9M 
[   ]Image Classification using Deep Neural Networks for Malaria Disease Detection LAXMI.pdf2019-11-20 10:55 171K 
[   ]Image Compression using Clustering Techniques for Bio Medical Applications Drj1.pdf2020-07-08 13:55 620K 
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[   ]Image Fusion using Hybrid Genetic Algorithm Jyoti Sj4.pdf2020-05-29 16:28 1.4M 
[   ]Image Inpainting through Textures Synthesis using Spiking Neural Networks VINEET KUMAR.pdf2019-11-16 11:07 1.2M 
[   ]Image and Video Frame Extraction System Based on Improved Deep Learning Technique S.N. SITHI SHAMILA.pdf2019-11-01 14:13 636K 
[   ]Imitation Modeling as a Tool of Analytical Substantiation of Sales Policy.pdf2019-10-10 09:09 140K 
[   ]Impact Assessment of Priority Measures under Heterogeneous Traffic Conditions MUNEEB AHMAD TANTRAY.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 86K 
[   ]Impact of COVID 19 on Stock Market performance using Efficient and Predictive LBLLSTM based Mathematical Model Uma Prashant Gurav 29172.pdf2020-07-08 13:43 494K 
[   ]Impact of COVID 19 on Stock Market performance using Efficient and Predictive LBLLSTM based Mathematical Model Uma Prashant Gurav 291717.pdf2020-07-20 15:57 494K 
[   ]Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Employees’ job Performance with Mediating Role of Self efficacy An Empirical Evidence from Chinese Academicians Wei Guorong 2703.pdf2020-06-23 09:37 182K 
[   ]Impact of Emotional Intelligence on Employees job Performance with Mediating Role of Self efficacy An Empirical Evidence from Chinese Academicians Wei Guorong a1.pdf2020-06-22 20:21 182K 
[   ]Impact of Factors affecting Employee Retention on Turnover Intentions In Indian IT Sector Manju Dhillon.pdf2019-12-17 09:24 142K 
[   ]Impact of Internal Branding on Employees’ Job Satisfaction, Brand Commitment and Brand Citizenship Behaviour NAGARAJU.pdf2019-09-16 10:02 94K 
[   ]Impact of Internal Government Efficiency and Service Delivery Infrastructure on the Smart Government Effectiveness in UAE Amiya Bhaumik.pdf2019-09-07 08:52 243K 
[   ]Impact of Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning on Performance in Healthcare Sector TAMANNA (2).pdf2020-06-22 20:21 89K 
[   ]Impact of Ruminal Fluid Composition on the Digestibility of Nutrients and Milk Yield Anatoly Velmatov 1562n2.pdf2020-04-23 11:48 92K 
[   ]Impact of Social Networking Analytics on Anxiety and Distress amongst Youth IJET-RT-1482-RAEESA BASHIR.pdf2020-03-16 10:18 86K 
[   ]Impact of Tool Shape and Rotatory Speed on Tensile Strength and Microstructure of AA6105 Friction Stir Welded Joints through Taguchi Method Jai Singh2.pdf2020-07-04 15:22 2.2M 
[   ]Impact of uncontrolled Marketing on Tourists and Tourist destinations A Theoretical Analysis 1878 MBA Richa Mishra.pdf2020-04-20 16:27 121K 
[   ]Impact on Capacity Bounds under Higher Order Hardware Impairments for MIMO Configurations Novel Approaches Neelesh Kumar Verma a4.pdf2020-08-14 07:40 299K 
[   ]Impacts of FACTs on Distributed Generation System SamirHj5.pdf2020-05-02 07:59 199K 
[   ]Implementation of Random Forest and Proposal of Borda Count in Credit Card Fraud Detection NILEENA THOMAS 1937n8.pdf2020-04-23 11:48 163K 
[   ]Implementation of Stacked Autoencoder with RBM for Predicting and Monitoring Aquatic Biodiversity V.pdf2020-06-22 20:11 372K 
[   ]Implementation of Stacked Autoencoder with RBM for Predicting and Monitoring Aquatic Biodiversity Vj2.pdf2020-06-22 20:21 372K 
[   ]Importance of Digitech Adoption for Providing Efficient Healthcare Services during COVID 19 Vaidik Bhatt 2279j1.pdf2020-05-05 07:57 188K 
[   ]Importance of Digitech Adoption for Providing Efficient Healthcare Services during COVID 19 Vaidik Bhatt 2279n1.pdf2020-05-05 15:30 187K 
[   ]Importance of Workforce Diversity in Self-Owned Firms ABHISHEK MAVI 2712.pdf2020-06-29 14:28 196K 
[   ]Improved Performance of Machine Learning Algorithms via Ensemble Learning Methods of Sentiment Analysis.pdf2019-07-26 15:35 408K 
[   ]Improved Recovery in Wideband Spectrum Sensing for Wireless Applications T V N L Aswini 2300j1.pdf2020-06-01 09:35 486K 
[   ]Improvement of Efficiency of Labor Capacity 12.pdf2019-10-19 16:34 75K 
[   ]Improvement of Engineering Properties of Concrete with Replacement of Egg Shell Powder as Cement & Waste Demolished Concrete as Fine Sand HARWINDER SINGH.pdf2019-01-19 09:15 145K 
[   ]Improving the Accuracy of Handwritten Digits Recognition through Parameter Tuning of XGBoost Algorithm Cj3.pdf2020-07-08 13:44 248K 
[   ]Improving the Classification Accuracy using Recursive Feature Elimination with Cross Validation Puneet Misra a3.pdf2020-06-11 12:47 362K 
[   ]In Silico based Whole Genome Phylogenetic Analysis of Novel Coronavirus SARS CoV 2 Raghunath Satpathy 2611 3.pdf2020-07-04 16:17 356K 
[   ]In Vitro Efficacy Testing of Fungicides on Botrytis cinerea causing Albert Khakimov 2628 a1.pdf2020-08-14 07:40 386K 
[   ]In Vitro Regeneration of Clitoria ternatea L from Nodal Explant DR KN TIWARI.pdf2019-03-14 08:50 1.0M 
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[   ]Influence of Human Resource Management on Organizational Efficiency .pdf2019-07-08 17:00 167K 
[   ]Influence of Monetary Policy on the Profitability of the Commercial Bank– An Analytical Study of the State Bank of India.pdf2019-12-11 09:47 158K 
[   ]Influence of Overall Quality and Innovativeness on Actual Usage of Smart Government An Empirical Study on the UAE Public Sector Fahad Al Obthani.pdf2019-09-07 08:52 192K 
[   ]Influence of Pressure Level based Parameters on Lightning and Rainfall over Nepal Nn4.pdf2020-04-24 15:07 1.7M 
[   ]Influence of Project Management on Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness Empirical Study on UAE Private Sector Hassan AlDarmaki.pdf2019-09-07 08:53 162K 
[   ]Influence of Temperature and Light Intensity on the Growth Performance of Spirulina platensis RUMA ARORA SONI (1).pdf2020-06-22 20:21 316K 
[   ]Influence of Temperature and Light Intensity on the Growth Performance of Spirulina platensis RUMA ARORA SONI.pdf2019-07-17 15:35 316K 
[   ]Innovation Technology in Health Care Management in the Context of Indian Environmental Planning and Sustainable Development ZAFAR NOMANI 1529JN.pdf2020-05-02 13:02 68K 
[   ]Innovation Technology in Health Care Management in the Context of Indian Environmental Planning and Sustainable Development ZAFAR NOMANI 1529n2.pdf2020-04-24 15:07 69K 
[   ]Insights from Changing Landscape in New Product Development and Approvals in Pharmaceutical Industry Recent Trends for Betterment of Humanity THOMAS.pdf2019-11-22 15:05 165K 
[   ]Insights from Drug Discovery Life Cycle Management in Pharmaceutical Industry A Case-study B THOMAS.pdf2019-12-02 10:07 104K 
[   ]Instructing Third Year Chemistry Pedagogical Students to Practice Extracting Eucalyptus Essential Oil by Approaching CDIO Teaching Cao Cu Giac 2914 a1.pdf2020-07-23 17:25 1.5M 
[   ]Insult and Defamation through Information Technology Indonesia54.pdf2020-07-20 12:04 87K 
[   ]Integration of Technology Acceptance Model with Perceived Risk Perceived Trust and Perceived Cost Customers Adoption of M-Banking 1921MBA Prashant Tiwari.pdf2020-04-20 16:27 98K 
[   ]Intelligent Automation.pdf2019-10-10 16:31 87K 
[   ]Interaction of the Banking and Real Economy5.pdf2019-10-19 16:34 140K 
[   ]Interactive Content Development for Kids Healthy Food Mobile Application SS4.pdf2020-08-08 10:17 958K 
[   ]Interactive Segmentation Technique for ExVivo Skin Laceration Detection Varnita Verma 1919j4.pdf2020-05-28 10:59 531K 
[   ]Investigation of Mechanical Properties of Chopped Strand50.pdf2020-07-20 12:05 586K 
[   ]Investigation of Various Techniques and Classification Methods on Cognitive Sentimental Learning K.R. SEKAR.pdf2019-07-15 16:50 75K 
[   ]Investigations on Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine Fuelled with Biogas and ethanol-Biodiesel Diesel Blend JATINDER SINGLA.pdf2019-10-05 16:32 110K 
[   ]Investigations on Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine Fuelled with Biogas and ethanol Biodiesel Diesel Blend JATINDER SINGLA1.pdf2019-10-07 15:03 110K 
[   ]IoT and Cloud based Feature Extraction and Classification Model for Automatic Glaucoma Detection.pdf2020-03-16 10:26 611K 
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[   ]Kazakhstan Beef Cattle Indices 1382-Bissembayev.pdf2020-04-01 15:07 181K 
[   ]Kerala Flood 2018 Flood Mapping by Participatory GIS approach Meloor Panchayat SHRUTI KANGA.pdf2019-07-01 15:58 1.7M 
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[   ]Kinetic Studies on Adsorption of Hexavalent Chromium using Blue Green Algae 1923 RAMSENTHIL RAMADOSS6.pdf2020-04-18 09:09 1.7M 
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[   ]L & Ts Acquisition of Mindtree Whether a Strategic Fit Vishal Srivastava 2183j2.pdf2020-05-26 08:23 1.9M 
[   ]LVRT Capability Improvements with Hybrid Grey Wolf Optimizer–PSO Algorithm HANUMANTH.pdf2019-11-16 11:07 200K 
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[   ]LemmaChase A Lemmatizer RUPAM GUPTA 1962j23.pdf2020-05-02 13:26 202K 
[   ]Leveraging the Internet for Grocery Shopping A Study of Factors Influencing the Indian Consumer DINESH JASTI.pdf2019-11-12 15:55 156K 
[   ]Liability in International fullcontainerload and lessthancontainerload Transportation under Russian Laws Irina S15.pdf2020-08-19 16:01 120K 
[   ]Line Weight based PMU Placement for Observability in Test Case Power Systems 1068 P.pdf2020-03-16 10:18 170K 
[   ]Literature Review Internet of Things (IoT) Based System for Smart House-Pawan Thakur 3.pdf2023-05-15 12:48 159K 
[   ]Load Analysis and Bending Solutions of Rectangular Thick Plate Onyeka, F.pdf2020-06-29 14:28 281K 
[   ]Load Flow Analysis and Optimal allocation of DG for Indian Utility 62 Bus Power System Harish Kumar Pujari 2013n3.pdf2020-05-08 14:11 299K 
[   ]Load Management Techniques and Pricing Model for Demand Side KISHOR C.pdf2019-03-14 08:52 172K 
[   ]Lobsters and Heronian Mean used for Alternative Decision making support system for Enterprising Resource Planning KRSEKAR.pdf2019-08-06 16:33 103K 
[   ]Lotkas Law and the Pattern of Scientific Productivity in the Marine Pollution Research S3.pdf2020-04-18 09:09 190K 
[   ]MHD Oscillatory Flow of Non Newtonian Fluid through Porous Medium in the Presence of Radiation and Chemical Diffusion with Hall Effects R.pdf2020-06-30 11:12 159K 
[   ]MMRP Multi Metric Based Routing Protocol for Streaming QoS Guaranteed Multimedia Data over 802.11n, 802.11b & 802.11g.pdf2019-12-13 17:01 165K 
[   ]Machine Learning A Neoteric Medicine to Healthcare Arjun K Pj5.pdf2020-05-21 12:17 605K 
[   ]Macroeconomic Variables and Securities Returns An Impact Assessment Bedanta Bora 2402.pdf2020-06-23 09:37 119K 
[   ]Macroeconomic Variables and Securities Returns An Impact Assessment a5.pdf2020-06-22 20:21 119K 
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[   ]Malmquist Index Based Productivity Analysis for Various Zones of Indian Railways Mukul Kulshrestha 2943n2.pdf2020-07-07 08:22 89K 
[   ]Management of University Innovation4.pdf2019-10-19 16:34 72K 
[   ]Managing Work-life Predicaments A Study on the Selected Female Employees at Gulf University in Bahrain Janaki Bojiah 2573.pdf2020-06-29 14:28 99K 
[   ]Mapping Butterfly Hotspots A New Approach to Identify Prime Butterfly Areas of Meghalaya India ATANU BORA.pdf2019-09-19 15:06 305K 
[   ]Mapping of Corona Virus Transmission in India with a Mathematical Approach 2034CSEDrR.pdf2020-04-10 16:16 132K 
[   ]Markov based Genetic Algorithm MGA To Mine Frequent Sub Components from Molecular Structures P KANMANI 1790n5.pdf2020-04-23 11:48 519K 
[   ]Mathematical Modelling and Parametric Optimization of EDM for Tool Wear Rate of Hybrid Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite Reinforced with SiCp and Grp HARISH KUMAR GARG.pdf2019-08-27 15:35 1.3M 
[   ]Mathematical Modelling of Impact of Vaccination in Controlling Japanese Encephalitis Bapan Kalita 2507.pdf2020-06-23 09:38 187K 
[   ]Mathematical Modelling of Impact of Vaccination in Controlling Japanese Encephalitis a15.pdf2020-06-22 20:21 187K 
[   ]Mathematical Modelling of Prey and Predator Species with Two Age Group of Prey Population-VP Saxena-2.pdf2023-04-21 03:17 169K 
[   ]Mechanical Properties as a Flexural Strength of Entada Rheedii Fibre and Banana Fibre Hybrid Reinforced Polymer Composites UNNIKRISHNAN 1994jj.pdf2020-05-12 15:28 640K 
[   ]Mechanical properties of Fly Ash filled GFRP Composite Material MOHAN KUMAR B.pdf2020-02-01 14:14 438K 
[   ]Medical Image Compression using ANN Model M.pdf2020-02-24 14:11 779K 
[   ]Methodological Approach towards Reliving Katra A Cultural Cluster for Tourism.pdf2019-07-01 12:57 1.1M 
[   ]Methods to assess Usability and Acceptability of Technologies for Home based Rehabilitation a Systematic Review Sgandurra Giuseppina.pdf2019-12-30 11:13 211K 
[   ]Microbial Mineral Precipitation to Develop the Properties of the Concrete – A Review KISHORBHAI BHIKHABHAI VAGHELA -.pdf2019-12-18 12:32 178K 
[   ]Microwave-Assisted Green Synthesis of Silver Nano-particles using Pithecellobium dulce (pulichinthakaya) Characterization and Detection of Hg2 and Fe3 metal Ions TVD PRASAD RAO.pdf2020-06-22 20:22 1.3M 
[   ]Mobility Error Prediction based LAB Scheduling Algorithm for Optimizing System Throughput in Wireless Sensor Networks Md.pdf2020-06-30 11:12 1.6M 
[   ]Model of Marketing Integration Strategy of Sea Fish through Application of Hygienic Syamsul Hadi 1679j3.pdf2020-05-02 07:59 251K 
[   ]Moderating Effect of Organisational Commitment on the Relationship between Organisational Culture and Job Satisfaction in Higher Education Institutions VP SRIRAM.pdf2019-11-07 16:11 441K 
[   ]Moderating Effect of Organizational Culture on Relationship.pdf2019-07-08 16:41 308K 
[   ]Modern Forms and Methods of Training Specialists for Economy.pdf2019-10-10 09:09 66K 
[   ]Modified Fuzzy DEMATEL Technique and its uses for Producing Supplier Selection Criteria Vivek Gupta 2835n5.pdf2020-07-07 08:22 223K 
[   ]Modulatory effects of Alcoholic Bark Extract of Terminalia arjuna on Serum Lipid Profile in Cigarette Smoke Exposed Male Albino Rats RAJNI SINGH.pdf2019-11-05 16:33 73K 
[   ]Molecular Docking Studies of Limonia acidissima Linn. Fruit Extract on Estrogen Receptor for Ovarian Cancer 1425 A.pdf2020-03-31 16:16 452K 
[   ]Monitoring Arterial Pulse Waves with Optical Pulse Sensor to Detect the Effect of Aging and Gender TANIMA AHUJA.pdf2020-03-16 10:26 809K 
[   ]Monitoring the State of Ameliorated Agricultural Lands in the Arid Zone of Russia Vladimir Alexandrovich Tarbaev 1708n3.pdf2020-04-24 15:07 757K 
[   ]Morphological based Optimized Random Forest classification for Indian Oxygen Plants Shilpi Aggarwal 2689.pdf2020-11-03 09:36 604K 
[   ]Morphological based Optimized Random Forest classification for Indian Oxygen Plants a4.pdf2020-06-22 20:22 604K 
[   ]Morphometric Analysis of Hard Rock Terrain of Banne Watershed District Chhatarpur Madhya Pradesh India using Remote Sensing and GIS Saumya Vyas 1901j17.pdf2020-05-02 07:59 677K 
[   ]Multi CoTrained Gated Recurrent Neural Network for efficient Document Indexing MCTGRNN Yj3.pdf2020-05-29 16:29 377K 
[   ]Multi Criteria Evaluation in Terms of Slovak Local Government Case.pdf2019-10-10 09:09 337K 
[   ]Multi Objective Optimal Power Flow Including FACTS Devices using Moth Flame Optimizer Sundaram Bj5.pdf2020-06-01 09:36 471K 
[   ]Multi Tumor Classification in MR Brain Images through deep Feature Extraction using CNN and Supervised Classifier Anil Kumar B.pdf2020-01-18 10:15 359K 
[   ]Multiagent Distributed Data Mining Challenges and Research Directions V34.pdf2020-07-20 11:12 158K 
[   ]Multiband-OFDM MIMO Based Ultra-Wideband Communication System SAMEER KHAN.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 163K 
[   ]Multimodal Biometrics System Design using Score Level Fusion Approach S.C.pdf2020-06-29 14:28 153K 
[   ]Multiple Clip conditions on Chemically Reacting Flow of MHD Jeffrey Fluid over Vertical surface in a Suspension of Brownian Motion and Thermophoresis D MANJULA.pdf2020-01-01 14:20 364K 
[   ]Multipopulation Firefly Algorithm MFA based MAC Protocol for Dynamic Sleep Scheduling in Clustered IoT Sensor Networks Gj3.pdf2020-05-28 10:59 164K 
[   ]Mutual Component Convolutional Siamese Network for Heterogeneous Iris RecognitionJwad Ali Ridha42.pdf2020-07-20 12:05 802K 
[   ]Mycogenic Synthesis of Copper Nano-particles by Bio-controlling Fungi (Aspergillus niger and Trichoderma viride) and its Antifungal activity on NAVEEN BABU DUVVI.pdf2020-06-22 20:22 490K 
[   ]NPC-VSI Operated PLL Based SSSC for Transmission Line Power Flow Control Shaik.pdf2020-06-23 09:38 393K 
[   ]NPC VSI Operated PLL Based SSSC for Transmission Line Power Flow Control a3.pdf2020-06-22 20:22 393K 
[   ]Near Field UHF RFID Antenna using DualLog Periodic Array Bammidi Deepa 2642j4.pdf2020-07-08 13:45 1.0M 
[   ]Need of Multi-Hazard Risk Mitigation in Bihar SATYANSHU KUMAR.pdf2019-10-22 16:13 526K 
[   ]Neuro Fuzzy Based Dynamic Secure Routing Protocol for QoS Frameworks of MANET SANTOSH SAHU.pdf2019-10-22 16:13 669K 
[   ]New Digital Technologies Applied to Architectural Design using Big Data Analysis Annarita Zarrillo 286035.pdf2020-07-20 11:13 1.0M 
[   ]New Optimal Fourth Order Iterative Method for Solving Nonlinear Equations Ekta Sharma 2481.pdf2020-06-23 09:38 96K 
[   ]New Optimal Fourth Order Iterative Method for Solving Nonlinear Equations a10.pdf2020-06-22 20:22 96K 
[   ]Noise Reduction for Speech Improvement with Correlation based Method SHILPI DWIVEDI.pdf2018-12-26 17:40 363K 
[   ]Non-Negative Matrix Factorization based Blind Source Separation and Source Enhancement using Generalised Cross Correlation-R.pdf2020-06-22 20:11 1.0M 
[   ]Non-Performing Asset of Public and Private Sector Banks in India A Descriptive Study SUSHENDRA KUMAR MISRA.pdf2019-09-11 14:01 375K 
[   ]Novel Steganography Methodology Applied in Transposition Cipher for Hiding Text message MANIKNANDAN.pdf2019-08-02 15:27 55K 
[   ]Nuclei Segmentation in Cell Images using Fully Convolutional Neural Networks Siddharth Swarup Rautaray 2394.pdf2020-06-23 09:38 521K 
[   ]Nuclei Segmentation in Cell Images using Fully Convolutional Neural Networks a7.pdf2020-06-22 20:22 521K 
[   ]Numerical Study of Wind Excited Action on H Plan Shaped Tall Building Tushar Rana 2492j8.pdf2020-06-09 07:53 1.9M 
[   ]Numerical Treatment for ODE (Fifth order) SAUMYA RANJAN JENA.pdf2020-06-22 20:22 117K 
[   ]Nutritional QualityBioavailability of Elk Meat in the Biogeochemical Zones of the Sakha56.pdf2020-07-20 12:05 90K 
[   ]Occupational Exposure to Extremely Low Frequency-Electromagnetic Fields (ELF-EMFS) and Light at Night (LAN) and Risk of Breast Cancer in Human Subjects KAVITHA VARAK.pdf2020-06-22 20:22 308K 
[   ]Occurrence of Aflatoxin B1 and Zearalenone in Corn based Food Products Chandrika Prabakar 2596.pdf2020-06-29 14:28 171K 
[   ]Occurrence of Fungal Diseases on Aloe vera Plants in Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India AJAY KUMAR GAUTAM.pdf2019-10-30 09:57 388K 
[   ]Odonate Dragonflies and Damselflies Diversity as a Marker of Water Quality in Sivasagar Assam India ATANU BORA.pdf2019-09-24 14:09 92K 
[   ]Online Railway Ticketing System A Case Study of Kaduna to Abuja Branch of Nigerian Railway Corporation Abubakar Ahmad Musa 285552.pdf2020-07-20 12:06 1.0M 
[   ]Online Service Quality of M Commerce Effect on user Satisfaction Azman Ismail 2390 6.pdf2020-07-04 15:22 108K 
[   ]Online Shoppers Inclination towards a Shopping Website ANJALI SHARMA.pdf2019-10-16 16:35 104K 
[   ]On the efficient Shape Retrieval of Symmetric Curves using Fourier Descriptors Ramamurthy Suri 2355j1.pdf2020-06-11 07:46 1.0M 
[   ]Operational Efficiency of Indian Banking Sector A Comparative Analysis MERAJ BANU.pdf2019-09-20 15:43 103K 
[   ]Optimal Association Rule Mining for Web Page Prediction using Hybrid Heuristic Trained Neural Network Roshan A.pdf2020-01-27 12:02 1.4M 
[   ]Optimal Load Shedding Model based on Sensitivity Analysis for Line Overload Mitigation using Sine Cosine Algorithm C Dj6.pdf2020-05-23 07:01 133K 
[   ]Optimal Location of Static VAR Compensator using Evolutionary Optimization Techniques DR.pdf2020-02-10 18:02 234K 
[   ]Optimization Techniques and Algorithms for DG placement in Distribution System A Review Harish Kumar Pujari 2220j1.pdf2020-05-19 07:43 216K 
[   ]Optimization in the Design of Prestressed Concrete Girders using Excel and MATLAB Vincent Sam Jebadurai 1624.pdf2020-04-20 16:27 219K 
[   ]Optimization of Design Parameters of Pulsed Eddy Current Probe for Displacement Measurement66.pdf2020-08-18 07:22 310K 
[   ]Optimization of Design Parameters of Pulsed Eddy Current Probe for Displacement Measurement for finding Diametrical Creep of Test Specimen Capsules TV SHYAM2.pdf2020-04-18 16:34 310K 
[   ]Optimization of Long Biphase Sequences using Progressive Search Algorithm for Radar Communications EV SURYANARAYANA 1977n5.pdf2020-04-24 15:07 443K 
[   ]Optimization of Material Removal Rate MRR and Surface Roughness SR while Turning of Hybrid Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite on CNC Lathe Using Response Surface MethoHARISH KUMAR.pdf2019-04-09 14:37 826K 
[   ]Optimization of Software Package Selection using Cohesion Measurement and Complexity Metric for CBSS Development.pdf2019-07-08 16:10 292K 
[   ]Optimized Distributed Resource Allocation for Cloud Computing Applications Neeru Chauhan 2073j1.pdf2020-05-12 07:40 1.0M 
[   ]Optimized Locations for Biomass Power Plants using Ant Lion Optimizer in District Bathinda, Punjab, India 1820-Ram Singh.pdf2020-04-03 09:37 570K 
[   ]Optimized Locations for Biomass Power Plants using Ant Lion Optimizer in District Bathinda Punjab India 1820 Ram Singh1.pdf2020-04-03 11:10 569K 
[   ]Optimized Locations for Biomass Power Plants using Ant Lion Optimizer in District Bathinda Punjab India 1820 Ram Singhj1.pdf2020-06-01 09:36 568K 
[   ]Optimized Locations for Biomass Power Plants using Ant Lion Optimizer in District Bathinda Punjab India 1820Ram Singh new1.pdf2020-04-10 16:20 569K 
[   ]Outfit Selection Recommendation System using Classification Techniques Bj1.pdf2020-05-02 07:59 553K 
[   ]Overlapping Community Structure Detection using Twitter Data Sathiyakumari K.pdf2020-01-18 10:15 740K 
[   ]Overproduction as a Key Trend in the World Sugar Economy Elena A30.pdf2020-07-20 10:33 374K 
[   ]Overview of Reference Current Extraction Techniques in Single Phase Shunt Active Power Filter Kj14.pdf2020-05-02 07:59 241K 
[   ]Packet Classification Algorithms and Methods A Critical Review Midde Adiseshaiah.pdf2020-04-01 15:08 153K 
[   ]PathBased Recovery Scheme for a Failure in Elastic Optical Networks Dinesh Kumar 29677.pdf2020-07-20 10:33 207K 
[   ]Peculiarities of Leached Black Soil Absorption Capacity in the PreKuban Lowland in the conditions of the Field Agrocoenosis Valery Nikiforovich Slyusarev 1730n7.pdf2020-04-23 11:48 95K 
[   ]Peculiarities of Modelling Operation of a Business Venture IRINA KISELEVA.pdf2019-10-30 09:57 95K 
[   ]Pedagogical Design in the Training10.pdf2019-10-19 16:34 354K 
[   ]Perceived Quality and Perceived Risk Relationship between Parent Brand and its Brand Extension KIRANJYOT KAUR.pdf2019-11-05 16:33 78K 
[   ]Performance Analysis of 8 X 8 MU-MIMO in Uplink of LTE A RAJASHREE A PATIL.pdf2019-07-20 15:08 245K 
[   ]Performance Analysis of Machine Learning Techniques with Dimension Reduction for Lower Back Pain Disorder RAMANDEEP SINGH CHOWDHARY.pdf2020-02-24 14:11 214K 
[   ]Performance Analysis of Phase Reconfiguration on Distribution Systems with Distributed Generation-Raju B.pdf2020-02-06 12:30 1.0M 
[   ]Performance Analysis of Sequential Rule Mining Techniques for Web Page Recommendation System-1368-Satyaveer Singh.pdf2020-03-31 16:16 178K 
[   ]Performance Estimation of Multi Carrier CDMA for SingleMulti User detection in Frequency Selective Fading over Wireless Communication Channels T DINESH KUMAR.pdf2019-08-02 15:27 247K 
[   ]Performance Evaluation of Geopolymer Concrete as Green Construction58.pdf2020-07-20 12:10 1.1M 
[   ]Performance Evaluation of RPL CoAP and 6LoWPAN Protocol for different time Interval and PDR in IoT Environment 1903 KAPTAN5.pdf2020-04-18 09:09 655K 
[   ]Performance Evaluation of Real Time Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks Shruti_Bhandari.pdf2020-02-24 14:11 780K 
[   ]Performance Evaluation of Supervised and Unsupervised Machine Learning Algorithms by Predicting Cardiovascular Heart Disease Dr Kj1.pdf2020-05-29 16:29 134K 
[   ]Performance Improvement of Air Traffic Flow Management Ground Delay Program using Machine- learning and Mixed Integer Linear Programming based Algorithm Deepudev S 2934.pdf2020-06-30 11:12 499K 
[   ]Performance of Conjugate Gradient Signal Detection in Large Scale AdGeSM MIMO Seema M Hanchate 2018j26.pdf2020-05-02 13:26 425K 
[   ]Performance of RDF Library.pdf2021-02-04 14:18 417K 
[   ]Performance of the LTE Low Complexity PAPR Reduction for Coded Scrambling Technique DEEPIKA.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 221K 
[   ]Phase Coded Waveforms for Pulse Compression Radar Systems T. D.pdf2020-06-29 14:28 226K 
[   ]Phytoconstituents Analysis of Hydroalcoholic Root Extract of Premna integrifolia L.pdf2020-06-22 20:14 303K 
[   ]Piled Raft Foundation Case study Review PROF.JM RAUT.pdf2019-06-26 15:27 516K 
[   ]Plant Leaf Disease Detection and Classification using Conventional Machine Learning and Deep Learning Hardikkumar S.pdf2020-06-29 14:28 582K 
[   ]Poikilocyte Cell Detection in Microscopic Images of Blood Smears using Image Processing Techniques SKj3.pdf2020-05-23 07:01 823K 
[   ]Power Efficiency Enhancement using Hybrid Techniques for OFDM RASHMI N.pdf2019-10-22 16:13 1.6M 
[   ]Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna PMJDY An Initiative of Government towards Financial Inclusion SATENDRA KUMAR YADAV 2061.pdf2020-04-20 16:27 84K 
[   ]Predicting Phytoplankton Biomass in RanuGrati using Hybrid18.pdf2020-08-19 16:02 223K 
[   ]Predicting Rise and Spread of COVID19 Epidemic using Time Series Forecasting Models in Machine Learning Ch V Raghavendran 2684n1.pdf2020-07-07 08:22 772K 
[   ]Predicting the Rate of Growth of the Novel Corona Virus 2020 Geetika Vashisht 2326j1.pdf2020-05-08 14:11 714K 
[   ]Prediction of Currency Exchange Rate using Short Term Memory Networks -K.R. SEKAR.pdf2019-09-06 16:42 169K 
[   ]Predictive Mining Model for Transactional Data Pattern using Probabilistic Based Decision Tree Model M I THARIQ HUSSAN.pdf2019-09-20 15:43 165K 
[   ]Preprocessing and Multi Feature Extraction Method for Automated Plant Species Identification AM BOJAMMA 1915j6.pdf2020-06-01 09:36 208K 
[   ]Preprogrammed Pill Dispenser for Elderly Care in COVID 19 Pandemic C a9.pdf2020-07-23 17:25 367K 
[   ]Pricing of Mobile Telephony Services in India Ajit Shankar.pdf2020-03-31 16:25 1.7M 
[   ]Prioritizing Business Architecture Entities with Best-Worst Method Mochammad Zuliansyah 2816.pdf2020-06-29 14:28 158K 
[   ]Priority Areas of Development of Agricultural2.pdf2019-10-19 16:18 79K 
[   ]Proactive Fast Connection Recovery Scheme for a Failure in Elastic Optical Networks DINESH KUMAR- 2952.pdf2020-06-30 11:12 272K 
[   ]Proactive Fast Connection Recovery Scheme for a Failure in Elastic Optical Networks DINESH KUMAR29521.pdf2020-07-04 14:55 272K 
[   ]Process Analytics Model for Health Care using IoT and Big Data Techniques SUNDAR SANTHOSHKUMAR.pdf2019-12-02 10:07 72K 
[   ]Productive Qualities of Holsteins with different Levels of Somatic Cells in Milk Ekaterina Nikolaevna Martynova 1726n6.pdf2020-04-23 11:48 112K 
[   ]Project Management of Organizations LYUDMILA SHUBTSOVA.pdf2019-10-31 15:55 95K 
[   ]Proximity Tracing Method to reduce Community Spread of COVID 19 Anupriya Jain 2692.pdf2020-06-22 20:11 648K 
[   ]Psychological Impacts of People with regard to Human Rights and Values during Dr R14.pdf2020-07-20 15:57 69K 
[   ]Psychological Impacts of People with regard to Human Rights and Values during Dr Rn7.pdf2020-07-07 08:22 69K 
[   ]Psychological or Behavioral Segmentation of Indian Consumers Towards Reference Group Influence via Consumer Conformity Application of Cluster Analysis Drj6.pdf2020-05-19 07:43 116K 
[   ]QSAR and Molecular Descriptor Analysis of Substituted 5-_-2 – methoxy benzylidene_ - Rhodanine Ester Analogs as aldose Reductase Inhibitory Activity JYOTI PANDEY.pdf2020-01-01 14:20 240K 
[   ]QT68 A New Single Cross Maize Hybrid for the North Central Provinces of Vietnam BUI BAO THINH.pdf2020-04-10 16:16 101K 
[   ]Qualified Scrutiny for RealTime Object Tracking Framework RAVINDRA R PATIL 2229j6.pdf2020-05-26 08:24 674K 
[   ]Qualitative and Quantitative RP-HPLC-PDA Method of Analysis of Polyphenols in Lyophilized Wheat Seedling Juice Powder Vivek Sharma 1723.pdf2020-03-16 15:57 183K 
[   ]Quality Based Open Data Source Selection Using Ant Colony Optimization ACO Algorithm Nurul Emran 2841 4.pdf2020-07-04 16:17 169K 
[   ]Quality Preserving ICOA for ARH G.pdf2020-01-01 14:20 367K 
[   ]Quantified Performance Analysis of Selection Algorithms Implemented in Mobile Robot Path Planning K R SEKAR.pdf2019-07-04 13:07 108K 
[   ]Radio over Fiber Communication System Lateral Shift in Cellular Communication SHAGUN SINGH 2146j19.pdf2020-05-02 07:59 174K 
[   ]Recent Trends in Hybrid Recommendation Systems in ecommerce domain P V Nagavardhan 268855.pdf2020-07-20 12:07 169K 
[   ]Recent Trends in Sustainable Big Data Predictive Analytics Past Contributions and Future Roadmap MANIKNANDAN.pdf2019-07-24 13:07 912K 
[   ]Recognition of Plant Species using Deep Convolutional Feature Extraction- Ngo Le Huy Hien.pdf2020-06-22 20:11 657K 
[   ]Red Color Segmentation based Traffic Signs Detection Manal El Baz17.pdf2020-08-19 16:02 458K 
[   ]Reduced Power Consumption in Wireless Sensor Networks with Min _N, T_ Policy based MG1 Queue in Rayleigh Fading Channel 1737 Sanjeev Ghosh.pdf2020-04-02 14:23 350K 
[   ]Reduction in Amplitude of Vibration using Piezoelectric Material Patch Fegade Pushkar Vinayak 2269j2.pdf2020-06-09 07:54 297K 
[   ]Refinement of Concrete Characteristic Properties with Multi Walled Carbon Nano Tubes Pj3.pdf2020-06-04 07:24 114K 
[   ]Refrigeration and the Shelf Life of Oral Cephalosporin Powder for Suspension Dosage Form Review and Proposal Saravana Perumal Govindan.pdf2019-09-11 14:01 276K 
[   ]Relationship between Various Leadership Behavior Practices and Leadership Effectiveness of Transformational Corporate Business Leaders in Kolkata in dealing with the Challenges of DisruMoumita Chatterjee 1963j1.pdf2020-05-23 06:48 117K 
[   ]Reliability Evaluation of Renewable Energy Integrated Power System in Presence of Energy Storage System HEMANSU PATEL_updated.pdf2019-12-20 16:45 134K 
[   ]Reliable Face Recognition System using KPCA based Feature vector D a6.pdf2020-06-11 12:47 149K 
[   ]Removal of Heavy Metals and Dyes from Aqueous Medium by using Graft copolymers of Quinoa and Arrowroot Bases Drj7.pdf2020-06-09 07:56 1.0M 
[   ]Repellency Effect of Synthetic Volatiles and Essential Oils against -1036-DR. C.pdf2020-01-27 12:02 818K 
[   ]Representation of Emerging Technologies Postmodern Urban Dystopia in Manjula Padmanabhans Harvest Surbhi 3111 a7.pdf2020-07-23 17:25 90K 
[   ]Resource Allocation in Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access (OFDMA)- Long Term Evaluation (LTE) Neural Network (NN) KETHAVATH NARENDER.pdf2020-06-22 20:22 176K 
[   ]Restoration of Compressed Image using Hard Thresholding Method M.S.pdf2020-06-23 09:38 500K 
[   ]Review of Biogas Production from various substrates1.pdf2019-08-19 16:41 526K 
[   ]Review of Blind Deconvolution Technique for Image Restoration RAMTEKE MAMTA.pdf2019-09-02 15:52 171K 
[   ]Review of Control Techniques in Intertied AC DC Hybrid Power System PREETI GUPTA.pdf2019-07-10 09:58 124K 
[   ]Review of Urban Conservation Practices in Historic Cities SHRADHA CHANDAN.pdf2019-05-24 10:40 1.4M 
[   ]Review on Delay Factors due to Improper Construction Equipment Management B.pdf2020-02-01 14:14 103K 
[   ]Review on Impact of Quality of Work-Life Balance of Women Employees in an Organization K.A.pdf2020-06-29 14:28 131K 
[   ]Review on Improvement of Engineering Properties of soil Using Waste Plastic Bottles Strips (Polyethylene Terephthalate) PREETINDER SINGH.pdf2020-06-22 20:22 68K 
[   ]Revisiting Analytical-Approximate Solution of Time Fractional Rosenau-Hyman Equation via Fractional Reduced Differential Transform Method ARIF M.pdf2019-09-16 08:53 133K 
[   ]Rigidity Effects on Surface Waves in Multilayered Media2.pdf2019-10-19 14:48 115K 
[   ]Role of Artificial Intelligence in Transforming the Justice Delivery System in COVID 19 Pandemic Dr.pdf2020-05-28 10:59 119K 
[   ]Role of Biosensors in Real Time Applications DEEPIKA JAIN.pdf2020-02-24 14:11 123K 
[   ]Role of Information Sharing and Green Supply Chain management on Supply Chain Performance Empirical Evidences Urnaa Khaliunaa 2704.pdf2020-06-22 20:11 160K 
[   ]Role of Information Sharing and Green Supply Chain management on Supply Chain Performance Empirical Evidences Urnaa Khaliunaa 2704j5.pdf2020-06-22 20:22 160K 
[   ]Role of Online Training Content in Enhancing Job Motivation Nur Izzaty Mohamad 2711.pdf2020-06-29 14:29 116K 
[   ]Role of eWOM in Customer buying Decision-making Process A Conceptual Study DR. KIRAN S NAIR.pdf2019-11-20 14:02 89K 
[   ]SVM Classification of Cell SurvivalApoptotic Death for Color Texture Images of Survival Receptor Proteins SHRUTI JAIN.pdf2019-07-17 15:07 248K 
[   ]SVM Classification of Cell SurvivalApoptotic Death for Color Texture Images of Survival Receptor Proteins SHRUTI JAIN1.pdf2019-07-17 16:54 248K 
[   ]SWOT Analysis of Solar PV Systems in Airport Environment K SUDHAKAR.pdf2019-07-08 16:23 172K 
[   ]SWOT Analysis of Solar PV Systems in Airport Environment K SUDHAKAR1.pdf2019-07-09 10:00 172K 
[   ]Salt (NaCl) Stress-induced Antioxidant Enzyme activities, Osmolytes, ABA, Lipid Peroxidation and Electrolytic leakage in Two Ragi (Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn) varieties R. DESINGH.pdf2020-06-22 20:22 109K 
[   ]Scheduling of Tasks Cloudlets in Heterogeneous Processing Cloud Environment Nishant Kumar 2501j6.pdf2020-05-29 16:29 595K 
[   ]Scope of Improvement in Earthing System for 400 kV AC Substation through Design Analysis and Load Flow aspects RAHAT 1720j26.pdf2020-05-02 08:02 203K 
[   ]Secure Migration of Mobile Agent using AES & Secret Sharing Approach UTTAM UPADHYAY.pdf2019-08-02 15:27 273K 
[   ]Secure and Efficient Data Communication for Hierarchal Cluster using Identity based Signatures SANGAMESH KALYANE.pdf2019-05-23 11:49 924K 
[   ]Secured Ant Colony Optimization based on Energy Trust System for Replica Node Attack Detection 1450-ANITHA.pdf2020-03-31 16:16 210K 
[   ]Security and Data Challenges in Cloud Environment Deepika 253832.pdf2020-07-20 11:13 120K 
[   ]Security and Safety of Health Care Professionals During COVID 19 Pandemic in the Context of Epidemic Diseases Amendment Ordinance 2020 Faisal Sherwani 2728 4.pdf2020-07-04 15:22 217K 
[   ]Seismic Performance of Box Girder Bridge with on Linear Static Pushover Analysis Nilanjan Tarafder 2098j6.pdf2020-05-08 14:13 1.9M 
[   ]Selection and Preparation of Suitable Composite Phase Change Material for PV Module Cooling V. KARTHIKEYAN.pdf2019-12-23 15:49 1.1M 
[   ]Selection of Optimal Parameters for Reduction of Forging Defect using AHPTOPSIS Technique RAJ KUMAR.pdf2020-04-04 13:55 252K 
[   ]Self Comparison of Convergence Speed in Agarwal ORegan9.pdf2019-10-19 14:48 91K 
[   ]Semantic Rules based linguistic Computational Model of Sentiment Analysis Y SAHU.pdf2019-10-18 08:29 324K 
[   ]Sensitivity Analysis and Evaluation of Critical Size of Reactor Using Response Surface Methodology OLATOMIDE GBENGA FADODUN Final.pdf2019-11-30 11:00 223K 
[   ]Sensitivity Analysis of Efficiency Retrofitting in High Rise Apartment Buildings through Life Cycle Energy and Costing Analysis 11 AKSHAY K.pdf2018-12-15 15:42 1.6M 
[   ]Sequential Sampling Plan based on Truncated Life Test for Generalized Exponential Distribution GURCHARAN SINGH.pdf2019-11-27 10:02 140K 
[   ]Service Quality Gap with Special Focus on DISCOMs in India An Empirical Assessment SUNITA SAINI.pdf2019-10-05 16:32 182K 
[   ]Service quality Augments Brand Loyalty Mediating Role of Brand Trust and Moderating Impact of Corporate Image Nilufar Yasmin a5.pdf2020-08-14 07:40 130K 
[   ]Shortterm Impact of Weather Parameters on COVID191.pdf2020-08-05 12:19 799K 
[   ]Simulation Analysis of FRP- Strengthened RC Slab using ODLN-SSO Approach R.pdf2019-12-23 15:49 732K 
[   ]Simulation of Different Modes of Excitation and Field Patterns of CDRA Antenna for Integrated Applications Saranga Mohan 1999j3.pdf2020-05-26 08:24 520K 
[   ]Simulation of Self-balanced based Step Up Switched Capacitor Nine Level Inverter with MCPWM Scheme SHAIK GOUSE BASHA.pdf2019-10-05 16:04 2.1M 
[   ]Single-Phase Transformer-less Inverter Circuit Configurations for Photovoltaic Applications -V.pdf2020-01-30 14:39 329K 
[   ]Smartphone App for Searching Legal Cases for Non Law Students Rizauddin Saian 2999 a3.pdf2020-07-23 17:26 450K 
[   ]Social Human System as an Epistemological11.pdf2019-10-19 16:34 63K 
[   ]Social Media Influencing Consumer Buying Behaviour SANJEEV BANSAL 97049.pdf2020-07-20 12:07 188K 
[   ]Social Sustainability of Residential Neighbourhood A Conceptual Exploration VINEET SHRIVASTAVA.pdf2019-09-16 10:02 601K 
[   ]Software in the Loop Testing of SSSC with Type 1 Controller Connected to SMIB Dr Mj4.pdf2020-05-15 16:26 711K 
[   ]Soil Quarrying for Brick Kiln and Its Impact on Environment A Study in Tufanganj Block-I, Koch Bihar, West Bengal Dr. Nazrul Islam.pdf2019-12-31 16:51 5.5M 
[   ]Solar Energy development Case study in Malaysia and Morocco HO SOON MIN.pdf2019-05-31 15:59 618K 
[   ]Solving Fuzzy Fractional Klein GordonFock Equation by the VIM ADM and NIM in Fluid Mechanics FIRDOSH 1663j5.pdf2020-05-02 07:59 110K 
[   ]Solving Fuzzy Fractional Klein Gordon Fock Equation by the VIM ADM and NIM in Fluid Mechanics FIRDOSH 1663n1.pdf2020-05-08 13:22 110K 
[   ]Some Coupled Coincidence Point Result Using Altering Distancej16.pdf2020-05-02 07:59 347K 
[   ]Some Theorems Associated with Finite Difference Calculus and its Applications in Hypergeometric Reduction Formulae.pdf2019-12-11 09:47 137K 
[   ]Soybean Root Dynamics Glycine max L.pdf2020-04-04 13:56 677K 
[   ]Spatial Clustering Algorithm with Dynamic Multi Hop Routing for Wireless Sensor Networks Panchikattil Susheelkumar Sreedharan 5.pdf2020-07-04 16:17 450K 
[   ]Spatio-temporal disposition of Chandra basin Glaciers from 1980 to 2011, Lahaul and Spiti Himalayan Region, Himachal Pradesh, India Sunil Dhar 1777.pdf2020-06-22 20:15 5.8M 
[   ]Specification Based Intrusion Detection Mechanism for Mitigating Sinkhole Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks UMAMAKESWARI 1.pdf2019-09-23 16:05 98K 
[   ]Specification Based Intrusion Detection Mechanism for Mitigating Sinkhole Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks UMAMAKESWARI A.pdf2019-09-21 14:45 98K 
[   ]Spectral Studies of Ground based Observations of Wind Components Temperature & Analysis of Flux Parameters during Pre Monsoon Thunderstorms Period at Ranchi POULOMI 2019j23.pdf2020-05-02 08:02 965K 
[   ]Speed-bump Detection using Otsu's Algorithm and Morphological Operation-T. Srihari.pdf2020-06-29 14:29 407K 
[   ]Speedbump Detection using Otsus Algorithm and Morphological OperationT Srihari.pdf2020-07-11 10:28 407K 
[   ]Statistical Convergence of Order in Probabilistic Normed Spaces4.pdf2019-10-19 14:48 109K 
[   ]Stochastic Model Assessing to Identifying the Shortage of Manpower in an Organization A Goparaju 1824n2.pdf2020-05-08 14:13 266K 
[   ]Stochastic Modeling of Human Fertilization Using Uniform Distribution Tirupathi Rao Padi a4.pdf2020-06-11 12:47 218K 
[   ]Stock Indices Price Prediction Based on Technical Indicators using Deep Learning Model MANISH AGARWAL.pdf2019-08-06 16:33 575K 
[   ]Structure Optimized Multi Layer Trespass Perception System in Cloud Balasundaram A 2108j1.pdf2020-05-19 07:43 355K 
[   ]Students Opinions of quality Management in Engineering Colleges An Empirical Investigation Dr KVSj21.pdf2020-05-02 08:03 103K 
[   ]Studies on Air Filtration Efficiency of Nanofibers SHAILESH GOSWAMI 926n10.pdf2020-04-23 11:48 268K 
[   ]Studying the Safety of the Antiviral Preparation Triazavirin TATIANA.pdf2020-03-31 16:16 91K 
[   ]Study of Latest Cybersecurity Threats to ITOT and their Impact on e Governance in India Mahesh Singh 2063j3.pdf2020-05-12 07:40 258K 
[   ]Study of Pectin Substances from Apple and Grape Husks and Assessment of their Effect on the Activity of Microbiological Processes in Wheat Dough 1689 AGRI Sergey Mikhailovich Gorlov1.pdf2020-04-18 09:09 593K 
[   ]Study on Developments in the Aluminum Metal Matrix Composites using Different Reinforcement Particles Ratna Deepika Manikonda 2825.pdf2020-06-29 14:29 93K 
[   ]Study on Temporal Variation of Rainfall over Uttar Pradesh Region India ShraddhaYadav 2069j4.pdf2020-05-19 07:43 1.1M 
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[   ]Utilization of Coal Fly Ash as a Raw Material for the Synthesis of Zeolite like Substance G ELAVARASAN.pdf2019-07-01 15:48 597K 
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